What Is DealNews?

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DealNews is a discount and deal website that displays the latest offers from a variety of retailers. While the site doesn’t offer coupons for items, DealNews provides a list of the best deals on thousands of items. Shoppers who are looking to stretch their dollar can navigate to DealNews first and search for the best offers on the specific items they’re looking to buy.

If you need to stay on a tight budget but still have items you want to buy, visiting a discount site may help you save money on your next purchase. The site does the legwork for you by gathering all the latest deals and offers from the biggest retailers and organizing them in one place. Learning more about how DealNews works, including its benefits and drawbacks, will help you decide if you should visit the site before you go shopping.

How Does DealNews Work?

While DealNews isn’t a coupon app you can incorporate into your financial strategy, it is a way to ensure you’re getting the best deals on your purchases. When you visit the site, you’ll see a running list of the latest deals the site found across the web. You can narrow down these offers using the search function and filter them by:

  • Category.
  • Store.
  • Brand.
  • Expiration date.
  • Popularity rank.
  • Offer status.
  • Events.
  • Offer type.
  • Collection.

DealNews was founded as a site dedicated to deals on the latest technologies. While the site still provides extensive listings on these products, it has also broadened its categories to include many other items.

In addition to reviewing the deals available on the site, you can also sign up for alerts on the items you’re interested in. When you sign up for an account with DealNews, you simply need to provide your name, email address, and zip code. Choose the type of emails and deal alerts you’d like to receive and they’re delivered directly to your inbox.

You can also download the DealNews app for Android or iOS operating systems. Sign into your account through the app and set up deal alerts on the items or offers you’re interested in learning about. With notification settings on, you’ll receive alerts when new deals are added in the categories you choose.

DealNews Advantages

When you visit the DealNews website or sign up for discount alerts on the site, you’ll experience many benefits, including the following:

  • Emailed alerts on the products you’re interested in buying and the retailers you’re interested in doing business with.
  • App notifications when an item you’re interested in experiences a price drop.
  • Minimal personal information is needed to open an account with the site.
  • Filter product offers by several categories, making it easier to find what you’re looking for.

DealNews Disadvantages

You can visit the DealNews site and browse discount offers for free. There’s no fee for signing up for an account, downloading the app, or requesting alerts. However, DealNews users have reported some disadvantages to using the discount site, including the following:

  • The site caters to big-name brands and retailers, leaving out smaller companies and businesses.
  • The DealNews homepage is busy and offers an extensive list of updated discounts, which can be overwhelming for shoppers who don’t have a specific item or retailer in mind.
  • Deals may expire before they’re taken off the site so an item’s price may be different when you navigate to the merchant’s site.
  • You may find yourself buying items you don’t need simply because you know you can get a good deal.

While you can find great deals on items through DealNews, it’s important to remember coupons aren’t included in the listings. You may find the best deals on the items you’re looking for but it may also be beneficial to look for coupons for these items before purchasing them to ensure you’re getting the best price.

Is DealNews Legit?

DealNews is a legitimate website that offers true deals and offers from merchants across the web. The site uses scanning technology to constantly update its list of deals so shoppers have access to the latest offers.

Since the list is extensive, it’s important to focus on the items you need or the retailers you frequent before visiting the site. If you don’t already have a goal in mind, the long list of discounts from numerous merchants may feel overwhelming or distracting.

If you’re usually a couponer or you seek out discount codes for your purchases, DealNews may be a helpful addition to your shopping strategy. The site doesn’t provide coupon codes but you may be able to combine the coupons you find with the offers you discover on the site. If you can only claim an offer without a coupon, do the math first to ensure you’re using the resource that will save you the most money.

If you’re working hard to stay frugal and stick to a budget, visiting a discount site like DealNews before making a purchase may be a good way to enhance your financial strategy. Taking the time to hunt for the best bargain on an item, especially a high-ticket item like a TV or smartphone, will help you save money on your purchase.

When you visit the DealNews site, you can browse through thousands of deals through numerous retailers. With an email alert system and a smartphone app, you’ll always have access to the site’s updated list of offers and discounts. If you’re a bargain-savvy shopper who wants to ensure you get the best deal on all your purchases, it may be beneficial to start at the DealNews site before you shop.

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