The definition of “budget” can vary a great deal from person to person, depending on how you manage your finances. To some, budget may mean daily and monthly expenses and balances, while to others a budget might mean a savings plan for vacation and retirement. Still others might consider their budget a self-employed financial plan. As such, nearly everything in your life is impacted by your budget, but the specifics of your budgetary concerns might be very different from the next person’s.

In the pages below you’ll find guides and how-tos focused on helping you manage your budget for a variety of goals: savings, debt reduction, starting a business, or making lifetime purchases (such as homes).

Making the best use of the money you have available is the first step in achieving your financial goals. It starts with small, mundane decisions, but also requires consistency and long-term planning. Learn here how to create and execute a well-rounded budget, cut wasteful spending, and reach your financial goals.

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