Small Business and Startup Resources: Tips, Tools, and Guides for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs, business owners, disruptors, innovators, inventors, and job creators: the bold individuals behind small businesses wear a lot of titles. They also face many different challenges, chase creative opportunities, and are constantly learning from both successes and failures. This resource center is for anyone who needs help achieving their dreams of owning a small business.

The resources listed here are always being updated and expanded, so be sure to check back as your needs change and your business knowledge grows.

Business Terms and Definitions

Start speaking like an entrepreneur with this helpful dictionary of business terminology. Covering all the basics from financial jargon and acronyms to operations and management, this dictionary will help you navigate the business world fluently.

Getting Started: From Startup Dream to Small Business Reality

Opening a small business isn’t as simple as hanging a shingle and turning on  an “open” sign. In fact, many entrepreneurs today don’t even have a physical storefront. The following resources provide an overview of the different opportunities available to modern business owners, sole proprietorships, and traditional small businesses.

Start-Up Funds: Getting Your Small Business Seed Money

You don’t have to be rich to open your small business, but you probably will need some seed money to get started. Fortunately, there are a lot of different ways to can raise the money you need. These resources will offer helpful tips on how to budget for your startup, important things to prepare before taking out loans or asking for money, and all the different ways you can fundraise for your new (or existing) business.

Make Your Business Innovative: How Entrepreneurs Lead and Disrupt Industries

Perhaps the ultimate aspiration of any small business is to be disruptive, to leave such a profound mark on an industry or the economy as a whole, that everything changes as a result. There may not be a set formula you can follow to become a disruptor, but these articles will help you find ways to be innovative and maximize the impact of your ideas.

Credit Matters for Companies and Business Owners

Credit scores and reporting don’t just apply to individuals — businesses also borrow money and require lending profiles. If you are hoping to open a business or start a company, the following resources will help you understand what business credit is, how to build yours, and how to use it to help grow and sustain your small business.

New Business Money Management: Mistakes to Avoid and Questions to Ask

Operating a business isn’t quite the same as balancing your household budget. Depending on your operation, you may have other considerations such as payroll and liability insurance. The articles below will help outline some of the money management basics you’ll need to consider as a small business owner, as well as common mistakes and advice on how to avoid making them.

Planning for the Future: Tips to Keep Your Small Business Growing and Thriving

Starting your small business is a huge accomplishment. Sustaining a new business, however, can be a whole different challenge, even for capable owners and managers. From increasing profits and reaching new customers, to fighting off competition and keeping your innovation strategy alive, these resources will help you plan ahead and remain successful with your small business.