The 5 Best Credit Repair Companies in 2020

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Repairing your credit can be a stressful and time consuming endeavor. There are many negative items that may remain for a long time on your credit report, such as:

  • Filing for bankruptcy;
  • Late payments;
  • Civil judgments.

Although there are ways to improve credit scores relatively quickly, it’s best to work on long-term habits to keep your credit score high. Just as negative items may remain on your credit score for a long time, so could positive items. However, it can be difficult for individuals to know where to start.

Legitimate credit repair companies are a helpful resource, since they have the experience and expertise to get their clients’ credit back on track. These companies specialize in finding and disputing mistakes on credit reports.

It’s important to note that since these companies will be handling important information, you must do research on these companies to ensure your private information is safe and protected. Luckily, this guide offers information about the best credit repair companies in 2020, complete with pricing, transparency, and process.

Lexington Law by Progrexion

Lexington Law uses actual attorneys to help dispute fraudulent claims on credit reports. They offer a free credit consultation that shows customers recommended solutions and you can engage in a one-on-one conversation to answer any questions. The firm has three plan tiers:

  • PremierPlus at $129.95 per month;
  • Concord Premier at $109.95 per month;
  • Concord Standard at $89.95 per month.

The more advanced plans provide more services, however, with any plan you can have Lexington Law contact the credit bureaus on your behalf to dispute claims. The firm also boasts a total of 10 million negative items removed from credit reports in 2017 alone, indicating that they have a high success rate.

Repair your credit today with Lexington Law by Progrexion. monitors your credit score for questionable negative items. If the creditors cannot verify the negative items, they are legally obligated to stop reporting them. saves users the hassle of filing claims and dealing with creditors. After disputing negative claims, they watch your credit report to address future claims so you can reach your credit goals. has three tiers of payment plans:

  • Aggressive: Recommended for those with a lot of negative items;
  • Moderate: Recommended for those with a reasonable amount of negative items;
  • Basic: Recommended for those with only a few negative items.

However, if you don’t want to pay for their services, you can still check your credit score for free. That way, you can still understand which negative items are affecting your credit score, which is a good starting point for increasing it.

Repair your credit today with


CreditZo (ZO) uses software to scan your credit report and dispute any negative items. To use this free service, users must create an account, authorize ZO to dispute on their behalf, and connect their credit report. Then, they will send personalized tips and tricks on how to increase your credit score while also generating loans that match your credit history. ZO makes many claims for their free service, including:

  • Users don’t have to pay anything for credit repair services;
  • There are no hidden fees;
  • Disputes start as soon as you sign up;
  • You will receive notifications about ongoing disputes and updates to your credit report.

For people who like automation and artificial intelligence, ZO is a convenient way to dispute negative credit items without having to monitor it yourself.

Repair your credit today with CreditZo


CreditFirm is a credit repair law firm that helps customers remove negative items from their credit report, including:

  • Bankruptcy;
  • Judgments;
  • Tax liens;
  • Collections;
  • Charge-offs;
  • Late payments;
  • Repossessions;
  • Foreclosures.

CreditFirm offers a FREE credit consultation, which includes a review of your credit report and an action plan to help you improve it and reach your predetermined goal. CreditFirm prides itself on superior customer service and professional legal advice. The company works directly with creditors and uses the law to their advantage in order to dispute derogatory marks on your credit report.

CreditFirm offers a pay-as-you-go plan for $49.99 a month. However, you can cancel at any time if you don’t see the results you want.

Repair your credit today with Credit Firm


TotallyMoney is a free credit report site that tells users what their past scores mean and how to make better choices in the future. They also show you the best options for loans and credit cards so you won’t fall prey to payday loans and other quick fixes with high interest. This service is free for users, because TotallyMoney takes a fee from the lender when you take out a loan.

TotallyMoney also offers other services, such as:

  • Credit cards;
  • Loans;
  • Mortgages.

While the site doesn’t provide financial advice, it does obtain the latest rates and scores from independent sources. Additionally, TotallyMoney’s comparisons work with most lenders and cover the majority of the market.

Repair your credit today with Totally Money


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