Is CreditZO Legit? Everything You Need to Know

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Your credit score is an important financial factor that’s taken into consideration when you apply for a loan, mortgage, or credit card. If you have negative items on your credit history, it brings down your score and you may not qualify for certain financial opportunities or you may receive loan offers with unfavorable terms, such as a high-interest rate or low loan amount.

Inaccurate credit reporting may be to blame for a low credit score. If there are errors on your credit report, your score is negatively impacted and therefore it’s important to fix credit report mistakes as quickly as possible. While you can pull your reports yourself and attempt to dispute potential errors, there are credit repair companies that help with this process — for a fee.

CreditZO is a legitimate credit repair company that helps you identify and dispute negative items on your credit report in an effort to improve your score. The company also provides credit repair advice, credit monitoring services, and referrals to lenders and credit card providers that cater to consumers with low credit scores. Learn more about CreditZO to decide if this credit repair and monitoring company is right for you.

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Free Credit Repair

CreditZO is different from other credit repair companies because it sends credit error disputes on your behalf for FREE. While this process is completed for you at no charge, the company does charge to pull your credit report and review the negative items on it. When you become a CreditZO customer, you’re required to choose a credit monitoring plan that’s associated with a fee.

The company pulls your credit report from all three bureaus at least every three months to identify additional negative items that have been reported. The fees to pull your report vary depending on the plan you choose and if CreditZO is offering any discounts when you sign up. Users have reported these fees to be around $10 to $13 per month.

If you sign up for the CreditZO repair and monitoring service, the company may be successful in removing negative items from your credit history, which increases your credit score. You’ll also receive tips and tricks on how to increase your score on your own and referrals to financial institutions that may have credit card or loan offers.

Secured Credit Cards

Keep in mind, there’s no guarantee that there are negative items on your credit report that should be removed so the company may not be successful at increasing your credit score. Before you decide if CreditZO is right for you, review the credit monitoring plans and their associated fees to ensure you’re comfortable with the monthly payment you’ll be responsible for.

Automated Credit Repair

CreditZO is unique because it uses an automated system to send out credit report disputes on your behalf. Once you authorize the company to pull your credit report, the system automatically sends dispute letters by mail or fax to creditors for every negative item on your report.

In some cases, the company may be successful in identifying these errors to have them removed from your report. If an error is identified and the company has sent a dispute, the creditor has 30 days to remove the negative item from your report. By removing erroneous negative items from your credit history, your credit score will increase.

Credit Score Advice and Information

If you opt-in to receive communications from CreditZO, the company will periodically deliver emails that include tips and tricks on how to improve your credit score. While CreditZO specializes in credit repair tactics, it provides you with information on how to increase your score as a consumer. These tips may include:

  • Paying off your debt.
  • Not taking on additional loans.
  • Paying higher than the minimum amount due on your credit card balances.
  • Consulting with a debt consolidation company.

CreditZO analyzes your current financial situation and credit history to determine what actions you could take to increase your score. Personalized advice is delivered to your inbox periodically, unless you opt-out of receiving these communications from the company.

Credit Referrals

As a CreditZO customer, the company also provides you with information on lenders and credit card companies that may have products that meet your needs. CreditZO has partnerships with financial institutions that cater to consumers with low credit scores or poor credit history.

The company reviews which lenders or credit card companies may have beneficial offers for you and provides you with their contact information. The company collects affiliate fees if you activate one of these offers.

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