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If you’re worried about your credit score, you may have already looked into different strategies to improve it. is a company that offers information and assistance with credit repair. As a credit repair company, analyzes your report and provides you with an easy-to-read synopsis of negative items. You can point out potential errors and the company helps you fix these errors. also offers free credit score checks, along with a negative item summary, recommended credit solutions, and a unique free credit score estimator tool based on 10 questions.

As a consumer, you’re able to review your own credit report and attempt to correct errors associated with your history on your own without assistance. However, this process is often complicated, confusing, and time-consuming. When you hire a company like, the credit dispute process is usually more successful and easier to complete.

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Credit Repair focuses on helping consumers increase their credit score by identifying and disputing errors in the credit reporting process. To participate in the process, a consumer must pay the company a monthly fee and assist in reviewing their credit report to identify these errors. When following the credit repair process with, consumers eliminate errors from their reports and increase their scores.

How Works

Your payment history, new accounts, and credit inquiries are almost half of what determines your credit score. If you have a low score and need to increase it, it’s important to review everything that’s recorded in your credit history to ensure accuracy.

When you sign up for the service, the company first pulls your credit report and history from all three major credit bureaus. It provides you with a synopsis of the items reported on your credit that may be negatively affecting your score. Your responsibility is to verify the items that show up in your credit history and identify items you think may have been reported in error. sends dispute letters to creditors that have reported these negative items in an attempt to have them removed from your report. If these items are removed, your credit score increases. After disputing any errors, the company continues to monitor your credit report for additional issues. If items are reported that negatively affect your score, the company alerts you to review them and ensure they’re correct.

How Much Does Cost?

When you enlist the help of, your cost for the service may vary. The company charges a one-time $14.99 fee to pull your credit reports from the three bureaus. Then, you must pay $99.95 per month for the company to analyze your reports, send disputes to creditors, and continue monitoring.

The company reports that it generally takes an average of six months for consumers to complete the credit repair process. The total you’ll pay to see improvements to your score varies, so be prepared to pay the monthly fee.

When you’re a customer, your credit score is checked every 90 days. When you’re satisfied with the changes to your credit, you can cancel the service at any time. However, when you cancel, the company also stops monitoring your credit.

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What Else Does Offer?’s main goal is to allow you to review the accuracy of your credit report so the company can dispute errors. When errors are deleted from your history, your credit score increases. In addition to helping you remove these errors, the company also offers:

  • An online dashboard: When you sign up for, you create an online account. You can sign in to your account and immediately view your online dashboard, which provides quick information on your current credit score and links to credit repair education that may help you identify other ways to improve your score.
  • Credit report monitoring: Even after you’ve disputed errors on your report, continues to monitor it for changes or new activity. It alerts you when negative activity is reported so you can review these changes and ensure they’re accurate.
  • A mobile app: When you download the smartphone app and log into your account, you can navigate through your credit report information and check your score on the go.
  • Texts and email alerts: When a negative item is recorded on your credit report, alerts you by text or email. This allows you to investigate this change immediately. You can adjust your notification settings through your account if you prefer not to receive these texts or emails about your credit.
  • An illustrative score analysis and tracker: Your account also provides you with a score analysis and tracker so it’s easier to see the changes to your history and score. The company uses a colorful pie graph to visually show how your credit score is calculated and what’s affecting it. Credit score improvements are also illustrated so you can track advancements in your score with a quick glance.

If you’re concerned about your credit score, you can pull your reports, review each item, and begin to dispute reporting errors. A company like takes over this process to ensure these errors are deleted quickly. While you must pay fees for this service, the company contacts creditors on your behalf, provides credit monitoring, and offers access to a convenient mobile app.

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