How to Get Free Goodies On Your Birthday

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It’s your special day. Your birthday.

The world is your oyster, and you want to tell everyone you see that today is (literally) your day.

But besides the cake and the presents, how can you make the best of your birthday? What more can you do to make this day extra special?

Luckily, there are literally hundreds of companies willing to make your day, week, or month into an event. Simply by signing up for their emailing list or rewards program, you can receive free items, food, or discounts.

The Rules

Of course, even free items have their fair share of rules. Luckily, most of them are pretty easy to follow.

Depending on the deal and location, some places will ask that you have a valid ID on you to verify your birthday, and some of the deals only happen right on your birthday. Other companies might do it the week of your birthday, or throughout the entire month.

The month long deals are the ones to seek out. That way if you plan a bunch for your birthday and run out of time to claim your present, you’ll still have plenty of opportunities to seek out your gift. You can plan it out and treat yourself!

Of course, there’s a trick to it as well. The only way to get these deals is to sign up for the company’s rewards program, email list, or royalty club. These programs should almost always be free, and you can even opt out of most of the spam emails they will send you. Some have a rule that requires you to sign up a week in advance, so do it as soon as possible!

Pro tip: create a separate inbox made for special offers, email sign ups and retail newsletters to keep your primary or work email from becoming a cluttered disaster.

Now that we’ve laid out the ground rules, it’s time to talk about the prizes! There’s a lot to choose from, but here are some of the best free gifts and discounts available.

Dinner and Treats

  • Denny’s Diner – This one doesn’t require you to sign up for any clubs, and just needs your ID for verification: get a free Grand Slam Breakfast on the day of your birthday at participating Denny’s!
  • Starbucks Coffee – Starbucks will give you a drink, on the house, on the day of your birthday. You just have to join their Starbucks Rewards Program.  
  • IHOP – The International House of Pancakes wants to treat you to a special birthday meal (on the day of) when you sign up for their Pancake Revolution club.
  • Spaghetti Warehouse – Nothing says classy like spaghetti. Join the Warehouse Club with Spaghetti Warehouse and get a free meal on the day of your birthday.
  • Buffalo Wild Wings – Buffalo Wild Wings’ ‘Buffalo Circle’ is the club for wing-fans and gets you a tasty free dessert on the day of your birthday.
  • Dairy Queen – Dairy Queen knows what their customers really want, so they send you a ‘buy one – get one’ coupon on your birthday for any Blizzards on the menu. All you have to do is join the Blizzard Fan Club.
  • Baskin Robbins Ice Cream – The Birthday Club with Baskin Robbins gets you one free scoop during the week of your birthday.
  • Red Robin – Red Robin, known for their all American burgers, will offer you a free burger on your birthday if you sign up for their Red Robin Royalty Program. This perk lasts throughout your entire birth month!


  • Sephora – Sephora loves to show some love for their customers, and if you come into the store during the week of your birthday, they will offer you a free small gift if you sign up for their email list.
  • Hallmark – Card kings, Hallmark, will give you (in-store) a free card and (via email) a 20% off coupon on your birthday if you sign up with their Crown Rewards program.
  • Redbox – Movie-philes who join the Redbox Play Pass will get a free one-night rental on the day of their birthday at any Redbox kiosk.
  • ULTA Beauty – Another makeup giant, ULTA will give a free gift in store on the day of your birthday if you sign up for their Ultimate Rewards Program.
  • Victoria’s Secret – Join the Victoria’s Secret email list or get an Angel Card and get a ‘$10’s off $10 or more’ coupon in your inbox that’s good for the week of your birthday!
  • GameStop – Join the Powerup Rewards Program (free or Pro) with Gamestop and get a 20% off coupon in your inbox for any pre-owned video game! The coupon lasts the entirety of your birth month.


  • Barnes and Noble Booksellers – Kids get a free cupcake from the cafe on their birthday if you sign them up for the B&N Kids’ Club!
  • Chuck E. Cheese’s – The Chuck E-Club gives your kid free birthday tokens to help them celebrate their special birthday.
  • KMart – KMart has a special Birthday Club through their “Shop Your Way” website, just for kids! They will give them a $5 coupon, enter your child into a monthly drawing, and give them a special “birthday gift pack” on their big day.

There are literally hundreds of other offers and deals out there, so check out what you have in your area. All these perks will make your special day even brighter!

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This post was updated June 22, 2017. It was originally published January 12, 2017.