Is LivingSocial Trustworthy?

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Everyone loves a good deal. And there are plenty of ways to save money nowadays, such as coupon apps, daily deal websites, and cash-back websites. But for some individuals, supporting local small businesses is just as important as getting the best price.

Shoppers on a budget who also want to support their community would appreciate LivingSocial’s platform. Sign up for the deal website’s daily email to receive the best offers for your local area or enter a ZIP code to view what products and services are currently available for your location of choice. No need to clip coupons — deals are available through the website or mobile app.

LivingSocial is owned by Groupon. Groupon tends to have deals from more established businesses and national companies, while LivingSocial focuses on smaller, independent, local businesses. Take a closer look at how LivingSocial works, whether it’s trustworthy, and whether it can help you stretch your hard-earned dollars further.

LivingSocial Deals

LivingSocial provides discounted daily offers you can purchase vouchers for, based on your geographical location. For example, enter the Chicago ZIP code of 60601 and you’ll find the following deals:

  • Valvoline instant oil change for $29.99 instead of $42.99 (30% off);
  • Furnace or AC tuneup for $39 instead of $129.99 (69% off);
  • Winery tour of Wild Blossom for $21.50 instead of $35 per person (38% off);
  • Sam’s Club annual membership for $35 instead of $75 (53% off).

LivingSocial has daily deals for dozens of categories, including:

  • Activities such as local tours, bike rentals, concerts, and art classes;
  • Beauty and spas;
  • Hotels and travel;
  • Jewelry;
  • Men’s and women’s clothing and accessories;
  • Shopping.

What makes LivingSocial unique when compared to other deal websites is its focus on offers based on location and the social aspect of the platform. If you’re interested in trying a new restaurant with friends, you could purchase a voucher for yourself, share the link to the experience you purchased with others, and if three friends or more purchase the same deal, yours is FREE.

Strategically taking advantage of the free deal offer when you recommend it to others could save you money. Round up three friends, make a plan such as eating out at a new restaurant, going for a wine tasting, or taking a guided tour, purchase one voucher, and use the social sharing approach to send the link you purchased to at least three friends. When all three friends purchase the deal, yours will be free. You can then split the cost you paid for three vouchers among the four of you.

Pros of LivingSocial

LivingSocial is a great tool for those who recently moved to a new city or town and would like to get to know what the location has to offer. It could also be useful for people traveling to a city in search of deals on hotels, dining out, and tours. The pros of LivingSocial are:

  • Deals and offers are location-based;
  • Many small, local businesses are available, such as local breweries, small family-owned shops, and vineyards;
  • You can share the link of the item you purchased with friends and if three or more also purchase the deal, yours is free;
  • The discounts are significant, with many offers for at least 30% off.

Cons of LivingSocial

Some LivingSocial cons include:

  • Many of the deals are limited to services and experiences — retail deals for your favorite stores are hard to find;
  • There aren’t many deals on necessities, such as groceries or medical, which could lead you to spend on items not in your budget;
  • Some business have a number of terms and conditions, such as expiration dates, limitations on when you may use the deal you purchased, or what location it’s accepted at;
  • Refunds are difficult to get;
  • If you don’t use the deal for when you scheduled it, some businesses may not honor it at a later time.
  • Customer service can be slow to respond and there’s no live chat support

Is LivingSocial Legit?

Some people are worried about online scams and may question whether LivingSocial is legitimate. The company does provide deals for goods and services, but the offers often come with a number of conditions.

It’s important to read all the fine print carefully before you buy to make sure you understand what exactly you’re paying for. Do a little research on the company before you click on the “Buy” button by checking for customer reviews about the business.

Although the deals are only available for a limited time and you may feel rushed to purchase it before you miss out, it’s best to take a few minutes to understand what you’re signing up for.

Check out today and see what deals there are in your area. You could be missing out on a deep discount at your favorite local restaurant!

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