13 Places to Find Affordable Household Decorations

Andrew Reyes
The owner of a home decor shop stands in their place of business.

It is not enough to just furnish a home. Wall art, lighting, and other home decor accessories can add a personal touch to any space. If you know where to shop, you can spice up your house without breaking the bank. Take a look at the following home decor stores to get affordable deals and inspiration.

1. Century 21

Century 21 department stores are located in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Florida. If you live in one of these states, you may shop in-store. However, you are also able to shop Century 21 online, at C21stores.com. Century 21 provides designer label home essentials, which include accents such as candles and diffusers, furniture and lighting, rugs, storage and organization, as well as wall decor.

At Century 21, you can find furniture as low as $14.99, and bedding items starting at $5.99. Century 21 also offers a credit card, with which you may earn points, cash-back rewards, and free standard shipping. You also receive free shipping on orders $75 and over.

2. Hayneedle

Hayneedle is an online-only retailer. You can buy decorative accents and pillows, wall decor, window treatments, rugs, as well as lighting options through their website. Additionally, Hayneedle sells bed and bath items, baby and kid decor, and holiday decor.

Check out Hayneedle’s sales section of their website, including a “Hay Day Sale” (up to 60% off) and a bedroom sale (up to 45% off). Hayneedle also has deals on home decor and furniture. Additionally, check out the clearance section of the website for a variety of low-priced items.

Hayneedle charges $4.99 to ship orders $49 and under; shipping is free for orders over this price.

3. Home Depot

Home Depot is a large home improvement retailer. You can shop online or in one of their many stores throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. Through their website, you can locate which store is closest to you. At Home Depot, you’ll find home appliances, tools, lumber, paint, plumbing, plants/garden supplies, and decor.

Decor you can find at Home Depot includes home accents, live and artificial plants, fragrances and candles, decorative mirrors, and area rugs. The website has a unique offers section that contains a special deal of the day and department savings.

Subscribe to Home Depot’s email list for 5% off purchases, free delivery, and other conveniences. There are also several credit cards to apply for if you want to take advantage of more savings and rewards. Home Depot offers curbside pickup and delivery.

4. H&M

This retailer has stores worldwide, but you can also shop H&M online. Aside from men’s and women’s clothing, H&M sells decor such as bedding, pillows, curtains, bath items, and dinnerware.

Visit the H&M Home section of their website to view all decor. Here, you can take advantage of the sale section to get 50% off men’s, women’s, and kids’ items. H&M also offers a membership through which you can earn rewards such as exclusive offers and discounts, free online returns, birthday offers, and points.

5. Ikea

Although they have stores throughout the U.S., Europe, and East Asia, IKEA also provides online shopping. This furniture and home furnishing store is known for selling ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances, and storage solutions. However, IKEA also has many home decor options.

Decor you can find at IKEA includes candles and candle holders, wall decor, plants, vases, fragrances, mirrors, and various other accessories.

Explore IKEA’s sales page for membership offers, products with a new lower price, last-chance sales, and products that are $10 and under. For further savings, you can apply for an IKEA membership.

6. Lowe’s

Lowe’s is similar to Home Depot in that they sell home improvement items. You can shop Lowe’s online, or find one of their stores throughout the U.S. and Canada to shop in person for tools, hardware, lumber, plumbing necessities, and decor.

Home decor items available at Lowe’s include mirrors, rugs, wallpaper, wall art, curtains, pillows, and various home accents. The Lowe’s website even has a decor savings section where you can compare prices and get the best deals on decorative accessories.

You can also sign up for a Lowe’s credit card and/or create a Lowe’s account online for emails on exclusive offers and promotions.

7. Nordstrom Rack

This department store can sell their products at an affordable price because they buy items that are overproduced at a low cost, and this lower price gets passed on to their customers. Although they have over 244 physical stores, Nordstrom Rack does offer online shopping.

Nordstrom Rack is generally thought of as a clothing store, but they also sell home decor such as blankets and pillows, fragrances, lighting, plants, as well as wall art. For incredible deals, visit the clearance section of the Nordstrom Rack website. Here, you can find home decor items under $50 and sign up for the Nordstrom Rack rewards system and credit card.

8. Overstock

Overstock.com is solely an internet retailer and has a similar off-price business model as Nordstrom Rack. This large retailer sells anything from jewelry to apparel to furniture.

Overstock also sells home decor items such as seasonal decor, wall decor, fireplaces, pillows, lighting, accent pieces, mirrors, rugs, and outdoor decor.

Be sure to check out their savings and deals section for 70% off thousands of items, 45% off holiday accessories, and 20% off home office supplies. For more deals and rewards, sign up for an Overstock membership and/or credit card.

9. Target

Target has brick-and-mortar stores all over the U.S., but you can also shop online. Target provides beauty supplies, clothing, electronics, groceries, pet supplies, and home decor.

You’ll find rugs, wall decor, sculptures, artificial plants, lighting, blankets and pillows, mirrors, picture frames, curtains, fragrances, and kids’ decor at Target.

Be sure to visit Target’s deal section, where you can find clearance items and weekly deals. You may also apply for a Target credit card and membership for more rewards, offers, and promotions.

10. Uncommon Goods

Merchandise from Uncommon Goods is available online or via their catalog — they do not have physical stores. Through Uncommon Goods, you can buy handmade and manufactured goods, jewelry, games, food and drinks, and books. You could also purchase home decor products such as art, decorative accents, clocks, pillows, lighting, fragrances, and garden decor.

Check out the sale page daily to find deals on decor, furniture, gifts, and more. You can also find more deals and earn more rewards by becoming a member. These rewards include free standard shipping and first access to new products and sales.

11. Walmart

This super chain of retail stores has locations worldwide, but you can also shop online at Walmart.com. While Walmart sells almost anything, it is worth it to look at their home decor section. Here, you’ll find wall decor and art, rugs, accent pieces, mirrors, lighting, curtains, throw pillows, candles, fragrances, and more.

Browse the Walmart Rollbacks and Clearance sections for even more deals. If you find yourself shopping at Walmart frequently, apply for a Walmart credit card and membership to carry and compound savings into the future.

12. Wayfair

You won’t find any physical locations of this store because Wayfair is strictly an e-commerce business. Wayfair sells furniture and home goods, and if you are looking for home decor, Wayfair has thousands of products for you.

Art, curtains, mirrors, flowers and plants, picture frames, candles, pillows, seasonal decor, and more can be found at Wayfair.com. Wayfair also has a daily sales page to help you search for great deals. Additionally, their closeout deals can save you up to 80%. For more perks and rewards, sign up for the Wayfair credit card and membership.

13. World Market

Cost Plus World Market products are available in stores throughout the U.S. and online. This specialty and import retail store sells everything from beer and wine to cookware.

World Market also sells home decor products such as throws and pillows, lighting, wall decor, plants, accent pieces, candles, wallpaper, as well as fur and hide decor.

Visit the World Market sales page for clearance and daily deals on home decor items and more. For more savings, consider signing up for a World Market rewards program, receiving coupons, and applying for a World Market credit card.

First responders, healthcare workers, and teachers get a 20% discount.

Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Affordable Home Decor

  • Use coupons: Learning to coupon can save you a considerable amount of money. It is best to see if a store offers coupons for their products, from groceries to electronics to home decor items. Even if the money saved is less than one dollar, you’ll end up saving a lot in the long run.
  • Use cash-back sites: Cash-back sites give you cash rewards when you use their site or app to shop online. Many cash-back sites will work with an assortment of vendors to provide you with many deals to shop. Much in the same manner as coupons, receiving cash back is a great way to earn back a small portion of your money spent, which will add up over time.
  • Shop at thrift stores: Thrift stores should always be considered by those who are living on a tight budget. Thrifting can be a great way for you to save on anything from clothing to electronics to home decor. Many items and thrift stores are still in good condition, and the reason for people giving them away could be insignificant. This, coupled with a discounted price, should convince anyone to consider going to a thrift store before buying something brand-new.
  • Consider DIY projects: Do-it-yourself projects are another alternative to buying something new and at full price. You can often save by purchasing small tools and materials and crafting furniture and home decor accessories yourself. This is just one frugal tip that will help you stick to your budget, all while having the satisfaction of adorning your house with handmade crafts.

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