INTP Careers: Jobs to Seek and Jobs to Avoid

Katie McBeth

INTP stands for introversion (I), intuition (N), thinking (T), and perception (P). It is a part of the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment. 

The assessment characterizes INTPs as thinkers and inventors, logicians, and architects. These individuals pride themselves on being unique and creative, being intelligent, and pushing boundaries. 

Only about three percent of the population identifies as this personality type, which many INTPs enjoy. The last thing they want to be is ordinary. 

As an INTP your results are as follows:

  • Introversion: You tend to be quiet and reserved, you prefer small groups of friends over large circles of friends, and you expend energy in social situations, but recharge when by yourself.
  • Intuition: You tend to think in abstract concepts, or think more “big picture” and don’t worry about the small details — often concentrating on further possibilities instead of immediate realities.
  • Thinking: You prefer concrete facts over personal experiences or feelings, often giving more weight to logic than to social considerations.
  • Perception: You tend to withhold judgment or put off important decisions, preferring instead to keep your options open so that you don’t limit your possibilities should your circumstances change.

If the MBTI assessment showed that you are an INTP, then you may be curious about what careers are applicable to your personality type. Continue reading to find out about the best, worst, and highest-paying careers choices for INTPs:

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INTP Career Matches

As an INTP, you crave jobs that allow you to use your logic on a daily basis. Jobs that challenge you intellectually, allow you to analyze concepts, and enable you to apply unique approaches to solving problems are a perfect match. You also prefer jobs that allow flexibility. Freelance, contract, or remote jobs are often ideal. 

You may be easily drawn to careers in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM). You’re also naturally creative; fields that blend elements of technology, science, and art that may also draw your attention. 

What interests you the most is the ability to solve complex problems in innovative ways. You’re not interested in the traditional business hierarchy, bureaucracy, or organizational traditions. You scoff at old rules and systems for being inefficient. 

Other things that INTPs look for in a career include:

  • Flexibility; 
  • Non-traditional working environments;
  • Ingenuity;
  • Autonomy;
  • Minimal business hierarchy.

The best jobs for INTPs are included below:

Art and Communication

You may find fulfillment and satisfaction in the arts or in communications. In areas where art and technical expertise intertwine, you may find a perfect fit for your intellect and need for creative and personal independence. 

The arts may also provide you with the freedom you crave. Many artists and writers are freelancers, meaning they can work on their own schedule without having to report to anyone other than the client. 

If freelancing sounds like the right gig for you, just make sure you fully understand your worth, how to price your services, and how to financially plan

INTP Careers in the Arts

  • Animator or digital artist;
  • Graphic designer;
  • Industrial designer or architect;
  • Musician or musical composer;
  • Photographer.

INTP Careers in Communication:

  • Author;
  • Editor;
  • Technical writer.

Business and Law

Although bureaucracy is something that many INTPs wish to avoid, there are still some interesting positions you can find within business and law. Primarily, they’re the sort of positions that allow you to create unique ideas and be an expert in the field, without requiring you to perform the tedious tasks needed to see your grand ideas to fruition. 

Working in finance, for instance, doesn’t require an extensive amount of supervision. You can use your logic to balance budgets and solve problems without having to explain yourself in too much detail. If you opt for a law career, for another example, you can be an extremely ingenious and creative lawyer for your clients. 

Moreover, careers in business and in law tend to be high paying. INTPs may luck out if looking for a career in either of these fields. 

INTP Careers in Business:

  • Auditor or accountant;
  • Executive (C-Suite);
  • Financial analyst;
  • Management analyst;
  • Market research analyst or specialist;
  • Sales engineer.

INTP Careers in Law:

  • Lawyer;
  • Trustee.


Engineering is a fairly obvious one for INTPs. Not only can you unleash your creative side in this career, but you can also apply your analytical and logical mind to almost every aspect of it. Plus, there are many subcategories of engineering. 

It’s a field that will continue to grow in importance as our world evolves and increasingly relies on technology. 

Although job security is a valid concern considering the increasingly automated world, engineers will always be needed to help maintain, supervise, and create new technologies.

Just remember that many STEM fields require a master’s degree to get started. If you’re interested in a career in engineering or any other related field, it’s important to go to college and pursue a relevant field of study. 

INTP Careers in Engineering:

  • Aerospace engineer or rocket scientist;
  • Architectural engineer;
  • Biomedical engineer;
  • Chemical engineer;
  • Civil engineer;
  • Computer hardware or software engineer;
  • Electrical engineer;
  • Environmental engineer;
  • Geological engineer;
  • Mechanical engineer;
  • Nuclear engineer.

Sciences and Mathematics

Just like engineering, the sciences and mathematics are obvious callings for INTPs. These careers provide you with the opportunity to not only find creative solutions but to also focus on complex and abstract ideas, even allowing you to create new theories to solve common problems. 

You can become a specialist in your field, work independently, and let your imagination run wild.

INTP Careers in the Sciences and Mathematics:

  • Anthropologist or archaeologist;
  • Atmospheric scientist or meteorologist;
  • Biochemist, biophysicist, biologist, or microbiologist;
  • Chemist;
  • Economist;
  • Environmental or conservation scientist;
  • Geographer or geoscientist;
  • Historian;
  • Hydrologist;
  • Mathematical theorist or researcher;
  • Medical scientist;
  • Physicist or astronomer;
  • Political scientist;
  • Psychologist, psychiatrist, or sociologist;
  • Survey researcher;
  • Urban or regional planner;
  • Zoologist or wildlife biologist.


Technology is another branch of STEM that works well with INTP personality types. In fact, you may find that at an early age you were always drawn to technology, especially computers. 

This branch of STEM allows you to flex your creative side and your reasoning skills. If you make your love of technology into a career, you can be an exceptional innovator within the industry. What’s more, there are several high-paying careers in IT so you won’t have to worry too much about finances if pursuing a job in the sector. 

INTP Careers in Technology:

  • App developer;
  • Computer network architect;
  • Computer programmer;
  • Computer scientist;
  • Computer systems analyst;
  • Database administrator;
  • Information security analyst;
  • Network administrator;
  • Software developer;
  • Web developer.

INTP Careers to Avoid

It should be noted that INTPs — or any other personality for that matter — can succeed in any career. However, there are some careers that might better match your natural talents, way of thinking, or personal desires. 

Don’t be afraid to quit your job and switch career paths if you find yourself suffering from burnout. Just be sure to have a plan and a job lined up before making any rash decisions.

For most INTPs, the best job is one that has very little contact with other people. You’re not always emotionally equipped to interact heavily with other people, and you often don’t have the patience to explain yourself. 

Plus, some of the jobs listed below require more supervision than you feel comfortable with — meaning you won’t have the autonomy that you so heartily crave in a job.

In general, the following jobs are not ideal for people with an INTP personality type:

  • Correctional officer;
  • Cosmetologist;
  • Dental hygienist or assistant;
  • Dietitian;
  • Elementary, preschool, junior high, or high school teacher;
  • Licensed practical nurse or nurse practitioner;
  • Massage or physical therapist;
  • Mental health counselor or therapist;
  • Public health nurse or school nurse;
  • Recreation worker or service worker;
  • Religious educator;
  • Restaurant manager;
  • Retail salesperson;
  • Sales manager.

Highest-Paying INTP Careers

INTP personalities tend to have a leg up when it comes to financials since many are drawn to naturally high-paying career choices, such as those in STEM. 

Your knack for innovating and problem-solving can land you a decent career and a healthy paycheck. If you work in a thriving city or state — such as Seattle or Austin, Massachusetts or Connecticut — it may be even easier to obtain a highly coveted job with a competitive salary.

Below are some of the highest-paying jobs (medical and non-medical) for INTPs:

  • Chief executive;
  • Computer and information systems manager;
  • Computer network architect;
  • Lawyer;
  • Psychiatrist;
  • Software developer.

Moreover, if you decide to pursue a future in freelancing, you may be able to eventually open your own small business. All it takes is some financial backing to get started, perseverance, a great idea, and a strong vision for success. 

Just as with any other personality type, the best way for INTPs to make a decent living is to stick with one career path and work on becoming an expert. With time, dedication, and perseverance, you can work your way up the ranks and be paid more for your knowledge and expertise.

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