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Hartford Insurance was founded in 1810 as a fire insurance company. Since then, the company has expanded to offer several lines of insurance. In 1984, Hartford Insurance exclusively partnered with the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) to offer auto and homeowners insurance for its members.

While the company is known for its auto and homeowners insurance, it also provides other types of insurance to consumers. To learn more about the different types of insurance and services available through Hartford Insurance, review the following sections.

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Auto Insurance

In some states, any driver qualifies to purchase auto insurance through Hartford Insurance. However, in certain states, the company offers auto insurance policies exclusively to AARP members. These members receive unique rates and may qualify for discounts if they bundle different insurance policies with the company or pay the policy’s premium in full.

Through Hartford Insurance, consumers have access to traditional auto insurance coverage, including personal injury protection, comprehensive, collision, and uninsured motorist coverage. In addition to these standard coverages, the company also offers optional coverage, which may include:

  • Glass coverage: When you upgrade your policy’s glass coverage, you aren’t responsible for a deductible if you make a glass claim.
  • Rental car coverage: If your vehicle is being repaired after a covered loss, this coverage provides you with a rental car until your vehicle is driveable again, up to certain limits.
  • Lifetime renewability: If you’re 50 years or older and have been insured for at least 60 days, you’re eligible for an auto insurance policy renewal, as long as you have a valid license and pay your policy premiums when they’re due.
  • New car replacement: If you have a vehicle that’s not older than 15 months and has less than 15,000 miles and it’s totaled in a covered loss, you’re entitled to a replacement that’s the same year, make, and model.

In addition to auto insurance, Hartford Insurance also offers policies for RVs, snowmobiles, ATVs, boats, and golf carts. If you own a classic car, you can obtain an auto insurance quote through Hartford from the American Modern Insurance Group for standard coverage and additional add-on coverage, such as flatbed towing, trip interruption, and spare parts.

If you use your vehicle for business, Hartford Insurance can provide a commercial car insurance policy instead of a standard policy. This policy is written in your company name and includes additional coverages catered to businesses, such as deductible benefits or a waiver of subrogation. To make an auto insurance claim, a customer must contact the Hartford Insurance claims department directly to review coverage.

Homeowners Insurance

Any homeowner is eligible for homeowners insurance through Hartford Insurance. However, AARP members qualify for exclusive discounts. The standard policy covers the home and personal property and includes liability coverage. This insurance is different from mortgage insurance because it protects the homeowner from damage to the property.

Homeowners can opt to purchase a comprehensive coverage package that includes additional insurance for valuable items, allows for the deductible to disappear, and repairs or replaces appliances that break, within limits.

Homeowners covered by a Hartford Insurance homeowners insurance policy may qualify for premium discounts if they:

  • Bundle their policy with other Hartford Insurance coverage.
  • Are retired and have a spouse that’s also retired, both working less than 24 hours per week.
  • Have a home with security features, such as an alarm system.
  • Own a new home or one with a new roof or other renovations.
  • Have no previous homeowners insurance claims on file.

To make a claim on their homeowner’s insurance policy, a customer must contact Hartford Insurance directly.

Renters Insurance

If you’re renting a home, apartment, or condominium, your personal property isn’t protected unless you purchase renters insurance. Any renter is eligible for coverage through Hartford Insurance but the company offers a special renters insurance program for eligible AARP members.

With proper renters insurance coverage in place, your personal property is covered if you experience fire and smoke damage, theft or burglary, or vandalism. The policy also includes liability coverage for injury or damage to other people’s property.

You may also opt to purchase additional coverage so other losses are covered. However, if you want coverage for your belongings for natural disasters, such as earthquakes or floods, you’ll need to purchase a separate policy.

To make a claim under your renter’s insurance coverage, call Hartford Insurance directly and explain what happened. If it’s covered, you’ll be provided with funds to replace your belongings that were damaged.

Business Insurance

As a business owner, it’s important to look into business insurance, also referred to as commercial insurance. Hartford Insurance offers different types of policies depending on the business you own, including the following:

  • Small business insurance: If you own a small business, your state may require you to carry small business insurance. Depending on the type of business you own, you may need to purchase business property insurance, business income insurance, and general liability insurance.
  • General liability insurance: To protect your business from liability claims, it’s important to carry general liability insurance. This policy provides coverage for libel, slander, bodily injury, and property damage claims made against your business.
  • Workers’ compensation: This coverage provides financial assistance to your employees as they recover from work-related injuries or illnesses. It may be required in your state and covers your employees’ medical care expenses, lost wages, or funeral services as needed.

To make a business insurance claim, you must contact a Hartford Insurance business insurance claims representative and explain the situation.

Hartford Insurance also helps business owners provide employee benefits for their workers. Business owners can choose from different group life, accident, disability, retiree, and voluntary benefits.

Pros of Hartford Insurance

If you decide to purchase insurance through Hartford Insurance, you’ll experience several benefits, including the following:

  • You can purchase multiple insurance policies from Hartford Insurance.
  • The company offers many additional coverages for most policies.
  • You can download the Hartford Insurance smartphone app and view your policy information from anywhere.

Cons of Hartford Insurance

Hartford Insurance customers have reported some disadvantages to doing business with the company, including the following:

  • You may not qualify for certain insurance policies or discounts if you aren’t an AARP member.
  • You may need to already have an auto or homeowners insurance policy before you can purchase other lines of insurance.
  • If you’re an unsafe or young driver, you’re likely to be quoted with high premiums for auto insurance.

If you’re in the market for auto, homeowners, renters, or business insurance, you may want to consider obtaining a quote from Hartford Insurance. The company caters to AARP members and offers coverage options in addition to standard insurance.

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