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Department stores often offer co-branded store credit cards, through which borrowers access a credit line that helps them earn benefits to be used toward specific retailers.

While some department store credit cards — especially those reserved for individuals with high credit scores — can be difficult to obtain, a wide variety of department store cards still feature easy approval processes and favorable benefits.

These credit card options allow cardholders to enjoy an array of retailer-specific rewards at department stores they regularly frequent.

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Store Credit Cards That Are Easy to Get With Bad Credit

Reference the below department store credit cards, for viable payment options that allow consumers to save money on routine retailer transactions while earning regards and improving overall credit scores.

Rewards Credit Cards

My Best Buy® Visa® Card

A leader in consumer electronics, Best Buy offers rewards and discounts to shoppers through their My Best Buy Visa Card. A wide variety of transactional rewards that are even better for Best Buy ElitePlus members make the My Best Buy Visa Card a viable option for all consumers who regularly frequent Best Buy.

Customers average $569 in annual earned rewards when using the My Best Buy Visa Card, where points don’t expire as long as borrowers maintain account activity at least once every 12 months. While points aren’t earned on sales tax, they can be stacked on top of current Best Buy promotions for extra discounts on hot-ticket electronics.

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  • Annual fee:$0;
  • Regular annual percentage rate:25.24% (variable);
  • Intro APR:N/A;
  • Rewards rate:5% cash rewards on Best Buy purchases; 6% cash-back on Best Buy purchases for ElitePlus members; 3% cash-back rewards on gas transactions; 2% cash-back rewards on grocery and dining transactions; 1% cash-back rewards for all other purchases.

Macy’s American Express® Card

Especially if you’re a customer who never misses a Macy’s sale, the Macy’s American Express Card is an ideal department store credit card for you. Rewards from retailer, gas, restaurant, and supermarket transactions can quickly help cardholders accrue redeemable points and real rewards.

Individuals who regularly use the Macy’s American Express Card can earn 20% off purchases for the first two days after signing up, and they average $263 in yearly rewards.

Points are good for two years after they are initially earned, and can be redeemed at a wide variety of other retailers — including AT&T, Mobil, and Rite Aid — through Plenti rewards.

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  • Annual fee:$0;
  • Regular APR:25.24% (variable);
  • Intro APR:N/A;
  • Rewards rate:$3% cash rewards at restaurants, including delivery; 2% cash back in rewards at gas stations and grocery stores; 1% cash-back rewards for all other transactions; 1,000 points yield $10 in Star Money.

Menards® BIG Card® 

Specifically for individuals who prioritize home improvement purchases, the Menards BIG Card offers rewards flexibility — and sign-up bonuses that include reduced-rate financing — to new cardholders.

With $0 in annual fees and rebate checks that never expire after they are acquired, the Menards BIG Card allows borrowers to combine rewards earned with current discounts for even heavier savings on in-store and website purchases.

And without a ceiling on total rewards, cardholders can earn unlimited rebates redeemable at any Menards location or online.

  • Annual fee:$0;
  • Regular APR:27.24%;
  • Intro APR:N/A;
  • Rewards rate:2% rebate on all Menards and transactions; 1% rebate for all other participating retailer transactions.

Best Credit Cards

Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card

Lowe’s Advantage cardholders get automatic discounts on Lowe’s purchases and a 20% sign-up bonus with their first purchase. Cardholders can also choose between 5% discounts on Lowe’s purchases, or deferred-interest financing options on existing purchases.

Special financing options also qualify the Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card as a strong store credit card option.

Six-month, 12-month, and 84-month financing packages on eligible purchases above certain spend thresholds allow customers to pay off Lowe’s purchases at a comfortable pace, while leveraging steep discounts to achieve yearly rewards that average $178.

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  • Annual fee:$0;
  • Regular APR:26.99% (variable);
  • Intro APR:N/A;
  • Rewards rate:5% off Lowe’s transactions.

IKEA® Visa® Credit Card

Cardholders of the IKEA Visa credit card earn an average of $251 per year in rewards, on top of automatic cardholder enrollment in the IKEA Family program that offers price protection, birthday gifts, and free beverages from participating IKEA locations.

Loyal IKEA shoppers can quickly rack up serious rewards with the IKEA Visa credit card, earning cash back at IKEA locations, participating restaurants, utilities, and supermarkets. And without annual fees, cardholders can easily redeem rewards — in $15 increments — as soon as they are accrued.

  • Annual fee:$0;
  • Regular APR:21.99%;
  • Intro APR:N/A;
  • Rewards rate:5% back in rewards dollars toward IKEA in-store and online transactions; 3% cash back on restaurant, supermarket, and utility transactions; 1% cash back on all other transactions.

Gap Visa® Card

Perfect for serious Gap fans, the Gap Visa Card helps frequent shoppers earn big-time rewards for all types of transactions. Cardholders can earn 5% rewards — as well as exclusive savings opportunities — simply by using the Gap Visa Card in stores and online.

Gap Visa Card rewards can also be earned at locations like Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Athleta, on top of a sign-up bonus that offers 20% savings on the first purchase made within 90 days of card activation.

Additional points are earned after a cardholder’s first external purchase, email address registration, and enrollment in online billing. Discounts can also be applied on top of current store promotions, for even steeper savings on all Gap purchases.

  • Annual fee:$0;
  • Regular APR:27.74%;
  • Intro APR:N/A;
  • Rewards rate:Five points per dollar spent in-store or online; one point earned per dollar spent on other purchases.

Meijer Platinum Mastercard®

Offering average savings that reach nearly $300 per year, the Meijer Platinum Mastercard offers a variety of benefits to cardholders, including $0 in annual fees and automatic reward certificate generation after rewards are earned.

Rewards earned with the Meijer Platinum Mastercard can be stacked on top of most existing store offers, creating serious savings opportunities for all cardholders. The Meijer Platinum Mastercard allows you to redeem rewards at any cash register, on top of the $0.10 per gallon savings you can expect to earn at participating gas stations.

  • Annual fee:$0;
  • Regular APR:22.24% to 26.24% (variable);
  • Intro APR:N/A;
  • Rewards rate:$0.10 saved on every gallon of gas at Meijer gas stations; $10 in rewards for every $750 spent.

Bed Bath & Beyond® Mastercard®

Featuring a lower starting APR threshold than many other department store credit card, the Bed Bath & Beyond Mastercard offers all cardholders the opportunity to earn nearly $300 in average yearly rewards.

Rewards certificates — in $10 increments — are automatically offered to cardholders once they accrue 1,000 rewards points. That’s a simple threshold to clear, especially since the Bed Bath & Beyond Mastercard offers rewards from both in-store and external transactions.

And with rewards that always stack but never expire, individuals using the Bed Bath & Beyond Mastercard can register transactions and repay balances at a comfortable pace.

  • Annual fee:$0;
  • Regular APR:15.74% to 25.74% (variable);
  • Intro APR:N/A;
  • Rewards rate:5% cash-back rewards from Bed Bath & Beyond, Buy Buy BABY, and Cost Plus World Market transactions, as well as from other participating retailers; 2% cash-back rewards from gas and groceries; 1% cash-back rewards from other purchases.

Cabela’s CLUB Mastercard®

Ideal for new or long-term Cabela’s shoppers, the Cabela’s CLUB Mastercard offers points for a wide variety of in-store and online purchases. Perfect for any lover of the outdoors, this credit card offers rewards unique from Cabela’s Outdoor Rewards program, including points for purchases at Cenex gas stations and everywhere Mastercard is accepted.

With an APR under 10% for Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shop purchases, the Cabela’s CLUB Mastercard helps cardholders prioritize transactions of all sizes without worrying about immediate credit repayment.

No minimum point amount is required for reward redemption at a Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shops location, where points never expire and there is no limit on points you can earn.

  • Annual fee:$0;
  • Regular APR:9.99% for Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops purchases; 15.24% to 26.99% (variable) for other purchases;
  • Intro APR: N/A;
  • Rewards rate:Two points for Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops purchases; two points at select Cenex gas stations; one point for other purchases.

Old Navy Visa® Card

Particularly for individuals looking to get their hands on the newest clothing items from the Old Navy line, the Old Navy Credit Card offers steep rewards that make affordable transactions even more reasonable.

Accepted at Old Navy, Gap, Athleta, and the Banana Republic, the Old Navy Visa Card is also characterized by an enviable sign-up bonus that offers borrowers 20% off their initial purchase.

Without annual fees, this credit card allows you to stack earned discounts with current in-store or online promotions, deepening savings and allowing you to use points for up to two years after they are first acquired.

Check out our in-depth Old Navy Credit Card review here.

  • Annual fee:$0;
  • Regular APR:26.49% (variable);
  • Intro APR:N/A;
  • Rewards rate:Five points earned for every $1 spent in-store or online; one point earned for other purchases.

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How to Get an Easy Department Store Credit Card

Borrowers can follow practical steps to easily secure a department store credit card of their choice.

These steps include:

  1. Select a department store credit card from the above options that best suits your current needs.
  2. Once you have the necessary documentation on-hand, submit your application.
  3. Respond to any communication from the credit card company, and check for status updates on your application and state of approval.
  4. Once you qualify, agree to terms and follow other necessary steps — including connecting your bank information.
  5. Activate your credit card once it arrives, and begin use.

Borrowers who already have a credit card can improve their chances for approval by making parallel improvements to their credit score.

In particular, making on-time payments that reduce total debt can positively influence your credit rating, helping you to earn more favorable terms and lower rates after your department store card application has been accepted.

How to Pick the Right Department Store Credit Card

It can often be difficult for borrowers to select the correct department store credit card for their situation, given how many options exist.

Financially responsible borrowers often opt for the department store credit card that features the best combination of interest rates, maximum spend amounts, and rebates, rather than making quick decisions based on available sign-up bonuses.

Making the best possible decision regarding department store credit card options also means avoiding credit cards that don’t accommodate your spending habits. For example, borrowers should refrain from using credit cards with annual fees or interest rates that will compromise their financial state.


Instead of deciding on a credit card you’ll soon regret, take your time and consult the above options in light of your present financial situation, to earn benefits from department stores you already frequent.

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