Best Second-Chance Retail Credit Cards

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A second-chance retail card refers to a type of retail credit card that accepts those with poor or fair credit. These unsecured credit cards often have higher annual percentage rates (APRs) than average cards and may offer in-store rewards to frequent shoppers.  

When repairing your credit, many credit experts recommend using secured credit cards; however, if you want a retail card, this guide will help you find one that fits your lifestyle.

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Second-Chance Store Credit Cards

Here are the 10 best retail cards for borrowers with fair credit.

Target RedCard

The Target RedCard is a good option for those working actively to improve their credit who love shopping at Target. People with fair credit have a good chance at being accepted for the Target RedCard. It offers an easy rewards program that gives the credit card user a 5% discount at Target and

Discounts are applied at the cash register, making it easier for users to track their points. However, the Target RedCard has a high APR, meaning that those who struggle paying off monthly debts may not be able to afford this card.

Capital One® Walmart Rewards® Mastercard®

Capital One® Walmart Rewards® Mastercard® is likely to approve those with fair credit. It has good rewards options and a reasonable variable APR.

Those with the Capital One® Walmart Rewards® Mastercard® earn 5% cash back on, 2% cash back in Walmart stores, 2% cash back on restaurant and travel purchases, and 1% cash back on all other purchases.

You can redeem rewards for various options, including cash back, travel, and gift cards.

  • Annual fee:$0;
  • Regular APR:17.99% to 26.99% (variable);
  • Rewards rate:5% cash back on; 2% cash back in Walmart stores and for restaurants and travel purchases; 1% cash back on all other purchases.
  • Compare other fair credit, credit cards:

Kohl’s Charge Card

The Kohl’s Card is an option for those who have fair credit or better. Consumers who apply for the Kohl’s credit card should also be frequent shoppers at Kohl’s.

After being accepted for the Kohl’s Card, shoppers qualify for several rewards. Shoppers get a 35% discount on their first purchase with the card and earn another 15% discount when the credit card arrives in the mail.

Combined with Kohl’s Cash and Yes2You Rewards, this card can save frequent Kohl’s shoppers money on every purchase.

However, you won’t receive benefits outside of Kohl’s, and the APR for this card is higher than many other options.

  • Annual fee:$0;
  • Regular APR:24.99% (variable);
  • Rewards rate:35% off the first purchase; option to become a Most Valued Customer (MVC) after spending $600 in the first year.
  • Compare other fair credit, credit cards:

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card 

The Amazon Prime Rewards card is a good option for those who regularly shop on or at Whole Foods. It is recommended for those with credit scores above 690.

When approved, users earn an immediate $70 gift card, as well as 5% back on and Whole Food purchases, 2% cash back on restaurant, gas station, and drugstore purchases, and 1% cash back on all other purchases.

Although there is no annual fee, users must have an Amazon Prime membership to qualify for this credit card — a $119 yearly value.  

  • Annual fee:$0;
  • Regular APR:14.24% to 22.24% (variable);
  • Rewards rate:5% cash back on and at Whole Foods; 2% cash back at restaurants, gas stations, and drugstores; 1% on all other purchases.
  • Compare other fair credit, credit cards:

Fingerhut Credit Card

Fingerhut’s credit card is one of the easiest credit cards to apply for. Those with bad credit scores can qualify for this credit card and can use the card to begin building (or rebuilding) their credit history.  

The Fingerhut credit card doesn’t offer any rewards or discounts and can only be used on It reports your payments to all three credit bureaus, which can help build your credit over time. However, it has a high fixed APR.  

Those who frequently shop at Fingerhut can use the card to build new credit without worrying about using a secured credit card.

JCPenney Credit Card

JCPenney’s credit card may accept those with fair credit scores (above 580). JCPenney has a rewards program that can be redeemed in stores, making it a good option for those who regularly shop at JCPenney.

Those using the JCPenney card earn half a point for every $1 spent on qualifying purchases. Every 200 points will earn you a $10 JCPenney certificate that expires in 45 days. Users who reach Gold or Platinum status will earn additional rewards.

NASCAR® Credit Card From Credit One Bank®

The NASCAR® credit card is a great option for those with poor credit. The credit agency reports monthly to the three credit bureaus and allows for credit card holders to choose their monthly payment due dates.  

Those using the NASCAR® credit card also receive rewards when shopping at the NASCAR Shop. Borrowers must pre-qualify for this credit card.

My Best Buy® Credit Card

The My Best Buy® Credit Card may accept those with fair credit and offers rewards for those who shop at Best Buy. As borrowers improve their credit, they may qualify for higher-tier Best Buy credit cards that offer rewards on purchases outside the store.

Shoppers will earn five points per $1 spent on their first day of purchases with the credit card. They will also gain access to exclusive discounts and free shipping on orders that cost more than $35.

  • Annual fee:$0;
  • Regular APR:25.24% (variable);
  • Intro APR:0% to 12.99% for 12 to 48 months;
  • Rewards rate:Five points per $1 spent on the first day of purchases with the store card.
  • Compare other fair credit, credit cards:

Macy’s Credit Card

If you have damaged credit, you may qualify for the Macy’s Credit Card. Those who are approved for the card will save 20% when they open and use the card, up to $100 in savings over two days.

Cardholders can also choose a day to receive 25% off their purchase. The APR for this card is higher than average, at 25.24%.

Sears Shop Your Way Mastercard®

The Sears store card is a basic credit card for those with fair or higher credit. They offer a reasonable APR as well as plenty of rewards for those who shop frequently at Sears. When making purchases on the website, those with the Sears store card will earn 5% off select purchases.

  • Annual fee:$0;
  • Regular APR:7.24% to 25.24% (variable);
  • Rewards rate:5% off select purchases, 5% in points at eligible gas stations, 3% in points at grocery stores, 2% in points at Sears or Kmart, and 1% points on all other eligible purchases.
  • Compare other fair credit, credit cards:

How to Get Second-Chance Retail Credit Cards

Because second-chance credit cards typically accept those with lower credit scores, the application process is straightforward.

Most store credit cards will only conduct a soft credit check before approving your application, meaning that the credit check won’t affect your credit score. However, you should always read the fine print if you’re trying to avoid hard credit checks.

Once you find a credit card that works, begin the application. You will need a:

  • Social Security number;
  • Current address;
  • Average income.

Many store credit cards will immediately send your credit card in the mail, while others will send a temporary online card that you can use to make online purchases directly after approval.  

Those with poor or fair credit should focus on improving their credit to qualify for better credit card options in the future.

How to Pick the Right Second-Chance Retail Credit Cards

There are many retail credit card options, making it more difficult to choose a single retail card. To help you make the best decision, here are three things you should focus on:

  • Average APR: Many store cards have high APRs. Look for cards that have low to average APRs, typically under 25.99%.
  • Good rewards: Frequent shoppers should focus on getting the best rewards possible out of their store credit card. Look for cards with high redeemable points.
  • Usability: Some retail cards can only be used in one store. For those looking for versatile credit cards, focus your search on cards that can be used anywhere.

In addition, you should only apply for retail cards for stores that you shop at regularly. If you don’t spend money at the store at least once a month, don’t consider it as an option.  

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