How Do You Qualify for the BJ’s Credit Card, and What Are Its Benefits?

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Big-name retailers offer credit cards that provide in-store benefits for dedicated shoppers. If you find yourself frequently visiting a specific store, it may be beneficial to sign up for one of these retail credit cards.

However, it’s important to keep in mind how your credit score is affected if you open numerous credit card accounts, especially if you maintain high balances on these cards. When you’re selective about the credit cards you apply for and utilize, you can maintain financial health and use these retail credit cards to benefit you.

The BJ’s credit card may be tempting if you’re a BJ’s Wholesale Club member and shop at the warehouse frequently. Learning more about the terms and conditions of the card, as well as the rewards program and other perks, can help you decide if this credit card is right for you.

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Types and Benefits of the BJ’s Credit Card

To obtain a BJ’s Perks Plus or Elite Mastercard, you must be an active BJ’s Warehouse Club member. If you cancel your membership or it expires and you continue to make purchases on your BJ’s Perks credit card, a non-member surcharge that’s 20% of your in-club purchases and/or $5 per each online transaction applies.

As a cardholder, you can conveniently use your BJ’s credit card as your membership card when you enter the store or checkout. When you purchase gas at a BJ’s Wholesale Club using your BJ’s credit card, you receive a 10 cent discount per gallon.

There’s no annual fee associated with the BJ’s Perks credit card. However, it’s important to review other fees and charges, including the following:

  • An annual percentage rate (APR) between 16.49% and 26.49% for financed purchases, depending on the current market.
  • An APR of 26.99% for balance transfers and an additional $10 or 5% of the balance transfer total.
  • An APR of 28.49% for cash advances, which may vary depending on the current market, as well as an additional $10 or 5% of the cash advance total.
  • A $2 minimum interest charge for each credit plan.
  • A 3% foreign transaction fee on the total transaction in U.S. dollars.
  • A late or returned payment penalty of up to $39.

Periodically, the company provides exclusive offers to cardholders, such as six months of waived interest on purchases of $375 or more.

My BJ’s Perks Mastercard Cashback Match

Your BJ’s Perks credit card can be used at any store as a regular credit card. However, you’ll earn the most rewards when you make purchases at BJ’s Wholesale Club and online at

While you don’t receive a true cashback match with the card, you earn 3% cash back on most BJ’s purchases with the BJ’s Perks Plus card and 5% cash back on most BJ’s purchases with the BJ’s Perks Elite card. To upgrade to Elite card status, you must be a BJ’s Perks Rewards Primary Member. You can upgrade your club membership for an additional $50 annual fee.

In addition to the rewards you receive for shopping at BJ’s, you also earn 2% cash back when you dine at restaurants or purchase gas at non-BJ’s gas stations. You earn 1% cash back on purchases you make at other retailers that accept Mastercard.

When you’ve accumulated enough rewards points through your purchases, you’re issued reward vouchers in $20 increments. These vouchers can be used at BJ’s Wholesale Club or on the BJ’s website. Your rewards vouchers expire six months after the issue date.

BJ’s Credit Card Minimum Credit Score

Your credit score determines your eligibility for the BJ’s credit card. To qualify for a BJ’s Perks credit card, you must have a credit score that’s considered “good,” or at least 700.

If you’re rejected for the credit card, you may need to work on increasing your credit score. You can usually raise your credit score by paying bills on time, addressing your debt, and reviewing your credit report for errors.

My BJ’s Perks Mastercard Credit Limit

A credit limit is the maximum balance you’re allowed to carry on your BJ’s credit card. Your specific credit limit is determined by the company based on your credit score and debt. If you spend more than your credit limit allows, you still owe the entire balance.

The company can change your credit limit at any time based on your habits as a borrower. If you’re a responsible cardholder, your credit limit may increase but if you consistently make late payments, the company may decide to lower your limit.

How to Apply for the BJ’s Credit Card

You can apply for a BJ’s credit card online or when you visit the warehouse. You must provide your contact information and membership number. With your permission, the company runs your credit to ensure you qualify for the card.

Upon approval, you receive information on the terms, conditions, and credit limit that applies to your card. When you receive the card and activate it, you can begin using it for purchases and as your new membership card.

Using the BJ’s Credit Card in Your Credit Strategy

If you understand the credit card guidelines associated with the BJ’s credit card and feel it could be beneficial to you, consider adding it to your credit strategy. By building healthy credit with the BJ’s card, you can increase your credit score, add a positive account to your credit history, and take advantage of the rewards program offered by the store.

To use this card to your advantage, ensure you thoroughly understand the following credit card characteristics:

  • The late and returned payment penalty fees.
  • The high APR on financed purchases.
  • The six-month reward voucher expiration date.
  • You must have an active BJ’s Warehouse Club membership to apply.
  • The foreign transaction fees.
  • The cash advance and balance transfer fees.

If you’re a BJ’s Warehouse Club member and you visit the store frequently, you may find it beneficial to use a BJ’s credit card for your purchases. To stay on track toward your financial goals, make regular payments and pay off the balance each month or keep a low balance. This way, you aren’t susceptible to the high APR or late payment penalty fees.

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