A Guide to Cashing a Check at PLS

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When you’re in a pinch and need to cash a check, but your bank is closed (or you don’t have one), sometimes the best option available is a check cashing service.

PLS Financial Services Inc. is a company that can cash certain checks as a part of their financial services. PLS operates out of Arizona, California, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wisconsin.

PLS is a popular option for check cashing, but what checks do they accept and how substantial is their check cashing fee? Let’s find out more about their services.

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What Checks Does PLS Cash?

PLS operates by contacting the issuing bank in order to verify the account. Unfortunately, without verification, a check cannot be cashed at PLS. However, if a check is cleared, then PLS will be able to exchange the check amount for cash. Additionally, they will need a valid form of government ID at the time of the transaction.

The types of checks that PLS will accept include:

  • Paychecks;
  • Personal Checks;
  • Government Checks;
  • Out-Of-State Checks;
  • Business Checks;
  • Cashier’s Checks;
  • Money Orders;
  • Traveler’s Checks.

One type of check that PLS is not capable of cashing, however, are third party checks. Third party checks are when the original issuer allows the receiving party to write the check for a third person. At Fiscal Tiger, we’ve discussed the topic of third party checks before, explaining: “when person A writes a check made out to person B, but person C cashes that check. Third party checking is possible because person B can write instructions on the check, changing the party that the check is made out to be person C.”

As like most banks, PLS will not be able to cash third party checks because they are often risky and can be prone to fraudulent manipulation. There are valuable reasons to write a third party check, but they are unfortunately rare, and PLS will not accept them.

Money Orders at PLS

PLS accepts all forms of money orders, but PLS also offers their own money order service. If you’re cashing a PLS granted money order, the fee is much less than other money orders.

The fee for PLS money orders (up to but not exceeding $1,000) is 1 percent of the check amount, plus $1. Outside money orders have fees that are system generated.

How Much Does PLS Charge to Cash a Check?

PLS services vary depending on the type of check being cashed, the amount of the check, and other potential risk factors that may increase the fee amount.

For payroll checks, recurring government checks (such as welfare assistance programs), and PLS granted money orders under $1,000, all have a service fee of 1 percent of the price of the check, plus $1.

For all other checks, including personal checks, business checks, and traveler’s checks, the fee will depend on the type of check and the amount being requested. PLS advises customers to check with a store associate for more information on fees and what to expect.

Compared to other check cashing services, PLS’s 1 percent fee is impressive. However, the amount you pay is still based on percentages, which isn’t optimal for cashing large checks.

How to Cash a Check at PLS

Before walking into a PLS to cash a check, make sure you have one in your area and that they are open when you need them to be. Next, follow these steps to get the cash you need:

  1. Determine the fee: Depending on the type of check you’re cashing, the fee may be only one percent, or maybe higher. If you’re unaware of what the fee will be, you may be able to call ahead and check with a store associate to get more information.
  2. Endorse the back: Prior to cashing the check, the store associate will need you to endorse the check by signing the back on the endorsement line.
  3. Present your ID: Be sure to have some form of government-issued identification on you in order to verify your identity for the PLS store associate.
  4. Exchange the check for cash: The store associate will let you know how much cash you will be getting for the check, minus the processing and any other relevant fees.

Find PLS Check Cashing Place Near Me

Below are the store location finders for each state in which PLS operates. Be sure to check if there is one near you, and what their hours of operation are before going in to cash your check:

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