Does 1st Convenience Bank Use ChexSystems?

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Many people have at least one bank account. If a consumer only has one, it’s likely a checking account. However, not everyone is conscientious when using these funds.

Many checking accounts become overdrawn, and the account owner doesn’t always pay back monies the bank extended to cover overdrafts. Other irresponsible actions on the part of consumers can also negatively impact banking relationships.

Credit unions and banks often look into consumers’ banking history by using ChexSystems before opening a new checking account. If you have an adverse report with ChexSystems, you may be unable to open a checking account at a new financial institution.

When you’re unable to open savings or checking accounts with a bank because of an adverse ChexSystems report, you still have options. Some banks don’t use ChexSystems and allow those with poor credit or a history of less-than-stellar banking relationships to open accounts.

1st Convenience Bank does not use ChexSystems and has excellent ratings, so Fiscal Tiger checked them out.

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What Is ChexSystems?

ChexSystems is a company that collects data about your bank deposit account history for the previous five years. It’s important to note that ChexSystems reports do not directly affect your credit score.

Around 80% of banks and credit unions use reports from ChexSystems to assess their risk in allowing you to open accounts with them.

Information commonly found on ChexSystems reports includes:

  • Accounts recently applied for
  • ATM, account, or card abuse
  • Bounced checks
  • Involuntary account closure
  • Negative balances left unpaid
  • Overdrafts
  • Suspected identity theft or fraud

View a sample ChexSystems report here (downloadable PDF document).

If a financial institution reviews your ChexSystems report and views you as a potential risk, it may deny your savings or checking account application.

Consumers who can’t open accounts with these banks have the option of applying for an account with a second-chance bank.

Does 1st Convenience Bank Use ChexSystems?

1st Convenience Bank is a division of First National Bank Texas and provides second-chance financial products to those with a bad credit history or an adverse ChexSystems report. It does not use ChexSystems. First National Bank Texas dates back to 1901 and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Only people in Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas can use the 1st Convenience Bank, so those who can benefit are very limited.

1st Convenience Bank offers five checking accounts, along with fresh start loans. You can also apply for a 1st Convenience Bank credit card. Account holders can use the 1st Convenience Bank app to make payments, check transactions and balances, make mobile deposits, and more.

If you’re over 55, you won’t be charged a monthly service charge. Other exclusions apply as well, but the standard fee is $12. The overdraft fee is $34.

Best Banks That Don’t Use ChexSystems

For those who don’t live in the states that 1st Convenience Bank serves, or if you’d like to shop around, there are other banks that don’t use ChexSystems and provide second-chance accounts to those who need them.

Chase Bank

A Chase Secure Banking account doesn’t require a credit check or ChexSystems inquiry. Chase has almost 5,000 locations across the U.S., and customers can also transact their business online. You’ll pay a $4.95 monthly service fee for this account, but you may qualify to receive a $100 cash bonus when you open it.


Chime is an excellent second-chance banking option.

  • The company doesn’t use ChexSystems or check your credit to open a bank account.
  • Chime is available in every state.
  • There are no overdrafts, foreign transactions, minimum balances, or monthly service fees.
  • You may have access to your paycheck early if it’s deposited directly into your account.

Renasant Bank

Renasant doesn’t use ChexSystems, so if you’ve had previous banking issues, this bank is worth checking out. Renasant offers credit cards, online banking, loans, and bank accounts for those with bad credit.


Varo is an online bank that offers savings and checking accounts to clients who need second-chance options. Many of its products provide benefits:

  • Free credit monitoring
  • Save Your Pay and Save Your Change programs
  • Varo advance
  • Cashback earning options
  • Highly versatile mobile app

Varo Bank Account clients can choose to apply for the Varo Believe secured credit card, which helps consumers to build their credit.

What If Your ChexSystems Report Isn’t Accurate?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act gives consumers the right to view credit reports from the three major credit bureaus and those prepared by companies like ChexSystems. You can request a free copy of your ChexSystems report directly from the company. If you find errors, you can dispute them.

Do You Need To Build Your Credit Score?

Consumers with poor bank account histories often have lower credit scores. Fiscal Tiger provides financial information of all kinds, including ways to improve credit scores. Suggestions include:

  • Dispute credit report errors
  • Rein in your spending
  • Make all payments on time
  • Increase your amount of available credit
  • Become an authorized user

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