What Is Account Services Collections? (What To Do About It)

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It can always be scary to receive a call from a collections company and Account Services Collections might be one of them.

With around 68 million Americans holding debt in collections, these calls can be all too frequent. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to separate legitimate collections agencies from those trying to deceive you. Even when you know you have debt, debt collectors may attempt to take advantage of your financial situation.

Account Services is one such collection company, and one often found on credit reports throughout the country. If you’ve received calls from them or noticed them on your report and are wondering what is Account Services, read our guide below.

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What is Account Services? 

Based in San Antonio, Texas, Account Services works under several different names:

  • Account Services Collections, Inc. 
  • Account Services, USA 
  • Healthcare Financial Services, USA 

They typically work to recover debts in the healthcare sector. However, they also operate in the credit card, retail, student loan, and telecommunications industries.

Is Account Services a Collection Agency? 

Yes, Account Services is a collection agency. If you’re receiving calls from them or notice them on your credit report, it’s because they’ve been hired by a company to recoup funds from a loan or bill that is past due or in default.

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Why is Account Services Calling Me and Are They Legit or a Scam? 

Account Services is a legitimate company. They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and a member of the Association of Credit and Collection Professionals.

Still, professional accreditation or membership doesn’t mean they have a legitimate reason to reach out to you or appear on your credit report. The debt they are seeking to collect may be inaccurate, invalid, or otherwise in dispute.

In fact, according to the BBB, Account Services has received multiple complaints over the past several years. Some of these complaints are due to a lack of response after disputing a debt. Others are regarding harassing phone calls made by Account Services to collect a debt.

Note that many, though not all, of these complaints have been marked as resolved after reaching out to the BBB. Furthermore, Account Services has an overall rating of A+ from the BBB.

Should I Dispute or Negotiate? 

Before deciding to dispute or negotiate a debt, it’s best to do some research. Seek to better understand the situation and whether the debt collections agency is legitimate. You should also review your financial situation and financial documents to see if the debt is accurate.

If you’re not sure if the debt that Account Services is trying to collect is legitimate, request more information from them. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau offers a sample letter to send in this situation.

It’s important to request additional information from Account Services, or any collection agency, within 30 days of their first contact with you. If the debt isn’t legitimate, you can then begin the process of disputing the debt. Do this with the credit bureaus and the collection agency.

If you find that the debt that Account Services is trying to collect is invalid or inaccurate, you can dispute the debt. Should your dispute be successful, the debt should be removed from your credit report. Account Services should cease reaching out to you.

If the debt is legitimate but you are unable to repay in full, you can try to negotiate the debt or a payment plan. While collections agencies would always prefer to receive payment in full, they also know that something is better than nothing.

If you are truly unable to pay the total amount of the debt, they may be willing to reduce the payoff amount.

During the negotiation process, it’s important to get everything in writing. This documentation serves as proof that you and the collection agency have come to an agreement.

You should also record and document all your discussions with the agency. Should there be a dispute about the agreement, you will have documentation stating what exactly was agreed to.

How To Remove Account Services Collections from My Credit Report? 

As Account Services is a collection agency, often they can only be removed from your credit report with time. Even if you have paid off the debt, the collection may stay on your report for up to seven years.

While some credit agencies have updated their score formulas to ignore paid collections, others may still factor it in. Regardless, the collection itself may still appear on your report. Anytime you apply for a loan or when your credit is pulled, it could appear.

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If the debt is legitimate, and you’ve since paid it off to the collection agency, you can also ask them for a “goodwill deletion.” Explain your personal situation that caused you to fall behind on payments and lean on the empathy of the collection agency. It can also help to explain why you are requesting a goodwill deletion, such as applying for a mortgage.

Should they accept your request, the collections would be removed from your credit report before the customary seven-year period. However, the late payments (or nonpayment) that led to the debt going to collections would remain on your credit report. Still, any time collections are listed on your credit report, the potential impact can be significant, and removing it can benefit your score.

This entire process can be stressful, time-consuming, and you may find that you need help in rectifying the situation and repairing your credit score.

We at Fiscal Tiger have a list of the best credit repair companies that can help you dispute debts and remove them from your credit report.

Put Your Best Financial Foot Forward

Hopefully, our guide has helped answer the question of what is Account Services Collections, as well as provided you with concrete steps to take when dealing with them.

Debt of any kind is always stressful. That’s why we at Fiscal Tiger have a variety of reviews, articles, and guides that will help get you on the right financial track. 

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