What Is the Routing Number for GECU?

Jaron Pak  | 

The one and only routing number for Government Employees Credit Union (GECU) is 312081089. If a routing number is needed for a transaction, this number should suffice.

What Is a Routing Number?

A routing number is, in essence, a digital address for a bank. Routing numbers always consist of nine numbers and they are used by U.S. banks to help identify themselves. Along with being called “routing numbers,” these bank identification sequences are also referred to as RTNs (routing transit numbers) or ABA (American Bankers Association) numbers.

While they are utilized for many different purposes, some of the most common uses for routing numbers include:

In each of these scenarios, routing numbers help financial institutions understand where funds are coming from, where they are going, or both.

Where Can You Find Your GECU Routing Number?

A graphic showing the location of the routing, account, and check number on a check.

There are a few different ways you can typically obtain your routing number:

  • The easiest option is to look on the front of your GECU checks. The nine-digit number in the lower left-hand corner is your routing number. It should be located next to two other sets of numbers to the right which are your account number and check number.
  • If you don’t have a check readily available, you can often obtain your bank’s routing number by logging into your online banking portal and looking under your account settings. You can also call GECU directly at (800) 772-4328. You may have to answer a few security questions, but you should be able to request your GECU routing number over the phone as well.

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