What Is the Minimum Wage in West Virginia State?

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2020 Minimum Wage in West Virginia: $8.75

Since January 1, 2016, the minimum wage in WV has been $8.75 per hour. West Virginia state law details which employers must pay minimum wage. The state division of labor FAQ page states that a company is required to pay minimum wage when it employs six or more people in a single location, but that the rule applies based on that location, not on the company. Therefore, the same company could have a location with six employees, who are paid minimum wage, and a location with fewer than six, where state minimum wage would not apply (but federal minimum wage would).

Training Wage Rate: $6.40 Per Hour for 90 Days

The training wage rate applies only to employees who are under the age of 20 when hired. For those employees, the training wage applies for 90 days only. On the 91st day, the state minimum wage of $8.75 per hour applies.

Tipped: $2.62

The tipped cash wage rate is $2.62 per hour. It’s based on the amount that the state allows employers to take as a tip credit against the minimum wage. It’s important to remember that tipped employees must still make at least the state minimum wage of $8.75 per hour, but it’s a combined wage between what the employer pays and tipped money.

The state allows employers to take up to 70% of an employee’s wage in tip credits. For minimum wage, that means a tip credit of $6.13 per hour. If an employee doesn’t make enough tips to account for that $6.13 per hour, then the employer would be responsible for ensuring that they make at least minimum wage.

Weekly: $350

A full-time minimum wage worker should make $350 in a week if they work for 40 hours in West Virginia. Part-time employees will make less. This is gross income before taxes and other deductions are applied, so the net take-home will vary.

Annually: $18,200

A minimum wage employee working 40 hours per week should make $18,200 a year, before deductions. This does not account for sick days taken, other types of time off, overtime pay, or deductions. The net take-home will also change depending on how each individual calculates their tax withholdings.

Overtime: $13.12

With some exceptions, the state overtime regulations require that workers be compensated at a rate of one and one-half times their base wage for every hour worked above 40 in a seven day period. For a worker making minimum wage, that calculates to $13.12 per hour. Overtime exemptions often apply to companies whose employees perform work considered “interstate commerce” activity.

West Virginia Minimum Wage Increase News

In February of 2019, House Bill 2871 was introduced, which proposed a gradual increase in the minimum wage to $12. The bill did not make it out of the legislature in 2019, but similar bills may be introduced in the future.

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