What Is AllianceOne Receivables Management, Inc and Why Is It on My Credit Report?

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If you are contacted by a company called AllianceOne by phone or mail, or see them listed on your credit report, you may owe an unpaid debt. Alliance One, also known as AllianceOne Receivables Management, is a third-party debt collector that works with a number of companies in financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, and insurance.

They also work with municipalities to collect government debts, including traffic tickets, toll violations, and unpaid taxes.

Unlike other debt collectors, Alliance One does not purchase debt from companies. Instead, they are hired to collect outstanding debts, and keep a portion of the payments in return.

However, if you don’t pay, the delinquent account is reported to the credit bureaus as a collections account. There is also a possibility the original creditor may still sell your debt to a different agency.

Just because AllianceOne contacts you doesn’t necessarily mean that you actually owe what they claim. Complaints against the company allege that they have tried to collect on old debt that is beyond the statute of limitations, or on debts that have already been paid. Even if this is the case for you, though, you need to respond to their collection attempts to prevent damage to your credit.

Not responding could initiate further collections on your account, so work with the company to either pay what you owe or have the account closed. Here’s how you can do that.

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Is AllianceOne a Real Company?

AllianceOne is a subsidiary of Teleperformance, a global call center provider. Headquartered in Pennsylvania, the company has call centers all over the U.S., including in California, Arizona, Illinois, Texas, and Washington.

They have been in business since 1999, when they formed after a merger of five other collection agencies. This made them one of the largest collection agencies in the world.  

AllianceOne is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and has an A+ rating. However, they have dozens of complaints and a one-star (out of five) rating among customers. Complaints include rude representatives, delays in validating debts, incorrect or invalid information, and demands for additional payments.

What to Do if You’re Contacted by AllianceOne

If you are contacted by AllianceOne via phone or mail, it’s best to respond to get the matter cleared up as quickly as possible. If you can prove that the debt is invalid, they will cease contact.

 If you do owe a creditor, you may be able to settle the debt or enter a payment plan that will keep the negative information off your credit report and prevent further action, including wage garnishments or a court judgment.

However, never agree to immediately pay what the company demands, or send a payment. Because the debt may be old or already paid, doing so may only cost money you don’t have to pay, without any measurable effect on your credit report.

With that in mind, take these steps to deal with your AllianceOne collection.

Verify That the Debt Is Legitimate

Before sending any money to a collection agency, verify that the debt is legitimate and belongs to you. Under the terms of the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act (FDCPA), you have the right to demand written debt verification before proceeding with any payments or negotiations.

AllianceOne should have all of the pertinent information, including who you owe, how much they claim you owe, the date you opened the account, when you missed the first payment, and when the creditor sent the account to collections.

When making the request for debt validation, which you should do in writing as well as over the phone, also request that AllianceOne cease contact by phone. By law, once you request the company stop calling and only communicate via mail, they have to comply.

If they continue to call or contact you by other means, you have grounds for an official complaint. And if AllianceOne cannot or does not provide the requested evidence within 30 days, they must cease collections.

If you do not request debt validation from AllianceOne, the company will assume that you agree the debt is valid, and continue their efforts to collect.

Handling the Debt

If AllianceOne is trying to collect a valid debt, you don’t have to take a hit to your credit. You may be able to pay less than you owe or enter a payment agreement.

One way to deal with an AllianceOne collection is to work with a credit repair company or credit counselor. These services help you get control over all of your debt, including accounts in collections, and may be able to negotiate a settlement, cancellation, or manageable payment plan.

If you decide to handle the debt yourself, you can opt to make a single payment to eliminate the debt, or enter a payment plan. Inquire about settling the debt; sometimes, collections agencies have the ability to accept a settlement offer in exchange for a single payment.

In any case, get all agreements regarding payment plans and settlements in writing, even if you begin the process over the phone.

Entering a payment agreement might even keep the collection from showing up on your credit report at all. If the debt has not yet been reported, and you agree to a payment plan, be sure to include a provision that the creditor will not report negative information as long as your payments are current. Otherwise, the company may still report your account as delinquent until you pay in full.

How to Get AllianceOne Off Your Credit Report

If AllianceOne is trying to collect on a debt that’s not yours or is the result of fraud, and you have evidence of such, they have to stop contacting you when you provide that information. If the account has been reported to the credit bureaus, you can request deletion directly by providing proof that the collection is invalid.

AllianceOne Phone Number

AllianceOne has different phone numbers based on what type of account you’re calling about.

  • For court/government collections: (866) 897-5349 and (877) 541-8420.
  • For credit card accounts: (877) 480-5110.
  • For utility accounts: (866) 590-6322.
  • For medical accounts: (888) 237-0059.
  • For credit report questions: (800) 858-4472.
  • For consumer feedback: (800) 858-4472.

They also provide an online contact form on their website. Remember that any information you provide to the company can be used to collect payment.

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