What Is 11 Charter Communications and Why Is It on My Credit Report?

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11 Charter Communications is a debt collection agency. If 11 Charter Communications appears on your credit report, it means that you owe the telecommunications company Charter Communications, Inc. (Spectrum) money. In the worst-case scenario, the company may appear on your credit report because they “own” your debt. 

Collection agencies are used by creditors — such as banks, credit card issuers, or personal loan lenders — to recover past-due funds. Once these lenders have decided to give up trying to collect a debt and they close an account, collection agencies buy that debt and collect on it. 

These agencies collect on all types of delinquent debts such as credit cards, medical bills, student loans, car loans, or in this case, telecommunications services. Compared to some of the other charges mentioned — such as medical bills and student loans —  telecommunications services do not tack on much debt. Still, it is debt and it can negatively impact your credit score. 

Continue reading to learn how to verify if a debt is really yours, remove it from your credit report, as well as receive answers to other questions you may have.

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Is 11 Charter Communications a Real Company?

Yes, 11 Charter Communications is a real, legitimate company and is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut. As noted above, the actual name of the company is Charter Communications, Inc. You may be more familiar with the name Spectrum, the brand through which they provide most of their services. 

11 Charter Communications Complaints

According to the Better Business Bureau, 11 Charter Communications has amassed over 14,000 complaints in the last three years; the majority of these complaints concern poor customer service, billing errors, or misleading advertising.  

What to Do if You See 11 Charter Communications on Your Credit Reports

No one wants to see a collection agency on their credit reports. But if you do see 11 Charter Communications, or any other collection agency for that matter, the best thing to do is to act fast. 

If you don’t pay collections, they will report you to the credit bureaus and persistently contact you. In the worst-case scenario, a collections agency can repossess your assets — for instance, foreclosing your home or repossessing your car.

Continue reading below to find out some of your options after seeing a collection agency on your credit reports. 

Verify if It’s Legitimate

While 11 Charter Communications is a real company, the debt in your name may not be legitimate. It could be someone else’s debt, the wrong amount, or otherwise incorrect. In order to determine if a debt is truly yours, you may send the company a debt validation letter. This demands that a company, such as 11 Charter Communications, prove that the debt is yours and is the correct amount. 

Below are a few tips for dealing with debt collectors, in case 11 Charter Communications or another such company contacts you: 

  • They send a letter in the mail: Legitimate debt collectors will never send emails without also mailing a letter. Snail mail is the formal way in which collection agencies communicate. Keep an eye on the mailbox if you’ve received a call from an agency. Remember to always communicate via writing so as to leave behind a paper trail. 
  • The agency shares their contact information: If a collection agency cannot share any details, such as the name of their company, phone number, or address, that is a cause for concern. 
  • You can request information about the debt: If you send a debt-validation letter and the collection agency can provide no further details regarding the debt, that is a cause for concern. Legitimate debt collectors will work with you instead of against you. Hang up immediately if a debt collector berates or threatens you. 

Never share any personal or debt-related information until you have verified the legitimacy of a collection agency. 

Pay It Off

If you have verified the debt is yours, the next step is to pay it off. Keep in mind that paying it off does not remove it from your credit reports. It will only update your account to reflect a zero balance. 

Speak to a Credit Counselor

Credit counselors are used to assist you in removing collections from your credit report, creating a plan to manage your debt, and rebuilding credit. The best credit counselors may also negotiate with creditors on your behalf to lower your overall costs. 

How to Remove 11 Charter Communications From Your Credit Reports

How to go about removing 11 Charter Communications from your credit reports depends on whether the debt is truly yours. Disputed debts are easier to remove than ones that you actually incurred. 

If you were given someone else’s debt or were a victim of fraudulent behavior, it is likely that you’ll be able to remove the 11 Charter Communications from your account. Keep in mind that the credit bureaus will remove the collection from your account — not the debt collection agencies. 

For debts that have been paid off, you may be able to receive a goodwill deletion. This process works by writing your collector a letter that states the reasons why you should have the collection removed, such as if you’re taking out a mortgage. There is no guarantee that a request will be granted, but it never hurts to try. 

Will 11 Charter Communications Sue Me? 

A collection agency can sue you, but won’t do so aimlessly. If you owe the company a lot of money, they may take legal action. Small debts, however, are unlikely to be brought to court.

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