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Walgreens doesn’t offer money orders. However, you may visit most of these convenient pharmacy locations to complete a money transfer through Western Union.

With a money transfer, also commonly referred to as a wire transfer, money is transferred directly from the sender’s account to the recipient’s account. You may choose a money transfer instead of a money order if you need the transaction completed quickly. However, a money order provides a more extensive paper trail.

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How to Make a Money Transfer at Walgreens

There aren’t any Walgreens locations where you can get money orders. However, at participating Walgreens locations, you can complete a money transfer using a self-service kiosk, usually located in the photo department. You must provide your account information and the account information for the recipient to complete the transaction.

You may send up to $6,000 per transaction and receive up to $300. Your transaction fees may vary, depending on where you’re sending the money and the method you use. One-business-day transactions are associated with at least an $11 fee while instant transactions incur at least a $12.50 fee.

How to Receive a Money Transfer Through Walgreens

If you’re the recipient of a money transfer and you provided bank account information, the money may be transferred directly to your account. To obtain a cash money transfer, you must visit a participating Walgreens location. You’ll be asked to provide a government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license, to prove you’re the intended recipient of the money transfer.

How to Avoid Money Order Scams

Many scammers use Western Union money transfers as a way to receive money from unsuspecting victims. To prevent becoming involved in a money order scam, analyze the situation before providing information or engaging in a transaction. Look out for warning signs, including the following:

  • Strangers or businesses you don’t know asking for money orders or transfers.
  • Individuals asking for your sensitive personal information or bank account information for a transaction.
  • Individuals asking you to send money in order to receive money.
  • An individual or business requesting a money transfer to an unrecognizable name.
  • Money orders or transfer receipts that don’t look legitimate.

If you suspect you’ve been involved in a money order or transfer scam, contact your local authorities immediately.

Problems With Your Money Transfer

When you send a money transfer, Western Union attempts to remain in contact with you so you know the status of your transaction. You’ll receive a notification when your recipient has received the money or if there’s been a delay in the transfer.

In some countries, the money transfer recipient may be required to register with Western Union before they’re eligible to receive money. When they visit a location to receive the transfer, they’ll be prompted to complete the one-time registration process.

If you need a copy of your money transfer receipt, you may contact the Western Union customer care center to request it. You may be able to cancel your transaction if the recipient hasn’t already received the money. Visit the same Walgreens location where you initiated the money transfer and provide your identification to request a cancellation.

While Walgreens doesn’t offer money orders, you may request a money transfer at participating locations. Ensure you have the proper information for your recipient and you understand the fees and processing times associated with the transaction.

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