Universal Premium Fleet Card

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  • Annual percentage rate (APR): Prime rate plus 23.99%.
  • Purchase intro APR: None.
  • Rewards: 1 to 2 points per gallon.
  • Annual fee: $48 to $144.
  • Late fee: $75 or 12.25%.
  • Credit score: Fair to Good (580-740).
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  • Fuel rewards program: As a Universal Premium FleetCard Regular or Plus account holder, you earn one point per gallon of gas you pay for using your card. With a Premium card, you earn two points per gallon. These points can be cashed in for additional savings at the pump. You also automatically save up to six cents per gallon on fuel when you use your card.
  • Annual loyalty bonus: After your first year as a Universal Premium FleetCard Plus account holder, you earn a $50 loyalty bonus. After your first year as a Universal Premium FleetCard Premium account holder, you earn a $100 loyalty bonus.
  • Choose your package: When you apply for a Universal Premium FleetCard, you can choose between a Regular, Plus, or Premium card. These cards provide different features, such as priority customer service or late payment forgiveness. You can choose the package that fits your needs and budget.
  • Waived monthly fees: If you choose the Regular card, you’re responsible for a $4 monthly fee, which increases to $8 with the Plus card, and $12 with the Premium card. No matter which type of card you choose, your monthly fees are waived for the first six months after you activate your account.


  • Only use at participating locations: You can only use your Universal Premium FleetCard at gas stations that accept Mastercard. However, there are about 160,000 locations across the country that accept this payment method. If you plan to take advantage of retail discounts associated with your card, you can only visit locations that participate in the program and are a part of the Fleetcor Retail Savings Network.
  • Monthly fees: Whether you choose the Regular, Plus, or Premium card, you’re responsible for monthly fees, which can add up. With the Regular package, you’ll pay $48 each year, $96 annually for the Plus package, and $144 for the Premium card. However, these fees are waived for the first six months after activation and the savings you qualify for on petroleum purchases may make up for the monthly fees.
  • Additional fees: As a Universal Premium FleetCard account holder, it’s important to pay off your card’s balance on time every month. The late payment fee is $75 or 12.25% of your balance and you may owe a finance charge that includes the prime rate plus 23.99%. A returned payment will cost you $50 and you may owe additional fees for making non-standard payments, such as paying with a check by phone.

What Can You Expect From the Universal Premium Fleet Card?

As a Universal Premium FleetCard account holder, you can take advantage of several benefits that will help keep your business organized and save you money.

Detailed Reporting

Once you’ve activated your online account, you can sign in and review your customized dashboard. Data visualizations and reports help keep your business financials organized in one simple glance.

When you and your employees exclusively use the Universal Premium FleetCard for travel expenses and fueling, it’s easy to keep track of accounting and tax-related reports. Using these reports, you can track spending trends amongst your drivers and spot potential misuse of funds quickly.

Usage Control

As a business owner, you trust your employees to regulate their spending on the company card but sometimes charges can get out of control. With the Universal Premium FleetCard, you can control the types of charges employees are able to make using the card and you have the ability to set frequency limitations that prevent the potential misuse of funds.

Additional Ways to Save

The amount you save per gallon of gas depends on how much you pump. When you use the card to purchase 2,000 to 4,999 gallons of gas, you’re eligible to save one cent per gallon.

If you pump over 30,000 of gas and pay using your Universal Premium FleetCard, you’re eligible to save three cents per gallon. As a cardholder, you may also be eligible to save 5% on maintenance work performed at participating Firestone and Tires Plus stores.

Who Should Get the Universal Premium Fleet Card?

If you have a small fleet and want to keep track of your drivers’ spending, the Universal Premium FleetCard may be right for you. Save money by taking advantage of the fuel discounts associated with the card but be prepared to pay your balance in full to avoid hefty finance charges.

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