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United Check Cashing is a financial services provider that, among other things, provides check cashing, payday loans, and money transfer services. As a disclaimer, it’s generally preferable to avoid payday loan services if at all possible, as they are often more expensive than comparable services offered by banks and other businesses. If, however, you’re unable to access a bank account or need a check cashed very quickly outside of bank hours, using United Check Cashing is an option available to you.

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Which Checks are Cashed by United Check Cashing?

According to their website, you can cash:
Payroll checks;
Government and benefit checks;
Insurance checks;
Business and commercial checks;
Tax refund checks;
Rebate checks.

They also offer money transfer services, such as receiving transfers from Western Union.

How Much Are United Check Cashing Fees?

The fees vary by location, and there isn’t a standard fee noted on the United website. They often depend on specific state regulations.

Percentage-based fees are an issue because the higher the value of the check, the more you’re paying. Other check cashing services such as Walmart use flat fees which are generally more fair. It’s a much better idea to cash your check at a bank or credit union — the problem is that you won’t always be able to do this. Many banks and credit unions will cash checks for non-account holders, but many won’t, and their hours can make it difficult to find the time to go and do it. The tradeoff is that banks or credit unions will be the cheapest way of cashing a check, especially if you go to the institution that issued the check or one with which you have an account.

How to Cash a Check at United Check Cashing

Follow the basic steps to cash a check by:
Endorsing the back of the check;
Remembering to take government issued photo I.D.

Then head to your nearest United location. Make sure it’s open by looking it up online. Present your I.D to the employee behind the desk along with the check, then collect your cash.

Find United Check Cashing Near Me

You can find a United Check Cashing location by using their online store finder. Check the operating hours and call ahead to find out specific fees associated with check cashing.

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