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From credit restoration to identity monitoring, United Credit Education Services (UCES) is hardly your typical credit repair provider. Borrowers who partner with UCES for credit repair services will receive access to a full arsenal of financial services, including budgeting assistance, debt tracking, even ongoing net-worth calculations.

For more than 10 years, UCES has offered high-quality credit repair services to qualifying borrowers. They offer an easy-to-use online portal that allows all clients to connect with live help whenever they need it, and track credit restoration progress online at any time — day or night.

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Four Steps to Better Credit

UCES makes credit repair easy to pursue. You’ll be able to review and approve your agreement terms with UCES before anything is finalized, and live representatives are available to address any concerns along the way.

A few simple steps can connect qualified borrowers with actionable credit repair services:

  1. Enroll and activate credit repair through UCES after verifying your identity, viewing a short video, and agreeing to begin services.
  2. UCES analyzes your financial history, preparing dispute letters to be sent to credit bureaus for correction.
  3. Review and return dispute letters once you verify that all information is accurate.
  4. Enjoy the results of a credit repair program dedicated to restoring your credit and helping to improve short and long-term financial wellness.

UCES provides regular status updates during every stage of the credit repair process, keeping borrowers informed on any developments in credit repair efforts.

How Much Does UCES Cost?

Credit repair through United Credit Education Services is available for a single, reasonable price. Consumers are charged a one-time setup fee of $99, alongside a monthly $89 fee to receive ongoing credit repair services.

For customer convenience, monthly $89 charges are automatically deducted from a bank account or debit card of your choice. Customers also receive email notices before monthly UCES payments are posted, to prevent any unexpected charges to your account.

The above pricing model earns customers access not only to UCES credit repair services but to the entire UCES Protection Plan.

This means that borrowers can take advantage of UCES budgeting services, credit attorneys, fraud protection, identity monitoring, net worth forecasting, and other tools that help you take full charge of your financial future.

Pros of Using UCES

From the pricing model to a comprehensive portfolio of supplementary financial services, United Credit Education Services is a strong competitor in the credit restoration space.

A few notable strengths UCES offers to potential credit repair customers include:

  • A respectable online reputation, defended by frequent credit improvement testimonials.
  • Access to an entire credit repair team working at your speed to raise credit scores.
  • A no-nonsense credit repair process; clients can agree to terms, review dispute letters, and see credit score improvements.
  • Monthly payment plans that allow customers to cancel services at any time.
  • Supplementary financial management services,which include budget planning, debt repayment tools, and a net-worth calculator, to help you take full control of your finances.

United Credit Education Services has earned its high reputation thanks to a team of credit repair agents dedicated to improving credit scores and protecting your finances.

Cons of Using UCES

United Credit Education Services offers a high-quality credit repair package, maintaining attention to detail that helps you take concrete steps toward an improved credit score.

However, be advised of the following drawbacks if you’re going to use UCES:

  • Does not guarantee credit score improvements like several competitors do, to further defend the value of services offered.
  • Does not give you access to a credit repair dashboard, to provide customers with credit fluctuation updates in real-time.
  • Could benefit from improved explanations for supplementary financial services like credit attorney access and identity monitoring.

Though far from essential features, the above items would help to further strengthen an already impressive credit repair program. Even though customers don’t have access to a 24/7 credit repair progress dashboard, they will be paired with a UCES credit repair agent once credit repair services begin, largely negating the need for a live snapshot.

Should You Use UCES?

Access to real customer services representatives and a demonstrated history of client credit improvement make UCES a quality option when you’re considering credit repair services.

If you’re looking for a credit repair company that addresses credit errors on your behalf, even communicating directly with your credit companies and lenders to correct inaccuracies, you’re looking for an agency like UCES.

We recommend UCES for borrowers with an active interest in preserving their credit history. Before issues in credit reports have a chance to compromise your credit score and your financial future, credit repair services through UCES can help you protect account longevity from day one of your partnership.

Customers should understand that UCES, like every other credit repair company, is limited in its capacity to restore your credit score. While they can remove errors from your credit reports, and undo the negative effects of identity theft, they cannot expunge legitimate debts and negative marks from your financial records.

However, their credit repair services — alongside supplementary credit monitoring and budgeting advice — can help you take steps to protect your credit score and financial history alike.

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