What Is Global Crossing Local Services and Why Is It on My Credit Report?

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Global Crossing Local Services is a legitimate debt collections agency. You may see Global Crossing Local Services on your credit report if a company or creditor to which you owe money has sent your debt to this agency for collections.

Once your account is in collections, you’ll be dealing directly with Global Crossing Local Services to take care of the debt that you owe.

Follow the steps in this article to work towards removing Global Crossing Local Services from your credit report.

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What to Do if You See Global Crossing Local Services on Your Credit Report

It’s important to take care of your debt owed to Global Crossing Local Services and any other collections agencies on your credit report in one way or another. You can either pay off your debt in full or work with the agency to create a payment plan.

If you ignore Global Crossing Local Services, you are more than likely going to receive repeated calls from the agency, negative marks on your credit report, and potential repossession of your property as means of debt repayment.

There are a few steps that you can take when you notice you have an account in collections with Global Crossing Local Services. These steps apply to other collections agencies as well.

Verify That It Is Legitimate

First, you want to verify that the debt and debt collector are legitimate. This is a step worth taking to eliminate any possibilities of identity theft.

There are a few ways you can verify that your debt is legitimate: You can call your original creditor to confirm with them that the bill has indeed been sent to Global Crossing Local Services, or you can call Global Crossing Local Services directly to inquire about the nature of your debt.

You can also send a debt validation letter to Global Crossing Local Services asking them to provide proof of the debt that they’re trying to collect from you.

Pay It Off

The most straightforward way to deal with any type of debt is to simply pay off the debt that you owe, provided that it is legitimate. And it may be possible for you to negotiate down your final payment to the debt collections agency.

To establish a payment plan with Global Crossing Local Services, you will have to contact them. You have probably already received some sort of notification that you owe them a debt. Use this notification or statement to find their information and call them.

When you speak with them, they can tell you how much you owe and what your payment options are. You can take this opportunity to try to negotiate a lower final payment with the agency.  

Speak With a Credit Counselor

Lastly, speaking with a credit counselor can help you to restore your credit to normal. They will work with you to establish good personal finance habits.

It’s important to understand that a credit counselor and a credit repair company are not the same things. A credit repair company is a company that you pay to help you repair your bad credit, while credit counseling is a crash course in good credit management.

A credit counselor will look at your personal financial situation and make recommendations and a plan. While a credit counselor is someone who helps you get on the right track, you have to put in the work yourself to improve your credit report and score.

How to Remove Global Crossing Local Services From Your Credit Report

There are a few different things you can try to remove collections agencies from your credit report, including Global Crossing Local Services. Keep in mind that none of these is 100% guaranteed and the effectiveness of each depends on your situation.

  • Credit repair company: You can pay a credit repair company to help you repair your credit score and remove derogatory marks from your credit report. A credit repair company will work on your behalf to improve your credit score.
  • Ask for a goodwill deletion: A goodwill deletion is only applicable if you have already paid off your collections account in full.
    • A debt in collections stays on your credit report for seven years.
    • If this collection is making it more difficult for you to take out loans and capitalize on other credit opportunities, you can write a letter to Global Crossing Local Services asking them to delete your account from your report.
  • Dispute inaccuracies: If something on your credit report doesn’t appear to be accurate, it’s important that you look into it and file a dispute if it is proven to be inaccurate. Collections agencies aren’t perfect and they make mistakes. Be sure to keep a close eye on your credit report so you can easily spot inaccuracies.
  • Pay for deletion: You may be able to pay your debt collector to have your debt removed. Once the debt has been paid in full, you can contact Global Crossing Local Services to find out if you can pay to have the collections debt deleted from your credit report.

Remember that it is always better to address the debt that you owe in some way rather than to ignore it. Explore all of your options for repayment and deletion before taking action.

Will Global Crossing Local Services Sue Me?

While debt collection agencies can technically sue you, they’re only likely to do so if given cause they can prove in court. Usually, debt collection agencies will make every effort to contact you before taking additional legal actions, like civil judgment.

If Global Crossing Local Services does sue you, it’s likely that you have ignored their communication and haven’t made any attempt to pay down your debt for an extended period (usually over a year).

If you are worried that Global Crossing Local Services is going to sue you or take further action, it’s important to reach out to them. Establishing communication and a payment plan will greatly help you more in the long run than simply ignoring the problem.

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