Is Fingerhut a Good Credit Card?

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The Fingerhut credit card can be beneficial for those that are looking to build or rebuild credit. Fingerhut credit cards typically accept applicants with fair or poor credit or limited credit history, so it can be a great option for someone who is looking to get approved for a line of credit.

However, the Fingerhut credit card does typically have a high APR meaning that building your credit will come at a cost; Fingerhut has mixed satisfaction ratings on the Consumer Affairs site.

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Pros and Cons of Fingerhut Credit

The essential pros and cons to using Fingerhut credit programs include:


  • Accessible to those with low or poor credit, or limited credit history, allowing them to make purchases and build credit.
  • On-time payments are reported to all three credit bureaus; Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion.
  • There are no annual, monthly, or one-time fees.
  • There is no penalty for paying your balance off ahead of schedule.


  • Using the card could be costly with the high APR.
  • It’s a store card, so purchases can only be made through Fingerhut’s website, catalog, or partnerships.
  • The cost of items on the Fingerhut website may be higher than prices from other retailers.
  • Fingerhut credit programs do not offer discounts, coupons, or cash-back rewards.

The rest of this review will flesh out all the details to assist you in deciding if a Fingerhut credit card or line of credit is right for you.

How Does a Fingerhut Credit Card Work?

The Fingerhut credit card is issued by WebBank, an FDIC insured and state-chartered industrial bank. The card provider, WebBank, does offer basic security features, such as online encryption, account monitoring, and a secure messaging portal.

You’ll make monthly payments towards your balance. The purchases and payments you make with your Fingerhut card are reported to all three credit bureaus.

The Fingerhut credit card is a store card, meaning you can only purchase items through their website, through the Fingerhut catalog, and over the phone. From time to time, you may also be able to make purchases through offers you receive from their partners.

How to Apply for a Fingerhut Credit Account

To apply for a Fingerhut credit account, you will need:

  • Your name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Contact information.
  • Your verified income.
  • Your Social Security number.

When you apply for a Fingerhut credit account you only have to fill out the initial application and Fingerhut will quickly get back to you to let you know what you are eligible for.

Fingerhut offers two credit options. When you apply to Fingerhut, they will approve your application and will approve you for one of the following credit options.

Advantage Credit Card Account

The advantage credit option is a more traditional credit account. You can make purchases whenever you like and up to your credit limit. After three on-time payments, you may be eligible to increase your credit limit.

Key features of the Fingerhut Advantage credit card program include:

  • The Advantage program is a revolving credit account with no annual fees, membership fees, or over-limit fees.
  • The Fingerhut Advantage credit card does come with a high 29.99% APR.
  • There is a steep late fee and returned payment fee up to $40.
  • You may be required to make a down payment on your first purchase.

If you are not eligible for the Advantage credit card, you will automatically be considered for the Fingerhut FreshStart program.

Fingerhut FreshStart Installment Loan

The Fingerhut FreshStart program is a one-time purchase program designed for those who have poor credit or no credit history. This line of credit requires a $30 down payment, which is taken off your purchase price.

Key features of the Fingerhut FreshStart Installment Loan include:

  • You must make a one-time purchase of at least $50.
  • After your initial purchase, you will be required to make a $30 minimum down payment for your order to be shipped. Your down payment must come from a debit card, ACH payment, paper check, or money order.
  • You will pay off the balance of your purchase in monthly payments that are split into six or eight payments.
  • If you make consistent on-time payments, or pay your balance off early, and do not have any late payments, you may become eligible for a Fingerhut Advantage credit card.  

If you pay your Fingerhut FreshStart loan in full when you make your down payment, you will not qualify for the potential to upgrade to the Fingerhut Advantage credit card.

Getting the Most Out of Fingerhut Credit

With easy approval and no major fees, the Fingerhut credit card or FreshStart Installment Loan can be a great way to build or rebuild your credit as long as you make room in your budget to pay your monthly bills on time.

If you plan to use the card, make sure you budget accurately, spend wisely, and calculate if what you are going to pay in interest is worth it. The interest rate of 29.99% for Fingerhut credit is well above the average credit card APRs which range from 15.56% to 22.87%.

Additionally, because the Fingerhut credit card is a store card, it will not provide you access to funds for emergency expenses, as a typical secured card would. The card does not offer special discounts, cash back, coupons, or points to earn and redeem.

Choosing to use a Fingerhut credit card could be a worthy investment if your goal is solely to get approved for a credit card to build or rebuild your credit.

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