Fingerhut Advantage and FreshStart Credit Cards

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  • Annual percentage rate (APR): 29.99%.
  • Purchase intro APR: None.
  • Rewards: None.
  • Annual fee: $0.
  • Late fee: Up to $40.
  • Credit score: Bad to Fair (300-689).
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  • Choose your card type: You can apply for the Fingerhut Advantage credit card or for a Fingerhut FreshStart account. The Advantage card works just like a credit card with a specified credit limit and is designed for Fingerhut shoppers who plan to finance purchases through the retailer. The Fingerhut FreshStart card is a one-time purchase program that allows the cardholder to finance a single purchase and build credit.
  • Credit line increases: With the Fingerhut Advantage card, you may be offered a credit line increase after making your payments on time for at least three months. The company analyzes your payment history and creditworthiness to decide when and how much of an increase you’re eligible to receive. After an increase, you have more buying power with your card and can make bigger financed purchases through Fingerhut.
  • No annual or membership fees: Whether you sign up for the Fingerhut Advantage or FreshStart card, you’re not responsible for annual fees or monthly maintenance fees. However, the FreshStart card requires a $30 down payment. This down payment is applied to your first financed purchase on the site.


  • Exclusive to Fingerhut: Your Fingerhut Advantage or FreshStart credit card can only be used to make purchases through the Fingerhut retail website. While you can’t use the card to finance purchases with other retailers, the Fingerhut website offers a variety of discounted name-brand products, including electronics, home goods, and clothing.
  • High APR: The card’s 29.99% APR is high compared to other credit cards. However, you can avoid paying interest by paying off your account balance on time each month.
  • Late payment fee: While there are no maintenance, membership, or annual fees associated with the Fingerhut Advantage or FreshStart cards, there are other fees to consider. If you make a late payment or your payment is returned, you’ll pay a fee of up to $40. If you choose not to pay your balance outright at the end of the month, you’re charged at least $1 in interest, no matter the balance. If you’re diligent about making your monthly payments on time with sufficient funds, you can avoid these fees.

What Can You Expect From the Fingerhut Credit Card?

To apply for the Fingerhut Advantage or FreshStart card, you must receive an offer from the company. You can request this offer by completing the application form online and providing your name, address, Social Security number, annual income, and date of birth.

You must agree to the card’s terms and conditions, as well as a credit check. If you’re approved, the company sends you an offer that includes card terms, such as your credit limit. Once you accept the card, you can begin to use it for Fingerhut purchases. When you apply for a Fingerhut credit card, you gain access to several benefits.

Choose Between Two Credit Cards

Depending on your financial goals and credit status, you can choose to apply for the Advantage or FreshStart card. If you’re interested in financing your future purchases with Fingerhut, the Advantage card may be best for you.

However, if your goal is to reestablish or rebuild your credit history, consider the FreshStart card. You must provide a $30 down payment and you can only finance one purchase with Fingerhut. The company claims that customers who have used the Fingerhut FreshStart card and paid off the balance benefitted from an average 30-point credit score increase.

Access to Special Offers

As a Fingerhut credit cardholder, you gain access to exclusive deals on products through the Fingerhut retail website. The company emails you discounts or information on products that are on sale. In some cases, you’ll receive a discount for financing your purchase with your Fingerhut Advantage credit card.

Access to an Online Account

When you apply for a Fingerhut credit card, you’re prompted to create an online account. Once you’ve successfully signed up for the account, you can sign in to shop on the site, save favorite products, and check your account balance. You can also use your online account to make payments, check on your order, and choose whether to receive your statement documents electronically.

Who Should Get the Fingerhut Credit Card?

The Fingerhut Advantage credit card is best for consumers with low-to-average credit scores who frequently shop on the Fingerhut site. The Fingerhut FreshStart card is useful for people who need to reestablish or rebuild their credit history and have a product in mind they want to purchase from Fingerhut. The company reports borrower behavior to all three credit bureaus so the credit card is beneficial for consumers who plan to make their payments each month on time.

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