8 Fast Credit Repair Strategies

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Good credit is essential for almost every major expense, from buying a home to taking a vacation. If you want access to credit cards for convenient shopping online or in stores, your credit score affects the type of card you qualify for and the spending limit. Your interest rate on loans may be much higher if you have a poor rating on your credit report.

If you have a fair to poor score, the chances for quick improvement are promising. It is important to regularly check your report to make sure open accounts are correctly recorded. Taking control of your financial journey is key, so use these eight steps for fast credit repair.

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1. Dispute Credit Errors for Fast Credit Repair

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The first step is to check your credit report for possible reporting errors. Mistakes appear more than people realize. Your score may increase substantially by addressing issues with open accounts. 

When you request a report, make sure you get the information from all three bureaus. Your accounts may not appear with each agency, so you need to fill out a form to file a dispute with one or more credit agencies. Three major bureaus handle credit reporting:

  • TransUnion
  • Experian
  • Equifax

A credit bureau doesn’t always recognize when an error has occurred, so it’s necessary to be proactive and get items corrected on your report for fast credit repair.

2. Pay Your Bills on Time

Late payments have a detrimental effect on your credit score. You see the score slide if you are consistently 30 days late or more. To solve this issue, set up automatic bill payments. Bill scheduling through company websites or your bank makes the process easy.

If you have trouble paying on the due date, call the company and update the payment arrangement. Most businesses are helpful with these changes because they want you to pay as requested. Make every effort to be on time with bills, as late payments often stay on your record for years.

3. Watch Your Credit Utilization

It is easy to overuse credit lines, especially when money is tight. For fast credit repair, it’s crucial to make smart decisions about how you utilize available funds. While card companies may offer you a lot of credit, spending up to the limit and paying the minimum balance is not ideal.

It is essential to show that you use revolving credit responsibly. Keeping your utilization at 30% of your available credit is optimum. Paying off the balance each month or at least making more than the minimum payments are excellent choices.

4. Decrease Your Debt

Companies that offer you credit look at your existing debt load. You become a poor credit risk when you have excessive debt, even if you make payments on time. Creditors fear that unforeseen circumstances might affect your ability to pay and leave them with the task of recovery. 

If you want to make fast credit repair that brings substantial gains to your creditworthiness, significantly decrease or pay off debt. Your debt load is a serious issue when you need to increase your credit score. 

5. Keep Credit Cards

Pay off a few cards with smaller balances to improve your score and leave the lines open. It may seem like an odd choice to keep paid-off cards to improve your credit. However, up to 15% of your rating comes from having an established credit history

The only considerations are whether you must pay yearly fees to retain the cards or inactivity causes the issuer to close the account. There is no harm in having open lines of credit that are unused to achieve fast credit repair.

6. Limit Credit Checks

You may not realize it, but credit checks impact your credit score. There are two types of inquiries:

  1. Hard credit pull: A hard inquiry is when a lender reviews your history to determine creditworthiness. This type of inquiry typically lowers your score by a few points.
  2. Soft credit pull: A soft inquiry gives lenders, employers and others access to your credit history for review only. This type of check does not affect your score.

You may need to have some hard checks when applying for car or home loans. However, you want to avoid a series of hard inquiries for fast credit repair.

7. Settle Collection Accounts

Debt collections on accounts are a headache and continue to damage your credit until settled. Try to negotiate a lump sum payment at a significantly reduced amount and ask the company to report the payoff immediately as part of the terms. This decision shows action on your part and satisfies the debt owed.

If you agree to make payments on a debt, be consistent. Monthly payments take a bit longer to show on your report, but it is better than allowing debt to remain for years. Simple steps lead to positive outcomes when it comes to fast credit repair.  

8. Use a Secured Credit Card

If you need to repair your credit and cannot attract lenders, apply for a secured credit card. While a secured credit card has drawbacks, it does allow you to rebuild. A secured credit card requires you to fund your credit line by making a cash deposit. Interest fees may apply, and some companies charge an annual fee.

The important part is you are reestablishing payment history. Typically, other issuers keep an eye on your credit performance, so you get non-secured offers before long. You have the option to close the card once other offers come. These cards are viable options for fast credit repair.

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