What Is Tradeline Supply Company & Is It Legit? (Full Review)

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When you have good credit, companies like Tradeline Supply Company might reach out to you asking you to sell credit authorization to their customers.

A tradeline refers to credit records that appear in someone’s credit report.

However, in the buying-and-selling context, it includes selling the privilege for someone to become an authorized person on a credit account. So, what is Tradeline Supply Company, and is Tradeline Supply legit?

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What Is Tradeline Supply Company?

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Tradeline Supply Company acknowledges that credit authorization has allowed people to improve their credit scores for more than four decades. However, the company only started in 2017, which makes it much younger than its competitors. Consequently, there are far fewer Tradeline Supply reviews.

Not surprisingly, its success relies as much on its ability to source tradelines as it does on its ability to sell those tradelines to customers.

What Is the Tradeline Supply Company History?

Tradeline Supply Company brands itself as an industry leader in the fintech field and tradeline marketplace. In fact, it was the first tradeline company to make it possible for customers to buy and sell tradelines 100% online. To accomplish this, it created the ultimate peer-to-peer network for tradelines.

Within just a few years, the company grew its share of the market exponentially with its easy requirements for selling tradelines and its low prices for buying them.

What Does Tradeline Supply Company Do?

Tradeline Supply Company aims to make good credit available to people from all backgrounds. It sees itself as a force for promoting equal opportunities at the most basic level in finance: access to credit. This all takes place via its online marketplace.

When addressing Tradeline Supply’s legit practices, it’s also worth noting what the company doesn’t do. It does not provide credit repair services, nor does it offer credit advice. Its sole purpose is to buy and sell tradelines.

How Do Tradelines Work for Sellers?

So what is Tradeline Supply Company known for among sellers? The company and its competitors all set requirements for selling tradelines. In the summer of 2020, an economic decline caused many people to turn to tradeline companies to improve their credit scores.

This compelled the company to lower its requirements and onboard more tradeline sellers. Sellers could have credit histories as new as two years and credit card limits as low as just $2,000. It described this as a temporary measure, but this measure may still be in place. Note that sellers must be the primary account holders.

Tradeline Supply reviews praise the fact that it allows sellers to complete their applications online. Sellers then receive requests for color copies of their Social Security cards and driver’s licenses. Next, they need to provide their Credit Karma passwords and prepare for a hard credit check.

Once accepted into the program, sellers receive anywhere from $30 to $450 for every person added to their accounts. The exact amount paid depends on the credit limit on the card and how old the account is. Credit accounts age like fine wine, so the older the better. Note that you do not provide a credit card or any account access to the authorized user.

How Do Tradelines Work for Buyers?

Buyers fill out an online application as well. The purpose of this form is just to collect information for the process ahead and to complete background checks. Credit scores — whether good or bad — makes no difference here. Once Trade Supply Company reviews applications and accepts them, buyers can start browsing tradelines.

When buyers encounter tradelines they want, they place an order and become added to the individual’s account.

So, what is a Tradeline Supply Company sharing with buyers? Buyers have no personal details about the person whose account they were added to. However, the seller knows who these people are. The person is an authorized user for only about two months, but the effect lasts long-term.

Once Tradeline Supply legit tradelines post on the account, it begins to have a positive effect on the person’s credit score. The buyer likely won’t jump from a 300 score to a 700 score overnight, but improvements begin in about three weeks. The level of improvement depends on how poor the buyer’s credit score was before and the quality of the tradeline.

Should I Sell My Credit Through Tradeline Supply Company?

When it comes to selling your tradeline, you have several options to choose from. Most of these organizations are much older than Tradeline Supply Company. If you prefer to work with an older company, then Tradeline Supply might not be for you. However, the newness of the company likely contributed to its innovation and lean operations.

This means you might have a much more difficult time navigating the selling process with older companies.

You might also wonder: is tradeline supply legit? Can you really make money off this service or is it a scam? The company legitimately allows the buying and selling of tradelines and has a good Trustpilot rating. Like most companies, Tradeline Supply reviews tend to include happier buyers than sellers.

This likely stems from the fact that buyers gain long-term benefits, while sellers enjoy only short-term gains.

Sellers also risk more by selling their tradelines on any platform. While selling tradelines is not illegal, some credit companies dislike the practice. Consequently, if your credit card provider discovers you sell your tradeline, it might shut down the account.

So, what is Tradeline Supply Company’s legality looking like? There are no laws against adding people to your credit account. You could add family members, friends, and housemates. Wealthy people have used this to pass on excellent credit to their children for decades.

However, banks and credit bureaus frown on the practice between strangers for a fee. Do your research carefully before deciding how to proceed with any tradeline supply company.

What Should You Look For When Choosing a Tradeline Company?

Choosing a tradeline supply company will have a major impact on protecting your credit and ensuring you have a positive experience. Here are some important factors to look out for.

Data Security

When you decide to work with a tradeline company, you provide sensitive information. Hackers could discover a valuable find if they ever managed to get their hands on this data. So, you need to work with a company that has a strong reputation for security. Start with your own log-in experience.

Does it ask for a strong password or ask you to enable multi-factor authentication. Sites that value data security always does.

Customer Satisfaction

Whether you buy or sell tradelines, you don’t want to work with a company that has a poor reputation. This is where Tradeline Supply legit services have an edge. Otherwise, even if you have an excellent experience as a seller, you might start to receive fewer buyers if the company cannot maintain its image.

Ease of Use

When you look at Tradeline Supply reviews, you might notice that people who sell tradelines do so to bring in passive income. Accomplishing this requires a friction-free process. You need an easy sign-up process and a simple system for adding people to the card.

The less time you spend doing this and the more accurate the information the first time, the easier the process is. Keep this in mind to avoid potential stress down the road.


What is Tradeline Supply Company willing to pay you per person added to the line? If you feel serious about tradeline selling, you should shop your line around to several companies and see what offers you receive. Then, make a decision. Keep in mind that some tradeline companies complete a hard inquiry during the application process.

So, it might be best to ask for rates via email instead of by completing the application process for each company.


Do you only use online banks? Then, you might not be eligible for all tradeline companies. Some look specifically for people working with big financial institutions or traditional banks. For example, Tradeline Supply Company tends to look for people using credit cards from these sources:

  • Barclays
  • Bank of America
  • Chase Bank
  • Capital One
  • Elan
  • Discover

What Do Buyers Look for When Buying Tradelines?

Before you decide whether your tradeline will bring in any solid revenue and repeat business, you need to find out what tradeline buyers are looking for. These buyers have likely done some research on how to build credit and will use the main contributing factors.


Did you know many seniors sell tradelines? That’s because these old credit lines bring in the most money and have the greatest effect on buyers’ credit scores. Try to use an account you had open for 10 years or more.

Older accounts lengthen the credit history of buyers’ accounts, which is what many are looking for with Tradeline Supply legit purchases.

Credit Limit

Another common mention in Tradeline Supply reviews is that high credit limits do wonders to help people improve credit scores. The more available credit someone has, the higher the credit score. This also means individuals can use more money before credit utilization becomes something they need to watch.

This is an excellent remedy for someone who needs a cushion to pay down some high credit card debt.

Low Credit Utilization

What are Tradeline Supply Company buyers on the hunt for as far as credit usage? Buyers want an account with a credit utilization under 30%. Anything above that might negatively impact their credit scores. Similarly, cards with 0% usage might not offer maximum benefits because there is little to no activity to report.

Credit Management

Ideally, your account has zero delinquencies or late payments. Otherwise, these might transfer to the buyer. Your account should be clean and in good standing, at the time you offer authorization for sale. Reputable tradeline companies will check this before selling your tradeline.

Why Does a High Credit Score Matter?

If you have had a high credit score throughout your adult life or have enough cash on hand, you might wonder about the importance of a high credit score. You might even believe that people should avoid credit as much as possible.

However, not everyone has enough cash to purchase a home or even a car, outright. This is only the start of why people need high credit scores.


Many employers check credit scores before making a hiring decision. Some states are working to limit whether companies can use this to make a hiring decision, but it still affects the employability of millions of Americans.


People with poor credit history also struggle to find homes. Even when renting, many landlords will check a person’s credit score. Thankfully, Tradeline Supply legit tradelines have a strong impact on housing. Consequently, Tradeline Supply reviews sometimes mention better access to housing following a higher credit score.


What are Tradeline Supply Company and its competitors’ effects on insurance? As is the case with employment, some states do limit the ability of auto insurance companies to use this to determine rates. Even so, it happens on a daily basis. While good credit could make a few bucks off your insurance rates, poor credit might cause the premium to spike.


Several phone companies insist on checking your credit score before you join. This holds true even when you bring your own phone to the company and have no desire to finance anything. TMobile is one company that tends to require a credit check before taking on a customer.


Without a good job, proper housing, reliable car, affordable insurance, and good phone service, it can be difficult for people to advance in America. Consequently, people with poor credit often find themselves stuck in a cycle of poverty.

What is Tradeline Supply Company bringing to the table for your personal income and long-term financial security? This is the primary question you need to answer before deciding whether to work with it, its competitors, or none at all. Weigh the potential risks and rewards and decide whether this path to passive income or higher credit scores can work for you. 

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