Does H-E-B Cash Checks?

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H-E-B is a Texas grocery store that also provides check cashing services at their in-store business center. If you don’t have a bank account or are unsure of a place where you can cash a check, H-E-B locations offer a quick and easy way to access your funds. Discover how easy it is to cash a check at your local H-E-B location.

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What Types of Checks Will H-E-B Cash?

The H-E-B Business Center can cash the following types of checks:

  • Government checks.
  • Payroll checks.
  • Dividend checks.
  • Cashier’s checks.
  • Insurance checks (up to $1,000).
  • Personal checks.
  • Tax refunds.
  • H-E-B Federal Credit Union retirement checks.

The H-E-B Business Center can cash checks up to $9,500 in value.

H-E-B Money Orders

H-E-B uses Western Union for money order services. A fee of $0.69 is charged per money order. Just like cashing a check, a photo I.D. is required in order to cash an H-E-B money order.

H-E-B Netspend

H-E-B Netspend is a fast and easy way to access your money. Netspend is a Prepaid Visa Debit Card that offers free reloads every day. The checks you deposit into your account are automatically uploaded to your H-E-B Netspend card. Government, insurance, and payroll checks can automatically be added to your H-E-B Netspend prepaid card.

H-E-B Cash Checking Fees

For a fee as low as $3, you can use H-E-B check cashing services to obtain money. These fees are determined by the face value of the check and the amount you choose to withdraw. At most, the fee for cashing a check at H-E-B can be 2% of the total value of the check.

When it comes to check cashing restrictions at H-E-B, you may be limited to the number of checks you can cash in a single day, which is typically between two and three. Cashing personal checks can be a bit more restrictive, as their value cannot total more than $200. Additionally, when you cash a personal check at H-E-B, you are required to wait 48 hours before cashing another personal check.

How to Cash a Check at H-E-B

To cash a check at H-E-B’s Business Center, you will need to endorse the check and provide a valid driver’s license or any other valid form of government identification. Funds can be provided to you in the form of cash or uploaded to your H-E-B Netspend card.

Business Center Hours and Locations

Not all H-E-B locations have a Business Center, therefore not every H-E-B location cashes checks. Make sure your location has a business center before cashing a check.

H-E-B check cashing hours follow their store policy but can vary. Many H-E-B locations have different hours, but on average they are open from 9 a.m.-9 p.m. It is recommended that you call to confirm your closest H-E-B’s hours. If you’re wondering “Does H-E-B cash checks?” or the hours of the H-E-B near you, use the store locator page on H-E-B’s website to learn more.

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