What Is Credit Collection Services (CCS)?

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Credit Collection Services, commonly referred to as “CCS”, ” CCS Collections,” or “CCSUSA,” is one of the nation’s largest debt collections firms and operates in all 50 states. In this industry, agencies purchase uncollected debts from third parties, often at a price that’s significantly lower than the amount owed, and then attempt to collect the total directly from the consumer.

Consequently, if you find a line item from CCS Collections on your credit report, this likely means they have purchased one of your debts from another company. Briefly, here is how it usually works:

  1. You default on your original repayment agreement to Company A.
  2. Company A attempts to collect the debt from you, and they are unsuccessful for at least 60 days.
  3. To recoup some of their debt, Company A eventually sells it to an agency like CCS Collections, which frequently pays pennies on the dollar.

Then, CCS attempts to collect the debt directly from you. It is at this point that you could find the collections company listed on your credit reports.

Regardless of your debt source, whether credit cards, auto loans, student aid loans, or medical bills, the amount you owe under collections can significantly decrease your credit score.

Here’s how a CCS Collections line item on your credit report can impact your score, the steps you can take to remove it, and whether the company could sue you for your debt.

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Is CCS Collections a Legitimate Company?

Based out of Roanoke, Virginia, Credit Collection Services, also known as CCS Collections, is a legitimate debt collection agency that has been in business since 1974. The agency operates several other companies, including CCS Commercial, Customer Contact Solutions, and ClaimAssist.

Complaints Related to CCS Collections

The Better Business Bureau indicates thatCCS Collections has 13 closed customer complaints within the past three years, most of which relate to unknown collections charges. The company responded to each one and proposed a resolution.

What to Do if You See CCS Collections on Your Credit Reports

Regardless of the cause, having a collection notice appear on your credit report is usually an unwelcome surprise. Once a notification appears, whether from CCS Collections or another company, you will want to act quickly.

The company will regularly call you in an attempt to get you to repay your debt. If they are consistently unsuccessful, you will find the debt, along with CCS Collections, listed on your credit report. Eventually, CCS Collections could force you to repay your debt by garnishing your wages or repossessing some of your assets.

Contact the Company

To avoid constant calls, emails, text messages, or letters, the first step you should take is to get in touch with CCS Collections directly. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission recommends reaching out by mail and requesting the company cease contact; you can also contact them via phone to confirm the debt is yours.

When speaking with a collections representative, maintain your composure and have a pen and paper nearby to write down important details. You will also want to note the date and time of your call, as well as the representative’s name.

Do not admit that you owe the debt, do not provide any information about your income or other debts, and do not make any critical decisions during the call.

Credit Collections Services Phone Number

You can reach Credit Collections Services by phone at (617) 965-2000 or (877) 870-1000.

Verify the Debt

In your call to CCS, you can verify whether the debt is yours, along with other vital details, including:

  • Your balance owed;
  • Where the debt originated;
  • What steps you should take if the debt is not yours.

Collections companies are also legally required to send you these details in a “validation notice” within five days of speaking with you.

Repay the Debt

If you learn that your CCS Collections debt is legitimate, it is essential to repay the balance as quickly as possible. Some agencies allow you to choose between a lump-sum payment, which clears your debt all at once, or installments, which break your debt into monthly payments.

Once you fully repay your debt, CCS Collections should cease all contact with you going forward.

Enlist the Help of a Credit Counselor

Even after repaying your debt, it can continue to account for 35% of your credit score, so you might not see a marked improvement.In the meantime,a credit repair company can help you find ways to raise your credit score, including ensuring the information on your credit report is accurate and sending letters to creditors on your behalf.

How to Remove CCS Collections From Your Credit Reports

If you learn that you do not owe some or all of your CCS Collections debt, it is essential to formally dispute the charges via a letter. If your dispute is approved, and CCS removes the debt from your credit report, it will no longer impact your score.

If your CCS debt is legitimate, the Fair Credit Reporting Act explains that collections can continue impacting your credit score for seven years, even if you paid promptly. And if collections appear in your credit reports, they will negatively impact your score.

Will CCS Collections Sue Me?

Collections companies do not take legal action lightly and typically do not seek repayment for small debts through the court system. However, the larger your debt, the more likely it is that they will sue you for compensation.

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