Can You Pay Off a Credit Card With PayPal?

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If you use PayPal for everything else online, why not use it to pay your credit card bill? It theoretically makes sense, as society is rapidly moving more and more towards digital payments. However, this isn’t a clear option for most credit cards. Some credit cards do specifically list PayPal as a method of payment, but most won’t accept PayPal or PayPal Credit.

You’re better off paying your credit card bill directly from your bank account instead.

Paying a Credit Card Bill With PayPal

If you can use PayPal to pay off your credit card, then make sure you’re doing it in the best way. Only one option might be available to you, but sometimes you might get a choice.

Using Third-Party Services

If you are committed to using your PayPal to pay for your credit card bill, you can use a third-party service to act as a middleman. These third-party service providers will charge you a fee, however.

While using a third-party service will enable you to use PayPal to pay your credit card, it will also cost you additional money to do so. It’s usually a better idea to just pay directly from your bank account. This will save you money, especially in the long run, and you are unlikely to earn more in points or rewards than you pay in fees.

Have PayPal Issue a Check

You can have PayPal issue you a paper check as well, and then use the funds from that check to pay your credit card bill. Alternatively, you could have the check issued directly to the credit card company. Either way the check will be drawn from your PayPal balance. However, be aware that it will likely take one to two weeks for that check to arrive at its destination, so you’d have to time everything well to avoid getting hit with any late fees from your credit card company.

PayPal will also charge you a fee for issuing a check, so you would save money by writing your own check, rather than going through PayPal.

Using PayPal Instant Transfer

While definitely faster than the previous option, this is probably the worst option on the list, because not only does PayPal Instant Transfer cost you money, it will draw from your debit card or your bank account. You should just pay the credit card company directly at this point.

Using Prepaid Cards

There are prepaid PayPal cards that you can use. These cards are loaded up with money beforehand, and you can use them at anywhere that accepts the card company that they are issued under. PayPal PrePaid is under MasterCard.

On the other hand, not all credit card companies will accept these as payment. Furthermore, if you have the money to load a prepaid card, then it’d be easier to just pay the credit card company directly.

If you’ve already loaded up a PayPal PrePaid card, and you want to access that money to pay a bill, then be aware that there is a fee associated with this as well.

Using a credit card to pay off a credit card bill is often not possible, but even if you can, you probably should not. It’s cheaper and easier to pay directly from your bank account. Avoid these PayPal fees if you can.

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