Can You Use PayPal to Pay Your Credit Card Bill?

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You cannot use PayPal directly to pay your credit card bill. Instead, you can transfer your PayPal balance to a bank account and then use that bank account to pay your credit card bill. However, this isn’t always the best option for bill payment on credit cards. 

As PayPal continues to be one of the most popular digital wallet options in the United States, it is possible that either the banks or PayPal may update policies to facilitate the use of PayPal for credit card payments. For the time being, however, PayPal payment options for credit card payments are often unavailable or inconvenient.

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Paying a Credit Card Bill With PayPal

If you have a PayPal balance that you’d like to use to pay your credit card bill, it is important to understand your options. 

Have PayPal Issue a Check

You can have PayPal issue you a paper check, and then use the funds from that check to pay your credit card bill. Alternatively, you could have the check issued directly to the credit card company. Either way, the check will be drawn from your PayPal balance. 

However, be aware that it will likely take 1 to 2 weeks for the check to come in the mail, so you will have to time everything right to avoid getting hit with any late fees from your credit card company.

PayPal will charge you a fee of 1% for payroll and government checks, and 5% for all other checks with a $5 minimum fee per check. 

Using PayPal Instant Transfer

PayPal instant transfer moves money to your debit card or bank account in less than a day. It will result in a 1% total transaction fee that maxes out at $10, which can be worth it if you’re in a rush to receive the funds. 

This option is only recommended if you have a balance available in your PayPal account that you intend to use to pay your credit card bill with. 

Using Prepaid Cards

You can use a prepaid PayPal card to pay your credit card bill. These cards are loaded up with money beforehand, and you can use them anywhere that accepts the card company that they are issued under. PayPal Prepaid is licensed under MasterCard. The prepaid card costs $4.95 per month.

Not all credit card companies will accept PayPal prepaid cards as payment. Furthermore, if you have the money to load a prepaid card, then it would be easier to just pay the credit card company directly. 

If you’ve already loaded up a PayPal Prepaid card, and you want to access that money to pay a bill, then be aware that there is a fee associated with this as well. 

Furthermore, in general, using a credit card to pay off a credit card bill is often not possible, but even if you can, you probably should not. It’s cheaper and easier to pay directly from your bank account. It is best to avoid these PayPal fees if you can. 

Other Options for Credit Card Payments

As mentioned, PayPal is usually not a good option for paying your credit card bills, even in the unlikely event that your bank does allow it. However, there are several more tried-and-true options, including:

  • Mail: You can mail a check or money order to the appropriate address for your credit card provider. 
  • Various online payment options: Most credit card providers offer online payment options in the form a debit card payment or a transfer directly from your bank account. If you plan carefully, you could also benefit from setting up auto-payment.
  • Over the phone: You can call the credit card provider and give them the relevant account number or card that you want the payment deducted from. 
  • In person: If your credit card provider has a local branch, you can go there in person to pay with cash, card, check, money order, or any other acceptable payment option.

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