BP Business Solutions Fuel Plus Credit Card

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  • Annual percentage rate (APR): 18.24% to 27.24%.
  • Purchase intro APR: None.
  • Rewards: Up to $0.06 off a gallon of gas.
  • Annual fee: $0 to $10/month.
  • Late fee: Greater of $75 or 5% of new balance.
  • Credit score: Fair to Excellent (580-850).
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  • Rebates on gas: Businesses that use this card to fill up on gas at BP stations can receive a rebate of up to six cents. You must purchase at least 300 gallons of fuel in a month to earn the rebates.
  • Limit unauthorized spending: Cardholders can customize and control how people are using their card. For instance, they can set fuel-only limits or limit purchases to business hours only.
  • Activate and deactivate cards easily: Cardholders can activate and deactivate cards through the online portal, so there is no need to go to a bank.
  • 24/7 online account: Cardholders can access driver IDs, transaction info, and fuel usage data for all their cards online.


  • Interest: Fleetcor, the issuing bank, charges a high interest rate with a $2 minimum finance for a revolving account. For non-revolving accounts, cardholders will see an extra 1.95% APR added to the unpaid amount.
  • Fees: Cardholders must pay a monthly $10 fee. However, if you buy more than 5,000 gallons in a month, that fee is waived. Additionally, there is a steep late fee if your account is deemed high-risk. Lastly, there are various fees for different payment methods, including a check-by-phone fee, returned payment fee, paper statement fees, and research request fees.
  • Limited places to use it: BP gas stations can be few and far between, with no stations on the West Coast and few in the South and Northeast regions. This could be problematic for trucking companies that don’t take gas stations into account when planning their routes.  

What Can You Expect From the BP Business Solutions Fuel Plus Credit Card?

The BP Business Solutions Fuel Plus card was created for managers of mid-sized fleets — hence the threshold of 300 gallons per month to earn rewards. Fleetcor determines if your account is revolving or non-revolving, which can have a large effect on the amount you pay every month.

A revolving account means that you can make a minimum payment for each billing cycle. A non-revolving account means that you must make the full payment after each billing cycle. Additionally, Fleetcor will determine if your account is high-risk. If so, you could be paying extra fees.

BP Online Credit Card Portal

BP’s real-time monitoring can help managers of trucking fleets customize their drivers’ spending and cut down on fuel and service costs at gas stations. If you are a trucking company with hundreds of drivers, BP’s online portal is a helpful tool. It can help you monitor and track the spending on a single card as well as provide driver ID and odometer prompting. You can also track miles per gallon and the cost per mile, ensuring your drivers aren’t over-spending.

Who Should Get the BP Business Solutions Fuel Plus Credit Card?

This card is ideal for small trucking companies that exclusively use BP gas stations to refill their trucks. BP gas stations are not available nationwide, so where your fleet is based out of is important. For instance, if you own a trucking company that exclusively works on the West Coast, the Fuel Plus Credit Card might not be the best solution because there are no BP stations on the West coast.

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