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All individuals who try to secure a new credit card are subject to approval or denial through an application process. And depending on a borrower’s financial history, existing inquiries, and the factors that influence credit score, that approval is at times difficult to obtain.

Fortunately, many credit cards are characterized by an easy approval process, to help borrowers secure the funding they need, when they need it. If a lack of funding is standing between you and your next project, rest assured that there are credit card options to accommodate your needs.

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Easy Credit Cards to Get Approved For

Consult the below credit card options, for a streamlined approval process that can help borrowers with high credit, low credit, or no credit achieve their financial goals.

Capital One Platinum Credit Card

One of the best credit card options available today for debtors looking to build positive credit scores, the Capital One Platinum Credit Card allows borrowers to easily manage spending through a helpful mobile application and a low maximum balance at the get-go.

After an easy approval process, cardholders enjoy no security deposits, no fraud liability, and no annual fees.

Capital One offers this Platinum Credit Card option to help borrowers improve credit ratings through on-time payments and lower credit lines that can increase after six months of full, on-time payments.

  • Annual fee:$0;
  • Regular annual percentage rate:26.99% (variable);
  • Intro APR:N/A;
  • Rewards rate:N/A.
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Milestone Mastercard®

Through a streamlined pre-qualification application and approval process that doesn’t affect a borrower’s credit score, the Milestone Mastercard® offers quick access to funding.

Through the Milestone Mastercard®, individuals with fair or low credit scores will gain access to a payment method accepted online, in-store, and through their mobile application.

It only takes seconds for potential cardholders to check their aptitude to qualify for this Mastercard® payment option, with affordable annual fees that leave more money in your pocket. Borrowers will also be able to continually track credit score changes, through complimentary, regular credit reporting from the three major credit bureaus.

Jasper Cash Back Mastercard®

High-caliber rewards make the Jasper Cash Back Mastercard® a legitimate credit card option for borrowers with fair credit scores. Cardholders can enjoy the use of a simplified mobile app to track finances, with auto-payment options to simplify credit repayment.

An easy approval process allows borrowers access to a credit card with variable cash-back maximums, depending on an individual’s credit limit. And without any annual fees, foreign transaction fees, or required security deposit, the Jasper Cash Back Mastercard® is an ideal payment method for everyday purchases.

  • Annual fee:$0;
  • Regular APR:15.49% to $24.99% (variable);
  • Intro APR:N/A;
  • Rewards rate:Automatic 1% cash back after three on-time payments; up to 6% cash back after referring friends.
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Citi® Secured Mastercard®

Responsible use of the Citi® Secured Mastercard® can lead directly to increased credit scores, particularly for cardholders who benefit from flexible credit repayment dates, moderate total spend thresholds, and an uncomplicated application and approval process.

The Citi® Secured Mastercard® is accepted worldwide, allowing your spending habits to span as far as your travel plans. After a successful security deposit, qualified borrowers can activate account alerts and auto-pay options, to stay ahead of payment due dates and avoid the effects of late payments on credit scores.

Credit One Bank American Express® Card

Potential borrowers can pre-qualify for the Credit One Bank American Express® Card, earning benefits like optional travel accident insurance and free credit score reporting after an easy approval process.

On top of the incentives you’ve come to expect from a quality payment method like the Credit One Bank American Express® Card, cardholders enjoy a variety of unique incentives.

These include exclusive ticket presale access to some of the most popular concert venues and artists, as well as discounted deals on retail, dining, and travel payments through Amex Offers.

  • Annual fee:$39;
  • Regular APR:23.99% (variable);
  • Intro APR:N/A;
  • Rewards rate:1% cash back on all qualifying purchases.
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Upgrade Cash Rewards Visa®

Every time borrowers make a payment with the Upgrade Cash Rewards Visa®, they can earn 1.5% unlimited cash back. A simplified application process — delivering qualification results in minutes — and no-touch payments make the Upgrade Cash Rewards Visa® the perfect anytime, anywhere payment option.

The Upgrade Cash Rewards Visa® offers all the flexibility of a credit card, backed by the dependability of a traditional loan. Cardholders also enjoy a variety of $0 fees — no annual fees, no activation fees, and no maintenance fees — perfect for purchases of all sizes that borrowers can anticipate and pay off flexibly.

  • Annual fee:$0;
  • Regular APR:14.99% to 29.99%;
  • Intro APR:N/A;
  • Rewards rate:1.5% unlimited cash back on card purchases, every time payments are made.
  • Compare similar cards:

Indigo® Mastercard®

Featuring a variety of flexible payment options, the Indigo® Mastercard® is ideal for individuals with lower credit scores who are seeking an easier approval process. Annual fees and terms depend on a borrower’s credit profile.

Qualifying borrowers can receive a pre-approval offer in seconds, through a streamlined application process that won’t negatively affect your overall credit score. After reviewing and accepting terms and conditions, Indigo® Mastercard® holders can see quick activation times and near-immediate funding.

Credit One Bank® Visa® for Rebuilding Credit

Ideal for individuals looking for a second chance to rebuild their credit rating, the Credit One Bank® Visa® for Rebuilding Credit offers an easy approval process and $0 fraud liability benefits.

Unlike many other credit cards, this Credit One Bank® option triggers automatic reviews for credit line increases, as use over time helps to increase a borrower’s credit score and overall limit.

Holders of this unsecured credit card can also enjoy use without any deposit, and are allowed the opportunity to choose their monthly payment threshold.

  • Annual fee:$0 to $99;
  • Regular APR:17.99% to 23.99% (variable);
  • Intro APR:N/A;
  • Rewards rate:1% cash back on eligible gas, grocery, mobile phone, internet, cable, and satellite television purchases.
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Surge Mastercard® Credit Card

Even without any cash-back options, the streamlined application process and complimentary access to monthly reporting to the three main credit bureaus together make the Surge Mastercard® Credit Card worth the investment.

Qualifying borrowers with active checking accounts can apply for a Surge Mastercard® Credit Card without impacting their overall credit score, to receive benefits that include $0 fraud liability and reasonable annual fees. Designed for individuals with lower credit scores, borrowers can improve their credit ratings through on-time payments.

  • Annual fee:$75 to $99;
  • Regular APR:25.90% to 29.99%;
  • Intro APR:N/A;
  • Rewards rate:N/A.
  • Compare similar cards:

Destiny Mastercard®

In seconds, an easy application and approval process can have cardholders on their way to obtaining the financing they need for any transaction. One of the best Mastercard® payment options for young cardholders satisfying everyday needs, the Destiny Mastercard® is accessible without a required security deposit.

All payments made through the Destiny Mastercard® are reported to the three major credit bureaus, facilitating credit score improvements as long as borrowers make on-time payments in full. Unique credit card designs allow you to make the appearance of your credit card as unique as your spending preferences.

How to Get a Credit Card With Easy Approval

A few concrete steps can pair qualified borrowers with a variety of credit card options, all featuring easy approval. Follow the simple process below to take steps toward an easy approval credit card:

  1. Identify a credit card with easy approval from the recommendations above that best accommodates your situation.
  2. Complete the application — keeping all relevant documentation handy — for the credit card of your choice.
  3. Consult any communication from the credit card company, for information on the status of your application.
  4. Pending qualification and acceptance of terms, make any necessary security deposits and connect banking information to open your easy-approval credit card.
  5. Once your credit card arrives, follow the activation steps to begin use.

To improve your chances for approval, look to improve your financial standing before applying. This means appealing to credit repair companies to help remove any errors on your credit report, and improving overall credit scores through full, on-time payments that lower total debt.

How to Pick the Right Credit Card With Easy Approval

With so many credit card options featuring easy approval, it can be difficult to identify the right one for your individual situation.

Selecting the right credit card doesn’t necessarily mean pursuing the card with the best rewards; rather, look for a credit card with easy approval that features the right spending threshold, low annual fees, and an annual percentage rate best for your present financial circumstances.

It’s also important to avoid credit cards that don’t correctly fit your present goals. If you cannot afford a credit card’s annual fees or competitive interest rates, look toward other payment options to avoid the use of a credit card you’ll soon regret.

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