The Ten Highest Paying Sales Jobs

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There are many top earning sales careers that offer unlimited earning potential. However, to be successful in a sales position, no matter the industry, you must possess a certain skill set and dedication to your career. You can be successful in the sales industry if you can navigate working with the public, which requires you to be charismatic and friendly.

While there are many lucrative sales positions, it’s important to understand that most of these positions offer commission as compensation. While this can afford you a high salary, keep in mind that your earnings are contingent upon the hard work you’re willing to put into the job. If you can stay motivated to pursue sales leads and close deals, you’ll make a higher salary. Below is information on the 10 highest-paying sales jobs based on median salary.

The Ten Highest-Paying Sales Jobs

1. Sales Manager

    • Median Salary: $124,220.
    • Job Details: A sales manager may be in charge of selling a product or service in a specific territory or region.

To become a sales manager, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree and about five years of experience in the sales field, preferably in the industry you want to work in. To succeed in this position, you’ll need to know your product or service well and present a sales pitch to company executives or individuals. Additional titles for a sales manager includes:

  • Regional sales manager.
  • Sales account manager.
  • Sales director.
  • Territory sales manager.

Depending on your employer, you may be required to travel to potential clients to close deals. You may also be required to close a certain number of deals per month to earn bonuses or to continue receiving your base salary.

2. Sales Engineer

    • Median Salary: $101,420.
    • Job Details: A sales engineer sells technical or scientific products to companies by explaining the product’s complex uses and benefits.

To become a sales engineer, you’ll need to earn a bachelor’s degree. While experience isn’t required, your employer may require on-the-job training before you’re sent on sales calls by yourself. To be successful in this position, you’ll need to understand science and technology and be able to easily explain complicated terms and procedures.

3. Real Estate Agent

    • Median Salary: $87,652.
    • Job Details: A real estate agent assists customers to buy or sell their homes, and may also help with renting properties and commercial building or land transactions.

While you don’t need a degree or experience in the field to become a real estate agent, you’ll need to first become licensed in your state before finding a real estate agency or broker you want to work for. To be successful, you must become well-versed in your local real estate market so you can help your clients find houses and submit offers. As a real estate agent, you usually only get paid when you complete a transaction, so you’ll need to prospect for potential clients and ensure you understand their needs.

4. Outsourcing Sales

    • Median Salary: $75,514.
    • Job Details: An outsourcing sales representative sells an outsourced service to a company to help it complete a task more efficiently, such as a fully staffed call center or shipping warehouse facility.

An outsourcing sales representative doesn’t generally need to have experience in sales to land a job. Most employers want sales representatives who have worked in the specific industry they’re attempting to sell, such as a customer service center or manufacturing plant. When you understand the task you’re attempting to outsource, you can explain to the potential client how your company can meet their needs and make their operations run more effectively.

5. Pharmaceutical Sales

    • Median Salary: $78,869.
    • Job Details: A pharmaceutical sales representative sells therapeutic products or pharmaceutical drugs to medical providers so they can prescribe it to their patients.

To become a pharmaceutical sales representative, you must have a bachelor’s degree and a basic understanding of the healthcare industry. However, in most cases, your employer will provide extensive on-the-job training to ensure you understand the service or product you’re selling, as well as your potential client. This role usually requires extensive travel and depending on what you’re selling, you may be required to visit:

  • Hospitals.
  • Doctor’s offices.
  • Medical labs.
  • Health insurance providers.
  • Pharmacies.

You may be assigned a specific territory in this position, so you’ll visit the same potential and current clients to close deals.

6. Software Sales

    • Median Salary: $53,261.
    • Job Details: A software sales representative sells software and technology to companies.

You may not need a bachelor’s degree to get a job as a software sales representative, but you must have an understanding of technology and computer-based software. You’ll need on-the-job training to understand the software you’re selling and how it can benefit a company.

In this role, you may be responsible for finding your own leads, meeting with them to discuss the software you’re selling, following up, and closing the deals. You’ll be responsible for answering any questions the potential client has and ensuring he or she is happy with the product after the purchase is complete.

7. Medical-Devices Sales

    • Median Salary: $60,552.
    • Job Details: A medical device sales representative sells medical devices to companies and private clinics.

A bachelor’s degree is usually required for a medical-device sales job and you’ll also need to complete on-the-job training. You’ll be tasked with visiting local medical providers in your territory to communicate the benefits of the product you’re selling. To be successful in this position, you must develop strong sales techniques and you may need to present your sales pitch to business owners or clinic managers several times a day.

8. Financial Services Sales Agent

    • Median Salary: $63,750.
    • Job Details: A financial services sales agent is responsible for connecting buyers and sellers within a financial market.

In this position, you’re responsible for suggesting and selling the right financial products to your client to better his or her financial situation. You could assist your client with securities, banking, retirement funds, estate planning, or insurance.

For an entry-level position as a financial services sales agent, you need a bachelor’s degree. A master’s degree in business may help you advance to a senior-level position faster within your company. If you’re planning to sell securities or insurance, you may need a license. However, your employer may help you prepare to earn this license with on-the-job training.

9. Telecommunications Sales

    • Median Salary: $57,438.
    • Job Details: A telecommunications sales representative sells telecommunications products or services to new customers and ensures current clients are happy with their service.

Telecommunications sales representatives may sell cable, phone, internet, or other services and products to private residences or businesses. You don’t need a degree to begin a career as a telecommunications sales representative but you will need to learn about the product and service you’re selling. You may be restricted to a certain territory of potential clients depending on the product you’re selling.

10. Sales Representative

    • Median Salary: $54,550.
    • Job Details: A sales representative prospects for new clients and emphasizes the benefits of the product or service for sale to close deals and earn commission.

A sales representative can sell any type of product, good, or service in the public or private sector. Most entry-level sales representative positions don’t require a college degree, but may require on-the-job training. There are many types of sales representatives, including:

  • Business service sales.
  • Membership solicitor.
  • Bookkeeping service sales.
  • Pest control service sales.
  • Auto club membership sales.

Sales representatives selling technical or scientific products usually earn the highest salaries.

How to Get a Job in Sales

While some of the top-earning sales careers are in technical sales or management positions, you can reach a high earning potential in most sales industries. Many sales jobs are open to new employees with no prior sales experience. Since sales companies have their own processes and procedures, most training is completed on the job.

To get a sales position, you’ll need to show that you have good people and networking skills and the ability to become an expert on a specific product or service. Before you apply for one of these potentially lucrative sales positions, you can sharpen your networking skills by attending local business networking events. If there’s a certain sales industry you want to enter, study the product or service you may be selling to show you have a basic understanding of it.

It’s also important to learn more about the sales process and how it relates to the product or service you could potentially sell. Prior to an interview with a potential employer, develop your own strategies on how you would prospect for clients and pitch them to close a deal. If you can get comfortable with the sales process by practicing your own pitch, you can land a sales job and start closing deals for unlimited earnings.

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