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The Check Cashing Place provides check cashing services and payday loans in and around Southern California. By offering longer hours and lower fees, The Check Cashing Place posits itself as a convenient place to cash a check in San Diego and/or the surrounding areas. Before you head to The Check Cashing Place to cash your check, there are a few things that you should be aware of first, like their policies and additional services that they offer.  

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Check Cashing Place Services

Do you need to cash a check fast? The Check Cashing Place makes it easy to cash checks quickly and easily, but they also provide a number of other financial services. It has never been easier to conduct your financial business. In addition to check cashing, The Check Cashing Place also provides the following services:

  • Payday Loans: The Check Cashing Place offers a Hold-A-Check cash advance on your next paycheck. Fees associated with payday loans vary depending on the amount and California state regulations.
  • Check Cashing: The Check Cashing Place will cash checks up to any amount, but there are fees that are determined by the amount of the check you are trying to cash. Typically the higher the check amount, the higher the fee. You can cash checks of all kinds:
    • Payroll checks.
    • Government checks.
    • Cashier checks.
    • Insurance drafts or checks.
    • Money orders.
    • Tax refund checks.
    • Personal checks.
    • Out of state checks.
  • Gift Card Bin: The Check Cashing Place will buy your gift cards for cash.
  • Auto Registration: You can register your vehicle with the State of California at The Check Cashing Place.
  • Western Union: The Check Cashing Place is an authorized Western Union location, making it easier than ever to purchase a money order.
  • Wire Money: Need to send money fast? The Check Cashing Place can wire money wherever you need it to go.

How to Cash a Check at The Check Cashing Place

To cash a check at The Check Cashing Place, you need to endorse it first. This simply means signing the back of the check when you’re ready to cash it. You’ll also need to provide some form of a government ID to ensure the funds are being put into the right hands.

Check Cashing Fees

When cashing a check outside of your personal financial institution, a fee applies. The Check Cashing Place will cash a check in any amount. Typically, a fee of 1-5% of the total check amount is charged when cashing a check, but The Check Cashing Place’s fees vary by location, check amount, and type of check. For the most accurate information, call the location you plan to visit.  

Locations and Hours

Searching for a “check-cashing place near me?” The Check Cashing Place has a variety of convenient locations! Primarily in Southern California, The Check Cashing Place has locations in Los Angeles County and San Diego County as well. The Check Cashing Place hours vary by store, so be sure to check the hours at your specific location.

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