Special Needs Charities: Nonprofits and Grants for Children with Disabilities

Dayton Uttinger
Special Needs Charities

Raising a child with a disability can be stressful, usually beyond what other parents experience. Sometimes you struggle, not only emotionally, but financially as well. Luckily, there are resources out there to alleviate some of the burden. There are both grants and charities for children with special needs. Look below for organizations that best fit your needs.

Keep in mind to qualify for many of these, your child will need to have a confirmed, diagnosed disability.  You may be asked for proof as part of the application process.

Table of Contents

Medical Assistance

Paying for all the treatments, therapy sessions, and equipments that your child might need stretch your wallet past the breaking point.  Always, always talk to your primary doctor about payment plans and other options as well. There will be a recourse for you there, but these organizations can help when you have nowhere else to turn.

Organizations That Provide Money and Direct Assistance

  • United Healthcare Children’s Foundation- provides grants to children with disabilities to alleviate medical expenses
  • Arya Foundation– donates to help with the costs of medical supplies for children with disabilities
  • Small Steps in Speech– provides grants for speech therapy, hearing devices, treatments, and other expenses incurred on behalf of children with communication disorders
  • Needy Meds– a national nonprofit set up to help people afford medication
  • Generation Rescue- provides a grant to provide comprehensive care for children with autism
  • Friends of Man– grants for therapy and equipment, provided that you have a social worker as a sponsor
  • Parker’s Purpose- grant up to a $1,000

Organizations That Provide Equipment

  • Wheel to Walk– helps children procure equipment that isn’t provided by insurance
  • Blind Citizens– covers 50 percent of adaptive technology to offset blindness
  • Different Needz Foundation– gives away gently used medical equipment and also provides a grant for medical expenses
  • Giving Angels– provide specialized equipment for children with disabilities

Organizations That Provide Quality of Life Assistance

  • Special Olympics– beyond providing a platform for elite athletes to compete, the Special Olympics provides training and activities to people with intellectual disabilities.
  • Blooming with Autism- is currently giving iPads to people with autism to help with independence
  • Ride a Wave– charity that works to give children with special needs a fun beach experience
  • Variety– a charity for children with special needs that focuses on ensuring quality of life now and in the future.

Wish Charities

  • Dream Factory- grants wishes to children with chronic disabilities and illnesses
  • Gifts From the Heart for Downs- grants wishes for children with Down’s syndrome
  • Granted Wish Foundation– grants wishes to children and young adults with mobility impairment

Of course, you should not limit your scope to these national organizations. You might have local organizations with more means to help your specific situation. Cover all avenues and look into both national and local organizations.

How Can I Find Local Charities?

First, your case worker should have a list to help guide you. Speak with him or her regarding any financial assistance you may be seeking. Local hospitals will typically have social workers or community health workers available as well to discuss your needs and connect you to local organizations, or even programs operated through the hospital. If you’re still at a loss, though, these websites can help you find and evaluate local charities and grants near you.

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