Support for Military Families, Veterans, and Dependents: Financial Education and Helpful Resources

When you serve in the United States military, your family serves with you. While that makes you part of an even larger community of soldiers, veterans, and all their families, it can still be challenging to get the support you need or the resources you want. Smart money management is a struggle for everyone, and unfortunately, military service doesn’t simplify it much.

Fiscal Tiger provides helpful articles and learning resources for everything you need to know to successfully manage your own or your family’s finances, and that includes military families. Below you’ll find an ever-growing collection of articles and resources all created specifically for veterans and their families. Whether you are newly enlisted, planning your transition into civilian life, or simply trying to get your life and finances in order, you’ll find support from the information and organizations listed here.

Tips and Advice for the Newly Enlisted and Their Families

Thinking about serving? Have you enlisted, only to discover you have more questions than answers when it comes to your personal finances? Joining the military through any service branch changes everything; at the same time, though, the basics of smart money management and preparing for the future need your attention. These articles will help you ensure you ask the right questions, plan ahead, and build security for yourself and your family before you even start bootcamp.

Things Every Service Member and Military Dependent Should Know

The most important conversations aren’t always the easiest to have. Life in the military can mean facing constant change, uncertainty, and risk. Fortunately, you don’t have to face it all alone, or fear the uncertainty you and your family are dealing with. These articles can help you stay on track with financial goals, start important conversations, and ensure you have planned for your future no matter what it holds for you and your family.

Back to Civilian Life: Resources for a Successful Transition and Post-Military Career

Soldiers who have served for any length time can struggle when shifting into civilian life. From finding a job and stable housing to balancing military benefits and personal finances, the following articles and resources will help clear up basic questions, address common challenges, and provide some advice and support for those trying to take control of their post-military lives.

Healthcare for Veterans: The VA, Insurance, and Family Care

Receiving and paying for medical care is complicated enough for civilians. Add in the Veterans Administration, combat injuries, mental and physical care, along with public and private health insurance systems, and it is easy to get overwhelmed. Fortunately, the following articles and resources will help you and your family navigate the world of health benefits and insurance for veterans, ensuring you all get appropriate care and the assistance you need to pay for it.

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