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CheckFreeScore is a legitimate online and mobile service that provides a suite of credit score checking and monitoring tools. You can apply for these services by visiting the main CheckFreeScore homepage.

You can also get answers to frequently asked questions both on the “Member FAQs” and “Contact Us” section of their site and can contact them directly by phone at 855-504-5868 or by email at

CheckFreeScore’s various offers fall within three membership tiers:

  • Basic Credit Membership.
  • Premium Credit Membership.
  • Ultimate Credit Membership.

Below we break down the primary services offered as well as what memberships are required for each option.

In addition to these flagship services, the company also offers a free-to-access Credit Learning Center where a variety of different credit- and finance-related information can be accessed. It also provides roadside assistance and even small perks such as movie tickets, a pharmacy card, vacation rental discounts, and magazine subscriptions for all three membership tiers.

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Access to Credit Reports and Monitoring

CheckFreeScore offers credit reports and daily monitoring as two of its core services. These are offered on all three tiers and you can even opt-out of membership entirely and still access them by signing up for credit monitoring on its own. (More on membership costs and options later.)

The credit reports and scores are provided from all three major credit bureaus, something that CheckFreeScore takes pride in offering. CheckFreeScore also offers 24/7 credit monitoring for all three credit bureaus.

It’s also important to point out that, while the TransUnion credit information is available at the base rates, accessing the Equifax and Experian reports may require an additional fee depending on your membership level.

Credit Alerts

While credit monitoring is important, it isn’t very helpful if you aren’t aware of it. That’s why CheckFreeScore also offers credit alerts so that you know when something, such as a hard inquiry, significantly affects your score.

If something alters your score, the service will notify you within 24 hours of the change taking place. When this occurs, you will be able to access your account from a desktop computer or any mobile device and then find your alerts at the top of the member dashboard. Once you’ve selected the alerts tab, you can review the change that created the notification.

Credit Fraud Consultation

If you do run into any issues with your credit report, credit score, or credit, in general, you can take advantage of CheckFreeScore’s credit fraud consultation service. Credit fraud is a common occurrence that takes place when your credit information is stolen and used without your consent.

In addition, once you have access to your credit report, you may find that there are mistakes on the report that can be disputed.

Available with all three membership tiers, the CheckFreeScore consulting service is provided to help you understand and address any credit fraud instances you may encounter.

How Much Does Cost?

CheckFreeScore has three membership tiers, and they span a significant gamut of pricing options. The three membership tiers are as follows in order of cost and comprehensiveness of benefits and are fleshed out in detail below:

Note: Along with these options, exclusive credit monitoring can also be purchased for $1 a week. However, additional fees are necessary in order to access all three credit reports and scores (only the TransUnion credit report and score are included in the initial cost).

Basic Membership 

Provides daily monitoring and access to both the Equifax and TransUnion reports and scores, while an additional fee of $6.95 is required for access to the Experian bureau’s information. Other than this fee, you also gain access to credit alerts, fraud consultation services, and the rest of the member benefits for $9.95 per month.

Premium Credit Membership 

Provides the same items as the Basic Membership with the exception that it automatically comes with unlimited access to your Experian credit report and score. The price for this mid-tier level subscription, however, jumps to $29.95 per month.

Ultimate Credit Membership 

Provides unlimited access to everything from all three credit reports and scores to credit alerts, fraud consultation, roadside assistance, and all of the other membership perks and benefits. The cost of the Ultimate Credit Membership is $39.90 per month.

While there are many options to consider in order to decide if the service is right for you, CheckFreeScore is certainly a legitimate credit maintenance option. If they aren’t able to meet your needs and help you with your credit score, you can check out our top credit repair companies for more.

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