How Good Is a Credit Score of 810?

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A credit score of 810 falls into the category of “Exceptional” and is generally considered an excellent score by the three credit reporting agencies — Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax.

40 points short of the highest possible credit score (850), any improvement on an 810 score would show little additional savings on loans, insurance, or lines of credit.

A credit score above 800 is granted to consumers with solid histories of on-time payments for credit cards, loans, and other credit sources.

If you have an 810 credit score, you are considered an exceptionally low risk to become delinquent on future credit repayments. You are attractive to banks and credit card companies that will offer you the best lending terms and rewards possible.

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Why Your Credit Score Is 810

Several factors go into the compilation of your credit score. Points are added or subtracted based on the reporting of your actions. If you have a credit score of 810, you fare well on all of the criteria used to determine your rating.

You display a long, consistent history of proficient credit management, and you know what it takes to pay your bills on time and keep credit balances low.

The following are likely reasons you have earned an 810 FICO score:

Pay Bills on Time

More than a third of your credit score (35%) is based on your payment history and reflects how well you pay off your debts. The more you have trouble making payments on time, the more money you will owe and the lower your credit score will dip.

An 810 score indicates you have done a great job making your monthly payments and keeping your balances low. There are no negative marks against you, such as late payments, collection accounts, or legal judgments.

Minimal Use of Available Credit

One of the biggest mistakes people make that can hurt their credit rating is to use up every bit of available credit offered to them. Those with Exceptional or Excellent credit use a fraction of their potential borrowing abilities, while those with lower ratings might have maxed out all of their available credit.

With an 810 credit score, you likely have a long history of using a small percentage of the total credit you could be granted.

Keep Zero or Low Credit Card Balances

People with excellent credit will pay credit card balances in full and on time so that they are not paying interest. They will only use their credit cards to pay for items they can pay off and they avoid accumulating balances every month.

It takes discipline and self-control to keep credit balances at zero or extremely low over an extended period, but the result is an Exceptional credit score and increased borrowing flexibility.

Long History of Good Credit

It takes years of good credit and effective credit management with no negative marks to get a credit score above 800. A credit score of 810 can only be achieved after many years of making regular payments and intelligent decisions regarding your credit portfolio.

You are good at avoiding mistakes like opening several accounts at one time and closing inactive accounts that can lower your credit rating.

Apply for Credit Only When Needed

A combination of various credit types will demonstrate to lenders that you are a good risk and can be trusted to pay back extended credit. However, filling out too many credit applications in a short amount of time will drop your score.

Car shoppers will often be tempted to apply for different auto loans to get the best deal, but when dealers start pulling reports to put together a financing package for you, it will count negatively on your overall credit rating.

Credit Card Management

Credit card management is among the most important aspects of reaching a credit score of over 800. An 810 score allows you to secure the best offers, terms, and rewards, making it easier to manage the balance, but you have to manage credit card debt well for years before you can reach that point.

What Can You Do With an 810 Credit Score?

If you have done the hard work and made the right decisions about your credit strategies, your Exceptional credit score allows you to take advantage of a wide range of credit opportunities, including:

Get Approved for New Credit

Your credit score of 810 means that you are an incredibly low risk to keep up with payments on your balance to a lender. A credit score above 800 means you can get approved for just about any type of line of credit or loan you need.

Qualify for Low Interest Rates and High Credit Limits

An 810 credit rating will automatically qualify you for the lowest interest rates and highest credit limits for home and auto loans. You will likely need to contact your credit card company to request a better deal, especially if you have recently reached the 800 credit score level.

Better Credit Cards With Improved Rewards

Everyone loves credit card rewards, and anyone with an 810 credit score will likely be offered the best rewards available. Rewards perks for people with good credit can include access to exclusive airport lounges, free hotel meals, and better cash-back and airline mile reward terms.

How to Improve an 810 Credit Score

There is no way to improve on perfection. You just need to maintain it. The only way you can accumulate enough credit rating points to get above 800 is to be an excellent manager of your credit and to pay off all of your bills on time every month.

If you have an Exceptional credit score of 810, the only thing you need to do is keep doing what you have been doing for many years.

You have a level of financial freedom and credit flexibility that few people have earned, and most would envy. Monitoring your credit history and keeping up with the latest industry changes and consumer trends will help you stay on top of any adjustments you may need to make going forward.

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