How Good Is a Credit Score of 755?

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A credit score of 755 is classified as Very Good and allows you to qualify for various home and car loans, credit cards, and most other lines of credit. While you may not always get the best rates and terms available, lenders will consider you a good risk based on your payment history and credit activity in the last several years.

A 755 credit score is above the national average of just above 700. Credit scores over 740 are likely to allow you to secure loans and lines of credit that match your history of being able to pay them back.

Continued displays of good faith can result in a boost of your credit rating to the Exceptional level that offers the best rates, rewards, and fees for a wide range of credit options.

If you’re not sure what your credit score is, you can request a free annual credit report from each of the three major credit bureaus. This free report is your right by law and you can get one once per year.

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Why Your Credit Score Is 755

Credit reporting agencies Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax use reported credit activity to determine your credit score. A credit rating of 755 indicates that you have shown consistent commitment to effectively managing your finances and credit obligations.

There can be many reasons why you have not yet reached the Exceptional or Excellent category reserved for individuals with a credit score over 800. Depending on your specific circumstances, it may take more time and some credit management adjustments to access the best rates and terms for various lines of credit.

The following are common reasons why you may have been categorized with a Very Good credit score of 755:  

Consistently Pay Your Bills on Time

The most influential factor in determining your credit score is whether you pay your bills on time. A credit score of 755 means that you have shown the ability to consistently make full payments most or all of the time for several years.  

Pay Off All Credit Card Debt

Credit card debt comes with compounding financial troubles that make it more likely that you will miss payments and accumulate more debt. If you have a 755 credit score, you have done an excellent job of keeping credit card debt under control.

Good Credit History

A Very Good credit score of 755 means you have a substantial history of effective credit management with few if any negative marks to record. You are likely deft at avoiding the mistakes that cost people credit rating points and lessen their ability to get approved for a wider variety of loans.

It may simply take more time doing the same things you have been doing for years to boost your rating to the top category.

Continued Credit Card Management Improvement

The lending industry is complicated with changing regulations, guidelines, and trends that affect your ability to acquire and maintain a Very Good credit rating. To achieve a 755 credit rating, you have applied credit management skills that keep you in good standing with lenders and lending institutions.

Ongoing monitoring and progress updates are needed to continue your strong credit status as you work towards credit rating perfection.

What Can You Do With a 755 Credit Score?

A credit score of 755 allows you more financial flexibility and credit options than most people. You should be able to find reasonable terms for mortgages, auto loans, credit cards, and other lines of credit.

Building on the advantages and benefits of a Very Good credit score provides opportunities to boost your score further and reach the Exceptional category with the best options available.

With a 755 credit score, you may be able to:

Qualify for Good Loan Terms

Your Very Good score enables you to qualify for good loan terms. A low credit score often forces borrowers to settle for loans with unreasonable terms and conditions that can result in more financial problems instead of the solutions these loans are intended to provide.

Lenders view someone with a 755 credit score as a good risk for lower interest rates and higher credit limits for loans and credit cards. Monitoring your credit activity and rating allows you to take advantage of a Very Good credit score to get the best deals for varying lines of credit.

Better Credit Card Rewards

The rewards that come with credit card usage are more frequent and substantial for those with a higher credit score. Though not quite the top echelon of credit card status, a Very Good credit rating allows you to get upgrades and free perks for a wide range of purchases and services.

Open New Lines of Credit

Because you are considered a lower risk for non-payment or default, a 755 credit score allows you to open various credit lines that establish a diverse credit history. Paying off combinations of car loans, mortgages, and credit card balances consistently enables you to open up additional options at lower rates and terms.

How to Improve a 755 Credit Score

A 755 credit score is categorized as Very Good and allows you to borrow large sums of money with good terms and rates. However, it is not perfect, and doing the sustained work it takes to reach the Exceptional category with a score above 800 will provide you with more savings and the best possible interest rates and rewards.

The best way to transition from Very Good to Excellent in the eyes of the credit bureaus and lending institutions is to keep doing what you are doing for a more extended period. Those with credit scores over 800 exhibit long-term, consistently positive credit behavior.

The following are ways to boost your 755 credit score to the top rating plateau:

Pay Down Balances Each Month

One of the hardest things for the average person to do is pay off all the balances of their debt each month. Being able to zero out all current accounts over an extended period puts you in the lowest risk categories for lenders. It is the only way to earn an Exceptional credit score over 800.

Avoid Reaching Your Credit Limit

The higher your rating climbs, the more your credit limit will extend. Using a fraction of your borrowing power displays good credit management, discipline, and responsibility.

Keep Credit Applications to a Minimum

Credit inquiries are part of the application process but can hurt your rating if multiple inquiries are reported in a short amount of time. Credit card applications account for 10% of your score, enough to prevent you from pushing above the 800 credit score mark.

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