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For more than 15 years, New Jersey-based credit restoration company Credit Saint has helped clients overcome poor credit scores. Credit Saint challenges credit report errors and corrects unverified details adversely affecting overall credit ratings.

Through a portfolio of credit score repair services, Credit Saint specializes in helping you remove unproven information from your financial records, while mitigating consequences of past inaccuracies from influencing your current and future credit scores.

Thousands of Credit Saint clients have enjoyed enhanced credit scores and clarified reports from three distinct credit repair packages — Credit Polish, Credit Remodel, and Clean Slate.

Each tier pairs appropriate credit repair services with a client’s current financial needs. A private dashboard provides regularly updated analysis and progress reports, allowing clients to monitor the credit repair process in real-time.

Free consultations help clients recognize underlying impediments behind hampered credit scores. Then, professional Credit Saint representatives begin account improvements. And in addition to their credit repair services, Credit Saint offers a free credit evaluation for each client, a $19.95 value.

This free consultation helps clients definitively diagnose methods for achieving concrete improvements, everything from reducing yearly hard inquiries to optimizing your account for credit type and total debt.

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Credit Restoration in Three Steps

Credit Saint maintains that a worry-free start is critical to a continually successful relationship between clients and credit restoration experts.

In three streamlined steps, Credit Saint helps restore client control over credit through regular score tracking and analysis, creditor intervention, active credit score monitoring, and navigation of any challenges from credit bureaus.

After creating a personal credit monitoring account for you through, Credit Saint will review the details of your credit history, identifying damaging aspects eligible for dispute.

Credit Saint also fulfills a third step in their process by auditing positive credit to generate a roadmap expediting future credit score improvements. And if — after 90 days — clients have no elements deleted from their financial history, a full refund is issued.

How Much Does Credit Saint Cost?

Credit Saint offers three individually priced packages. Their Credit Polish package offers score tracking and analysis, creditor intervention, and challenges to the three credit bureaus for $79.99 per month.

For an additional $20 per month, their Credit Remodel package adds both inquiry tracking and Experian monitoring, plus five additional challenges to inaccurately reported items per dispute cycle.

The Clean Slate package is most popular among clients, offering all services included in Credit Polish and Credit Remodel packages — plus unlimited challenges to the three credit bureaus — at $119 per month.

Both the Credit Polish and Credit Remodel packages also require a one-time initial work fee of $99.00, while the Clean Slate package’s initial work fee is more expensive at $195.

Pros of Using Credit Saint

From the pricing model to the level of maintained transparency, there’s a lot to like when it comes to Credit Saint and their service portfolio. A few of their more notable benefits include:

  • Personal dashboard access that offers clients complete transparency through an always-active snapshot of the latest improvements Credit Saint has made on your behalf.
  • Affordable pricing models that start at least $10 below the competition.
  • A fully guaranteed, 90-day refund policy that returns your complete investment if no credit history is removed.
  • A pristine online reputation featuring testimonials from satisfied clientele.

High marks from past and current clients, together with dashboard and timeline features, affordable pricing, and a free call with a credit score expert all qualify Credit Saint as one of the credit restoration industry’s top prospective options for credit improvement.

Cons of Using Credit Saint

Though far from important features, Credit Saint could stand to add a few additional features to already impressive credit repair packages. These include:

  • Cease-and-desist letters, which could be issued to protect against potentially threatening credit report inaccuracies.
  • ReportWatch annual reporting to match competitor credit restoration packages.

If anything, a few supplementary services added to their Credit Polish, Credit Remodel, or Clean Slate package would make for an even more impressive offering. However, Credit Saint would likely need to increase pricing toward competitor rates to accommodate these changes.

Should You Use Credit Saint?

All-day access to a credit reporting dashboard and a full credit improvement guarantee make Credit Saint difficult to beat if you’re looking for a credit repair company that fights on your behalf.

We recommend Credit Saint for anyone looking to erase inaccurate credit statements and restore your overall credit score. And unlike many other credit repair companies, Credit Saint runs regular credit score reports to help you foster credit-building habits, as a completely separate service to its powerful credit dispute packages.

Note that Credit Saint, along with any credit restoration bureau, is limited in what it can accomplish. While they regularly help clients remove errors from credit reports and undo the remaining effects of identity theft on credit, they cannot remove legitimate debts or erase the negative effects of earned credit penalties.

However, their free credit evaluation — a unique service not offered by many competitors — will offer practical advice on systematically increasing your credit score through payment history optimization, debt consolidation, and other methods.

Check out Credit Saint today and get your FREE credit evaluation.

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