What Are the Highest-Paying Marketing Jobs? The Top 9 Salaries in Marketing

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The marketing industry encompasses various types of jobs, so a marketing salary can differ by position. Here are nine of the highest-paying marketing jobs and the experience or education you need to snag one of them. Job descriptions and titles in the marketing industry may sound similar, but their duties, salaries, and educational requirements vary. It’s important to understand the difference between positions that sound similar so you can identify the highest-paying marketing jobs you’re qualified for.

1. Chief Marketing Officer

The national average salary for a chief marketing officer is $172,088. A chief marketing officer oversees the entire marketing department and develops marketing plans for the organization. An advanced degree and extensive experience in a marketing-related job, preferably in the same industry, is required for this role.

2. Channel Development Executive

The average salary for a channel development executive is $213,123. Individuals in this role develop and implement sales strategies with partner channels to reach company goals. As a department leader and expert in the sales industry, a channel development executive is required to have at least a bachelor’s degree and sales experience.

3. Top Marketing Executive

The average top marketing executive salary is $236,367. A marketing executive manages marketing policies and programs for a company. This role requires a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent and thorough understanding of marketing techniques and the products or services offered, as well as strong leadership skills.

4. Marketing Director

A marketing director earns

an average salary of $140,478. This position designs and directs marketing plans and research strategies while creating objectives and goals for the department. To become a marketing director, you need at least a bachelor’s degree and experience, along with the proven ability to manage a marketing department.

5. Global Marketing Manager

The average global marketing manager’s salary is $90,437. The salary earned in this position depends on the experience you have in the field and whether you’ve earned any certifications that are directly related to your industry. A global marketing manager is responsible for creating and implementing global marketing initiatives for a product or service, including product launch campaigns and web optimization. A bachelor’s degree or equivalent and experience creating marketing campaigns is required.

6. E-Commerce Marketing Director

The average salary for an e-commerce marketing director is $160,710. This role is responsible for creating and implementing an online marketing strategy for the company while leading the online marketing department and reporting campaign results to senior managers.

A company may require that you have a bachelor’s degree and at least five years of managerial experience to become an e-commerce marketing director. Earning certifications with online marketing and analytics programs can secure you a higher salary.

7. Creative Director

The average salary for a creative director is $121,227. This role leads a team of creative professionals to create branded marketing materials, including web campaigns, print production, or other graphic art. Since this role leads a department, it requires at least five years of managerial experience in marketing. Certification in graphic art design programs may also help you land this job and increase the starting salary.

8. Content Marketing Manager

The average salary earned by a content marketing manager is $71,697. This role is responsible for creating the content used in marketing campaigns, both online and in print. To earn a top salary as a content marketing manager, you must have a bachelor’s degree or experience in the field, as well as strong writing, editing, and creative design skills. You may also be responsible for leading a team of creative professionals or delegating to outside agencies to design your content, which may include blog posts or presentational videos.

9. Digital Marketing Manager

A digital marketing manager earns

an average salary of $100,733. This role implements online marketing strategies to attract online customers to a product or service. A digital marketing manager oversees a team of digital marketing professionals to ensure specific goals are achieved.

To obtain this role, you may need to have at least five years of experience in digital marketing and prove you have strong leadership skills. Certifications in online marketing and analytics programs may also be required, as well as experience in a supervisory role.

Marketing vs Advertising

While a marketing job may seem similar to a job in advertising, these two fields are different. Advertisers are responsible for making a product or service known to the public by placing ads on various channels. Marketing is the process of designing, researching, and strategizing how to best portray a product or service to a target audience. Marketers create marketing campaigns, which can include more than just ads.

How to Get a Marketing Job

If you want to do one of the highest-paying marketing jobs, it’s important to narrow down the type of marketing that interests you. Research the job requirements of the position you want and strive to complete the educational or certification requirements for that specific role. Keep in mind you may need to obtain an entry-level marketing role in the industry first before you can move up to a managerial position.

To better understand the job duties and to get your foot in the door, consider attending networking events so you can meet some of the top marketing professionals in your area. Job coaching from a career expert or marketing professional can also help you on your path toward the job you want. Learn more about the expectations of the position and how you can prove you have the qualities needed to perform job duties by interacting with a coach or professional.

If you’re seeking a marketing job that requires developing online marketing strategies, start a personal blog or website. You can show off your design and online campaign skills with your own project. This blog can serve as a supplement to your resume to highlight your writing and content creation skills. While you may not be able to land a senior-level marketing position right away, these tips and tricks can help you stand out from the crowd and land a position so you can start gaining experience in the field.

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