Everything You Need to Know About Credit America, Inc. and How It Works

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A close up of a man's hands typing on a laptop with a calculator and financial papers on the desk next to him. is a credit repair company that assists consumers in restoring their credit. If you have a low credit score and you’re attempting to apply for a mortgage, obtain a car loan, or make another big financial move, you may not qualify with certain lenders or you may be offered unfavorable loan terms. When you review your credit report and dispute the negative and erroneous items, your score improves.

You can attempt to repair your credit on your own but the process is often difficult and time consuming. By using a credit repair company like, you don’t have to deal directly with creditors and report disputes on your own. The company reviews your report and identifies the negative items that may be bringing down your score.

It also disputes the items with creditors for you in an attempt to improve your score. By learning more about how the company works and the fees associated with their services, you can find out if is beneficial for you.

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E-Vanish System utilizes a credit restoration system called an “E-Vanish system” to help consumers improve their credit score. The company pulls your credit report from all three bureaus and identifies the negative items that may have contributed to lowering your score.

Using the E-Vanish system, it attempts to dispute the negative items on your credit report. If these negative items are removed from your report, your score increases.

How Does It Work? calls their system the “E-Vanish system” because it works to make your negative credit items disappear from your report. Once the company pulls your report from the bureaus, it reads your credit report and attempts to dispute all negative items that are bringing your score down.

The company claims this system can remove all negative items from your report. However, only items that were reported erroneously can be removed from your report. The items that were reported correctly will remain on the report for a certain period of time.

If your credit report is accurate and doesn’t contain any errors, the company may not be successful in disputing the negative items on it. However, if the credit reporting bureau or creditor has made some mistakes, the company disputes them on your behalf and these items are removed, increasing your score.

What’s Removed From My Credit Report?

The company files disputes on your credit report for all negative items that appear. Using the E-Vanish system, claims it can remove the following types of negative items:

  • Foreclosures.
  • Repossessions.
  • Debt collector accounts.
  • Garnishments.
  • Unauthorized credit inquiries.
  • Duplicated entries, such as medical debts.
  • Incorrect debt balances.
  • Multiple reported negative accounts.
  • Late payments.
  • Charge-offs.
  • Unidentified collections.
  • Identity fraud or theft charges.

If these negative items were reported erroneously, the company files disputes with creditors or credit bureaus to have your report corrected.

What Are the Results?

When these negative items are successfully removed from your report, your credit score increases. The increase you experience depends on the negative items that were removed and how much of an impact they had on your score.

How Much Does Credit America, Inc. Cost?

Unlike many other credit repair companies that charge monthly fees, charges one flat fee for their service. The company states their flat fees start at $300 per month. However, this fee may be higher depending on the number of negative items you need to dispute and the complexity of your credit history.

Tradeline Packages

Your credit report includes tradelines, which is the way information is recorded as it relates to a line of credit or debt you have. For example, if you have a credit card, any information associated with the card is recorded on your credit report as a tradeline. offers several packages in which they claim to edit or remove your tradeline information. These tradeline packages include the following:

  • Beginner: The beginner package addresses two tradelines that have total limits of at least $20,000. It costs $899 and the company claims it may save you around $100.
  • History Builder: For $1,395, you can purchase the History Builder package which addresses two tradelines that are around 10 years old and have a total limit of at least $11,000. The company claims this package can save you around $400.
  • Limit Builder: This package addresses three tradelines that are at least three years old and have a total limit of at least $50,000. It costs $1,550 and the company claims you can save around $400 upon completion.
  • Have It All: With the Have It All package, addresses three tradelines that have an average age of at least nine years and total limit of at least $60,000. The company claims it can save you about $1,150 or more with this package.

By removing yourself from tradelines that were reporting negative information, you’ll see an increase in your credit score. However, keep in mind that if these accounts were associated with positive information, they may be helping your credit history instead of negatively affecting it.

When you pay a one-time fee to, the company claims it will remove all negative items from your credit report to increase your score. If you’re in a rush to qualify for a mortgage, loan, or line of credit, this service helps you remove erroneous negative items from your credit history quickly.

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