Charities That Help You Get Medical Debt Forgiven

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With healthcare costs on the rise, medical debt isn’t always something that you can tackle on your own. Thankfully, there are altruistic organizations out there that realize this. If you’re looking for ways to deal with your medical debt, try getting in touch with these charities for help with medical bills.

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Charities That Help With Medical Debt

The HealthWell Foundation

The HealthWell Foundation is a charitable organization the aims to help the underinsured afford life-saving medical treatments. Their motivating belief is that no one should be forced to go without essential medical care just because of their financial situation.

The PAN Foundation

The PAN Foundation (or Patient Access Network) helps to pay the bills for people living with life-threatening or chronic medical conditions. The foundation recognizes that insurance coverage does not mean necessarily that medical bills are cheap for those who require continuous access to medical care. For this reason, they provide financial assistance to patients regardless of their insurance coverage.


There few ailments that are as widespread and as costly to treat as cancer. CancerCare exists to provide cancer patients with the financial assistance they need to cover treatments like chemotherapy. Alleviating the financial pressure that comes with cancer allows patients to focus their willpower on the medical battle that they face, rather than weighing them down with heavy hospital bills.


Unfortunately, health insurance providers are failing patients more and more these days. In order to pay for the cost of life-saving medical treatment, many people are crowdsourcing their medical bills. Using services like GoFundMe, patients are asking the world at large for help when it comes to paying for medically necessary treatments.

Other Resources for Affordable Healthcare

The United States Government

Although many people don’t think of the government when they need help making ends meet, there are a number of federal and state programs available to help those in need pay their medical bills. Depending on your situation, you may be eligible for Medicaid, a government-sponsored health insurance program, or else be able to receive tax credit to lower the amount that you pay for health insurance.

Your Healthcare Providers

Hospitals and other healthcare providers may leave you with a hefty bill, but they aren’t heartless. By speaking with your healthcare providers about the financial difficulties you’re having, it may be possible to do things like reach a settlement with your hospital or negotiate for a lower ambulance bill.

Local Community Health Clinics

Community health clinics can offer preventive care and other forms of primary care without burning through your wallet. Find a community health clinic near you and seek medical care through that clinic before you turn to more expensive providers.

Hefty medical bills don’t have to ruin your financial health. There’s help out there when it comes to finding low-cost access to medical services and getting charitable organizations to help you with your medical bills.

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