In our last guide, we went in depth about what types of things are bringing down your credit score. There are things we mentioned that you might not even know are dropping your overall credit rating. If you’re not sure exactly what is affecting your credit, go back and read our insight on who needs credit repair.

Now, we’re going to start talking about setting things in positive motion. Many people will ask, “What actions can I start with today that will affect my credit immediately?” We’ll explain about how long you can expect it to take for different repair and rebuilding actions to reflect on your credit score. In addition, we’re going to set you up with some long term good credit habits, and show you how to counteract things like overwhelming debt and identity theft.

You’ve decided that you need a boost to your credit. Most likely it’s because you’re looking to apply for another loan soon and you’re ready to take the next financial step towards buying a home, car, or starting a small business. Your credit score isn’t quite where you want it to be and you need it to improve quickly because you’re on a deadline. There are some effective things that you can do to attempt to improve your score when you’re sticking to a timeline. In addition, it’s a smart idea to start working on good long term habits that will stay on your credit report for years. Working on long term goals will give you a higher credit score over time and will create a strong foundation for all of your other financial choices to rest on.

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