This page contains resources with detailed information about harassment and discrimination in the workplace. Each page covers specific forms of harassment and discrimination for legally protected groups, including: official legal definitions, instructions for filing a complaint and escalating a claim all the way from Human Resources (HR) to filing a lawsuit, and tips for how to document and prove claims of harassment or discrimination.

Harassment Laws, Definitions, and How to Confront Abuse at Work

Hostile Work Environment

Learn to recognize the signs of pervasive harassment in the workplace, the legal difference between a generally unpleasant job and a truly hostile work environment, and steps you can take to intervene or escalate complaints until the problems are resolved.

Harassment in the Workplace

Get a legal definition for general harassment, as well as an overview of specific types and examples of harassment to help you recognize illegal behavior, the difference between harassment and discrimination, and what you can do to protect and defend yourself or your coworkers.

Sexual Harassment

More detailed resources specifically regarding harassment of a sexual nature, including definitions of the two recognized forms of sexual harassment in the workplace, your rights as an employee, information about managing sensitive complaints or filing a lawsuit to end and punish harassing behavior.

Bullying and Psychological Harassment

How to identify bullying or psychological harassment in the workplace, how it differs from other forms of bullying, understanding the challenge and importance of preventing or ending such harassment, and tips for dealing with both general psychological harassment as well as a bully boss at work.

How To File a Harassment Complaint

More detailed information including the burden of proof for harassment cases, how victims can take more detailed and useful notes to support a complaint or legal case, when and how to escalate complaints from Human Resources to the court system, and information about harassment lawsuits including timeline, process, and potential payouts.

Workplace Discrimination Information for Employees and Employers

Workplace Discrimination

The legal definition of discrimination in the workplace, different types and examples of all legally recognized forms of discrimination, as well as information about filing complaints and how to document and prove your case

Veteran Discrimination

Provides a general overview of the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA), including veteran rights, examples of veteran discrimination, and instructions for documenting and filing a complaint or lawsuit

Pregnancy Discrimination

A brief history of legal protections for mothers in the workplace, including federal rights to leave and accommodation, help recognizing pregnancy discrimination, and tips for preventing or combatting such discrimination against yourself or others.

Ageism and Age Discrimination

Explains the threshold for discrimination against employees or job candidates on the basis of age, the scope of the problem for both workers and the economy at large, as well as challenges related to proof and enforcement, and tips for documenting, proving, and addressing age discrimination cases.

Gender Discrimination

Legal overview of sex, gender, and gender identity discrimination including examples, how to recognize it, information specific to historical discrimination against women, and general tips for documenting, proving, and fighting any form of gender or sexual discrimination.

Racism and Racial Discrimination

An overview of racial discrimination definitions and protections specifically regarding employment and the workplace. Includes information about subtle and contested forms of racism, including natural hair discrimination, microaggressions, affirmative action programs, and racial bias.

Disability Discrimination

Relevant to individuals with all manner of disabilities, from non-elderly persons with disabilities to people with medical conditions, injuries, or mental/emotional conditions. Provides an overview of both the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act as it applies to workplace accommodations and employee rights, with information on recognizing different forms of discrimination and tips for combating abuse or a lack of reasonable accommodation.