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Many cash-back sites offer you a percentage of cash back on eligible purchases through participating retailers. TopCashBack is an app that’s regarded as one of the best cash-back sites because it claims to provide members with 100% of the commissions these retailers pay when customers are referred.

If you’re looking for an effective way to save money when you shop online, you could benefit from signing up for a cash-back site like TopCashBack. Learn more about the features the site offers and the pros and cons of using TopCashBack before you sign up for an account.

How Does TopCashBack Work?

To begin earning cash back with TopCashBack, you must first download the app or navigate to the site. When you click through to a participating retailer from the app or site and make an online purchase, you’re rewarded with cash back in your TopCashBack account.

The amount of money you earn depends on the retailers, the purchases you make, and the amount you spend, but is typically between 5% and 10% of your purchase. The retailers pay TopCashBack a referral fee for purchases made by members and the site passes this referral fee directly back to its members.

Many popular retailers participate in the TopCashBack platform, including the following:

  • Home Depot.
  • Target.
  • Amazon.
  • Bed Bath & Beyond.

The cash-back site also has several travel partners that help you earn cash, such as Hertz and Travelocity. If you make your purchases with a credit card that offers a rewards program, you earn cash back and additional rewards through your credit card company.

TopCashBack App

To earn cash back, you must begin your online shopping trip on the TopCashBack site or in the app. The TopCashBack app is available for smartphones with an iOS operating system or Android system.

The app works the same as the website and when you log into your account, you can shop with participating retailers to earn your cash back. When you download the TopCashBack app and sign in, you’ll also see discount codes and offers that may relate to purchases you’re planning to make. If you’re trying to stick to a strict budget, you can pull these offers up as you shop and save even more on your purchase.

TopCashBack Features

TopCashBack members have access to several features within the app and website, including the following:

  • Browser extension:When you download the TopCashBack Google Chrome browser extension, you don’t have to navigate to the site to get credit for your purchases. The extension automatically identifies eligible purchases and cash is added to your account as you shop online.
  • Additional coupons and discount codes:When you navigate to the TopCashBack site or open the app, you’re provided with exclusive discounts and coupon codes for participating retailers. These discounts help you save even more money on your online purchases.
  • Referral bonuses:When you sign up for a TopCashBack account, you’re provided with a referral code. If a friend uses this referral code, signs up for the site, and earns at least $10 in cash back, you also receive a $10 cash-back bonus.

Benefits of TopCashBack

TopCashBack users have reported several benefits to using the cash-back site, including the following:

  • Receive payment through PayPal, Amazon gift card, direct deposit, or other gift cards from participating retailers.
  • The site explains the cash back you’re eligible for with different retailers before you begin shopping.
  • You can redeem your cash whenever it’s available in your account with no minimum.
  • The TopCashBack browser extension scans the internet for better deals and discount codes on the purchases you’re planning to make.

Drawbacks of TopCashBack

While it’s free to sign up for a TopCashBack account, users have reported some disadvantages to the cash-back site, including the following:

  • Some retailers may exclude items from cash-back eligibility, usually high-priced or popular purchases.
  • TopCashBack doesn’t make cash available until they’ve been paid by the retailer and the retailer’s return window has passed, which can be four to six weeks.
  • In-store purchases aren’t eligible for cash-back rewards.
  • You may make impulse purchases or buy items you don’t need to increase your cash back.

How to Apply for TopCashBack

To begin earning cash back through TopCashBack, you must first open an account. You can apply for the cash-back site by following these steps:

  1. Visit the TopCashBack site.
  2. Provide your email address and create a password to open an account.
  3. Agree to the site’s terms and conditions.
  4. Browse participating retailers and navigate to their sites from TopCashBack.
  5. Make purchases and earn rewards.
  6. Redeem your cash when it’s available by providing your bank account or PayPal account details or by choosing a gift card.

To make it easier to earn cash back through TopCashBack, consider downloading the browser extension. When the extension is active, you don’t need to visit the TopCashBack website and log into your account to activate your rewards.

If you do most of your online shopping from your smartphone, download the app. Visit the app first before you begin to shop to ensure your purchases are credited to your cash-back account.

Cash-back sites are a great way to earn money on purchases you’re already planning to make. When you open a TopCashBack account and navigate to the app or site before making an online purchase, you can earn cash for online shopping. Combine this cash back with discount offers and use a credit card with rewards to increase the money you save on your online transactions and the perks you qualify for.

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