What Is the Minimum Wage in Virginia State?

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2020 Hourly Minimum Wage in Virginia: $7.25 Per Hour

The minimum wage in Virginia is the same as the federal minimum wage, and has been set at this rate since 2008. Virginia defers to the federal employment standards and generally does not modify them in state legislation.

Tipped Minimum Wage: $2.13 per hour

Employees who earn tips must be paid a cash wage of at least $2.13 an hour. This is based on a maximum tip credit of $5.12 and the federal minimum wage. Employers can deduct up to that amount from a tipped employee’s wage, resulting in an actual minimum wage of $2.13, which, when combined with the tip credit, reaches the $7.25 mark.

Weekly Minimum Wage: $290

The weekly income for an employee who earns the minimum wage in Virginia is $290. This is how much a person in Virginia working full time should earn in a single week (40 hours multiplied by $7.25 per hour). This does not take into account deductions or taxes, so the “real” take-home amount may be smaller.

Annual Minimum Wage: $15,080

The annual income for an employee who earns the minimum wage in Virginia is $15,080. This doesn’t take into account deductions, taxes, sick time, overtime, or other variables that could make take-home pay lower or higher. It’s a useful baseline for salaried employees, whose pay is calculated in an annual sum, rather than per hour.

Overtime Minimum Wage: $10.88 per hour

By federal law, employers must pay the overtime rate for any hours an employee works over 40 in a week. The overtime minimum wage rate of $10.88 is based on 1.5 times the state minimum wage. Virginia uses a weekly, but not a daily overtime limit. So workers aren’t entitled to overtime for working more than a certain number of hours per day as long as they work no more than 40 hours in a week. In some states, overtime hours apply on a daily basis as well.

Virginia Minimum Wage Exemptions

The following are situations in which employees may make less than the minimum wage, based on applicable federal exemption legislation:

Under the Age of 20 Minimum Wage: $4.25 per hour

Virginia follows the federal guidelines for workers under the age of 20. The $4.25 per hour wage applies only during the first 90 days of employment, after which the regular minimum wage of $7.25 applies. If the worker reaches the age of 20 before the 90 days are up, they must be paid the regular minimum wage of $7.25 starting on their birthday.

Student Minimum Wage: $6.16

The student minimum wage rate in Virginia is $6.16 per hour. Full-time high school or college students, working part-time (20 hours per week or less), can be paid less than the federal minimum wage according to federal legislation. This number is based on the federal requirement of 85% of the base minimum wage. Companies must apply for a certification in order to use this wage standard.

Right to Work State

Virginia has right to work laws, which prevent unions and employers from entering into contracts that require employees to pay dues for union representation. An attempt was made to overturn these laws in 2016, which failed.

Virginia Minimum Wage Increase News

Virginia Democrats are pushing forward various bills

focused on raising the minimum wage to $15 as well as requiring paid leave. Senator Boysko claims that this is not only good for the economy, but Virginia as well. Republicans remain apprehensive about the movement, just like in 2019, when a bill attempting something very similar was shut down.

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